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Geography and the Generation Gap. Cultural Components Land Language Beliefs and Institutions Technology People.

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1 Geography and the Generation Gap

2 Cultural Components Land Language Beliefs and Institutions Technology People

3 Generational Group People born in the same general time life span who share key life experiences, attitudes, perspectives, economics, social and demographic experiences, historical events, public heroes, entertainment etc Renae Hoffman Walker Old Adage: –People resemble their “times" more than they resemble their parents

4 GI Generation ages Higher standard of living than parents “G.I.” government issue Though out their life the federal government has directed and supported the GI Generation with new programs and departments. “Doers” and “believers” Automobile Pearl Harbor

5 War Babies ages Childhood of economic hardship and struggle Authoritative and overprotective parents Buzz words: sacrifice, loyalty, duty, patriotism Conformity was the key to job success Could live comfortably on one income Act properly, follow rules Ration books

6 War Babies ages 62-87


8 Baby Boomers ages Who shot JR? Where’s the beef? Rotary phones Plaid is main color in school photo Bell bottoms, granny dresses, hip huggers, hot pants, and polyester! The Beatles on Ed Sullivan Still won’t swim because of the movie Jaws

9 Baby Boomers ages VCR costs $2000

10 Generation X ages Knew how to run a microwave &VCR Dressed in “grunge” Danced to punk rock and hip hop Billy Idol, Nirvana, U-2, Madonna, Bon Jovi Phrase: “Like…whatever!” Very different from War Babies and Boomers 40% in single parent households “Nation at Risk” in test scores & youth crime Struggle to find their identity Adapt well to change, quick learners, clever Born in the information age; comfortable with technology

11 Generation X ages 28-47

12 Generation Y ages 8-27 Described as the smartest, cleverest, healthiest, most civic minded group Technical know how; most tech-savvy generation ever Focused on goals Self-confident, self-starters, might be somewhat self absorbed Confident about the future; very optimistic Computers, , cell phones, i-pods, MP3’s, DVD’s High rate of volunteerism Want immediate answers and feedback

13 Generation Y ages 8-27 Game Boy Micro

14 Futuristic Generation Born after 2000 World Peace will require good leadership and communication. Advances in technology bring people in the world closer and closer. Multi-sensual media, intelligent robots, and transport methods far beyond earth World hunger and poverty need to be addressed as the population jumps from 5.5 million to 11 billion by 2050 Environmental issues Nuclear threat

15 What will the future hold?

16 Artifact Pictures


18 1910 Kodak Brownie camera, about 1910

19 One 1928 magazine advertisement states, "After smoking, have a stick of Black Jack! The licorice in this quality gum soothes the throat and freshens the mouth. The world's most popular licorice flavored gum."



22 Trading stamps are small paper coupons given to customers by merchants. These stamps have no value individually, but when a customer saves up a certain number of them, they can be exchanged with the trading stamp company for other

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