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Better test results! A calmer, happier you! © Karen Conerly 2013.

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1 Better test results! A calmer, happier you! © Karen Conerly 2013

2 What is Test Anxiety?  A set of physical and mental conditions that may lead you to the inability to focus, concentrate, or even keeping you from being able to take an important exam or test  Physically, it resembles other anxiety: heart racing, perspiration, nausea, rapid breathing  Mentally, it causes distraction, reduces ability to remember, and can cause a flood of negative thoughts (I can’t do this!)` © Karen Conerly 2013

3 Your Brain on Stress!! Be aware: your adrenal gland has just released chemical cortisol weapons of brain and immune system destruction! Cortisol interferes with brain function making it: 1. difficult to retrieve memories 2. hard to create new memories Causes major impairment of learning and test taking! © Karen Conerly 2013

4 Test Anxiety From Mild to Severe © Karen Conerly 2013

5 What Causes Test Anxiety?  Can be result of procrastination  Often lack of adequate preparation  May be negative previous test experiences  Other possible causes? © Karen Conerly 2013

6 Overcoming Test Anxiety  Being prepared  The day of the test  During the test  After the test © Karen Conerly 2013

7 Being Prepared  Study, not just read textbook  Take notes of key points  Transcribe notes as outlined  Take advantage of brief study moments  Study with a buddy or study group  Do NOT cram the night before test  Get a good night’s sleep © Karen Conerly 2013

8 The Day of the Test  Wake early enough to be unhurried  Review your notes  Raise your confidence – you know all y0u need to know right now!  Use deep breathing exercises and affirmations right before the test © Karen Conerly 2013

9 During the Test  Never leave an answer blank  If there are multiple choice and essay or short answer questions, start with the essay/short answer questions first. Multiple choice usually have 4 answers. Two are detractors, one is good, one is BEST!  Read the question and think of your answer  Skip if you really don’t know the answer, but leave a blank on the Scantron form  Build confidence by answering known ones © Karen Conerly 2013

10 After Completing the Test  Review all your answers  Essay and short answers  Multiple Choice answers  Your test booklet or Scantron  Don’t read anything new into the questions Never rush to turn in your test and skip review! © Karen Conerly 2013

11 Letting Go of the Results! © Karen Conerly 2013 You Have Done Your Best!!! Now Let Go and Relax!

12 Activity!  Breathing and Guided Relaxation Exercise  Relieve tension  Get more oxygen to your brain  Use before and after tests  Use whenever anxiety creeps up on you  Enjoy life more and be a better student as a result! © Karen Conerly 2013

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