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Lions of the Future How to Get Them & Keep Them Presented by: Lion Mike Baumer February 3, 2007.

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1 Lions of the Future How to Get Them & Keep Them Presented by: Lion Mike Baumer February 3, 2007

2 Who will be the Future Lions? Let’s define the generations that they will come from Veterans Baby Boomers (Boomers) Generation X (Xers) Generation Y (Nexters)

3 Veterans Veterans, those born between 1922 and 1943 (52 million people). This cohort was born before or during World War II and their earliest experiences are associated with that world event. Some also remember the Great Depression.

4 Veterans The Great Depression, World War II and Patriotism are the defining events in their life. They value hard work, law and order and respect for authority.

5 Boomers The Baby Boomers, 1943-1960 (73.2 million people). These people were born during or after world War II and raised in an era of extreme optimism, opportunity, and progress. Boomers, for the most part, grew up in two-parent households, safe schools, job security and post-war prosperity. They represent about two-thirds of all U.S. workers. On the job, they value loyalty, respect the organizational hierarchy, and generally wait their turn for advancement.

6 Boomers Defining events include Television, the Civil Rights Movement, and prosperity. they value health and wellness, personal growth, and involvement.

7 Generation Xers Generation Xers, 1960-1980 (70.1 million people). They were born after the Boomers into a rapidly changing social climate and economic recession, including Asian competition. They grew up in two-career families with rising divorce rates, downsizing, the dawning of the high-tech age, and the information age. On the job, they can be fiercely independent, like to be in control, and want fast feedback.

8 Generation Xers Watergate, MTV, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall are defining events for this generation. They value diversity, global thinking, and pragmatism.

9 The Nexters (Gen Y) Generation Nexters 1980-2000 (69.7 million people). Those born of Boomer parents and early Xers into our current high- tech, neo-optimistic times. Although the youngest workers, they represent the most technologically adept. They are fast learners and tend to be impatient.

10 The Nexters (Gen Y) Defining events include school violence, multiculturalism, and TV talk shows. They value civic duty, achievement and diversity.

11 Hot Buttons What are they for each of the generations that we have identified?

12 Boomers Hot Buttons Are active volunteers (60%) Value choice and flexibility Are in no hurry to retire Know what they want Are committed to making a difference Self-esteem and personal satisfaction Giving back to the community Individual impact MUST BE ASKED – Will not seek LCI out

13 Generation X Hot Buttons They have very little loyalty to companies or organizations Short succinct meetings. No Unnecessary Meetings. Need to be challenged – dislike repetitive tasks Strongly value relationships over achievements Short attention span In order for recognition to be of value it must be immediate Do not like to be micro-managed

14 The Nexters (Gen Y) This new wave of workers is both optimistic about the future and realistic about the present. They combine the teamwork ethic of the Boomers with the can-do attitude of the Veterans and the technological savvy of the Xers.

15 The Nexters (Gen Y) The Nexter's historical background contains very little experience with a world prior to the Internet age. Nexters don't expect, but assume the latest technology and diverse communication methods they grew up with will be present in the organizations they work for.

16 The Nexters (Gen Y) Hot Buttons Relate better to Veterans or Boomers than to Xers. Are very focused on education and self- improvement Need lots of orientation Work well in teams with a strong leader

17 How do we interest these new generations? Incorporate technology wherever possible Eliminate needless ceremony while keeping traditions of service intact Focus on the personal development of your new members Reinforce the positive impact that our organization and its members have on humanity Remember that Xers and Nexters value relationships much more than the Veterans and Boomers do Embrace the generational differences rather than resist them Emphasize the network and relationships that will be built by joining the premier service organization on the planet.

18 More Suggestions Relax stringent attendance requirements Empower committee chairs to excel and earn recognition Encourage networking and relationship building within your club and district Sell personal growth as a benefit to membership Emphasize what Lions do for our communities and the world

19 Classroom Style Preferences Veterans Traditional classroom Stable, organized, and risk free Baby Boomers Interactive and non-authoritarian Relationship-building Generation X Self-directed Learn by doing themselves Generation Next Teamwork and technology Task oriented

20 What’s the best way to get new members? ASK THEM TO JOIN!!!

21 Questions??

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