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World War I A Bloody Conflict

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1 World War I A Bloody Conflict
“The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle!” – John L. Pershing

2 Part 1: Combat in WWI

3 Entering No Man’s Land Early offensives were a sign warfare changed
Western Front Trenches Space between opposing trenches Artillery Barrages Bayonets and Grenades " Retreat hell. We just got here." - USMC Capt. Marine Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division France 1918.

4 New Technology Use of gases Use of tanks Airplanes
Caused vomiting, blindness, and suffocation Use of gas masks Use of tanks Very few used Airplanes Small bombs, machine guns

5 Trench Warfare Video U

6 Part 2: Americans and Victory

7 War at the Sea British fighting German submarines Merchant ships
Convoy Warship protection

8 Russia Leaves the War March 1917 riots Food shortages
Competition for leadership Vladimir Lenin Pulling out of the war Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Loss of Territory

9 German Offensive Falters
March 21, 1918 German massive attack May 31 Block of German drive on Paris July 15 German attack falters Americans/French hold Paris

10 Argonne Forest Ferdinand Foch General Pershing American victory
600,000 American Troops 40,000 tons of supplies 4,000 artillery pieces American victory

11 War Ends Surrender upon the Western Front November 9th, 1918 Armistice
German emperor steps down Armistice

12 Part 3: A Flawed Peace

13 Peace? January 1919 Wilson’s Fourteen Point Plan Fourteenth Point
Peace Conference “Big Four” Germany? Wilson’s Fourteen Point Plan Fourteenth Point League of Nations

14 Treaty of Versailles Allies criticize Fourteen Point Plan
June 28, 1919 Treaty of Versailles Weakened many of Wilson’s Proposals Reparations Dissolution of four empires

15 Rejection of the Treaty
Opposition by U.S. lawmakers “The Irreconcilables” Wilson’s Health Separate Peace Treaties

16 WWI Veteran

17 Assignment Please do the “Checking For Understanding” on page 469
Numbers 1-3 On the back List the names of the Central Powers List the names of the Allies List the names of at least 5 neutral countries

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