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Vocab # 1 BaseMeaning BENEWell, good FAC (FIC), FACT (FECT) (FY)To do, to make LOQU, LOCUTTo speak MAGNGreat MULTMany PLIC, PLICIT, PLEX (PLY)To fold,

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Presentation on theme: "Vocab # 1 BaseMeaning BENEWell, good FAC (FIC), FACT (FECT) (FY)To do, to make LOQU, LOCUTTo speak MAGNGreat MULTMany PLIC, PLICIT, PLEX (PLY)To fold,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Vocab # 1 BaseMeaning BENEWell, good FAC (FIC), FACT (FECT) (FY)To do, to make LOQU, LOCUTTo speak MAGNGreat MULTMany PLIC, PLICIT, PLEX (PLY)To fold, to tangle RECT (I)Right, straight SACR ( secr) (ecr)Sacred, holy SPEC ( spic0, SPECTTo look TURBTo disturb UND (ound)Wave VOLTo wish

2 Vocab #2 BaseMeaning Aqu (a)Water artArt, skill, craft dic (T)To say Duc (T)To lead EquEqual, even Nul nothing PotTo have power Pung, punct (poign) (pug)To prick, to point Sequ, secutTo follow Simil, simulLike, same TemporTime VerbWork, verb

3 Vocab #3 BaseMeaning AnimMind, feeling, life, heart Capit, cipitHead GrandGreat GregFlock, herd JurTo swear, law Leg, lectTo choose, to gather MutTo change PedFoot PurgTo clear Sent, sensTo feel, think TenuThin ViWay, road

4 Vocab #4 BaseMeaning EniOne BiTwo DuTwo, twice TriThree TertiThird QuadraFour QuartFourth QuinqueFive QuintFifth Sex (t)Six, sixth BaseMeaning Sept, septemSeven SeptimSeventh OctEight OctavEighth NovemNine NonNinth DecemTen Deci, decimTenth CentHundred Milthousand

5 Vocab # 5 BaseMeaning Ann, enniYear Ced, cessTo go, to yield CordHeart FlorFlower Fund, fus (found)To pour, to melt Grad, gressTo step, to go Mal, malighnBad SanctHoly, sacred SolAlon Ten (tin, tent (tain)To hold Vid, visTo see VocVoice, to call

6 Vocab #6

7 Vocab #7

8 Vocab # 8 BaseMeaning BellWar Doc, doctTo teach FervTo boil, to bubble Fratr, fraternBrother Ger, gestTo carry, to produce GravHeavy Hom, homoMan Matr, maternMother MollMild, soft Patr, paternFather Pend, pensTo hang, to weight, to pay Sororsister

9 Vocab #9 BaseMeaning Amb, ambiBoth Aud, auditTo hear Corp, corpor,corpusBody Flu, fluxTo flow FormForm, shape Gen, gener, genitRace, kind, to produce Jac, jectTo throw Man, manu, mainHand PortTo carry, port Rex, regKing, royal Val, vailTo be strong, to be worthy Vinc, vict, vanquTo conquer

10 Vocab #10 Base(s)Meaning(s) Ag, act, igTo do, to drive AmTo love ErrTo wander FirmFirm, strong Flect, flexTo bend Ling, linguLanguage,tongue Mit(t), mis(s)To send OdorSmell PlacTo please, to appease PrimFirst Sanguin, sangBlood Tang, ting, tact, tagTo touch

11 Vocab #11 Base(s):Meaning(s): Clud, clus, closTo close CrucCross Cur(e)Care MilitSoldier NavShip, boat Nomen, nomin, nomName, noun Pon, posit, pose, poundTo place, to put ProlOffspring Spir, spritTo breathe Stru, structTo build Trud, trusTo push, to thrust Vulgcommon

12 Vocab #12 Base(s):Meaning(s): Ac(u), acrSharp Cap, cip, capt, ceptTo take, to seize Cred, creditTo believe, to trust Cur(r),curs, coursTo run, to go De, divA god Nunci, nounceTo announce PlenFull PressTo press Scrib, scriptTo write Solv, solutTo loosen, to free SonSound VorTo devour

13 Vocab #13 Base(s):Meaning(s): CulpBlame, fault EvalAges Fa, fatTo speak FortStrong GratGrateful, pleasing LaterSide Mens, mestMonth Minor, minus, minutSmall,smaller Prob, provGood, to test Sed, sid, se, sess, siegeTo sit, to settle Tract, treatTo drag, to draw Ven, ventTo come

14 Vocab #14 Base(s):Meaning(s): AlienOf another CelerSwift Cumb, cubTo lie down FixTo fix, to fasten Frang, fringe, fractTo break HerbGrass, herb MediMiddle PecuniMoney Sati, satisEnough Sec, seg, sectTo cut VirPoison Volv, volum, volutTo roll

15 Vocab #15 Base(s):Meaning(s): CarnFlesh Mon, monitTo warn, to advise Mov, mot, mobTo move OcEye Ord, ordinOrder Pel(l), pulsTo drive, to push PropriOne’s own, fitting Sal,sil, salt, sult, sailTo leap SciTo know TerrLand Trit,triTo rub, to wear Viv,vitTo live

16 Vocab #16 Base(s):Meaning(s): Agog, agogueTo lead Arch(e), archa(e)Ancient, first, rule CosmUniverse, order, beauty DemPeople HeliSun Hom, home, homalSame, regular Log, logy, logueSpeech, word, study, reasoning, argument ManiaPassion for MimTo imitate PhonSound, voice TomTo cut TypStamp, model

17 Vocab #17 Base(s):Meaning(s): ast, asterstar ball, bol, bleto throw cau, causto burn gen, gonrace, to produce, to originate graph, gramwriting, thing written hem, hemat, emblood lith, litestone mneto remember podfoot pol, poliscity, state tact, taxto arrange, to put in order teledistant

18 Vocab #18 Base(s):Meaning(s): algpain autself bilife crypt, cryphhidden, secret cyclcircle, wheel dyn, dynamforce, power gammarriage nautsailor neurnerve od, edsong, poem ped, pediachild, education pyrfire

19 Vocab #19 Base(s):Meaning(s): MonOne, single DiTwo, twice DichIn two TriThree TetrFour PentFive HexSix OctEight DecaTen KiloThousand Pan, pantAll PolyMany, much

20 Vocab #20 Base(s):Meaning(s): And, andrMan, male AnthropHuman being, mankind CanonA rule Gloss, glotLanguage, tongue Gyn, gynecWoman, female HierSacred HydrWater IatrPhysician, medicine MisHatred OnymName, word PathTo feel, to suffer PetrRock

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