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Whew! It’s hot outside! Staying safe in hot weather.

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1 Whew! It’s hot outside! Staying safe in hot weather

2 Seasons in the United States springsummer fall (autumn)winter

3 In some parts of the United States, summers can be dangerously hot.

4 Usually the body cools itself off by sweating. During an extreme heat wave, often sweating isn’t enough to cool off the body.

5 If sweat cannot cool down the body, the body temperature begins to rise to very high levels and cause a heat illness. Most heat illnesses happen when people are outside in the sun too long.

6 Two major kinds of heat illness: When the body loses too much liquid through sweating, the person feels weak and dizzy. He may have a headache and a fast heart beat. This condition is called heat exhaustion.

7 Heat stroke Heat stroke occurs when the body can no longer control its temperature through sweating. The body’s temperature can rise very high (106º F or 41ºC). Heat stroke is a medical emergency. The person’s skin becomes red, dry, and hot when it is touched. The body is no longer sweating. He may become confused or unconscious.

8 Treating heat illness Heat exhaustion: Bring the person to a shady, cool place out of the heat. Give him water to drink. Apply cold cloths to his body. Heat stroke: Bring the person to a cool, shady place and CALL FOR EMERGENCY HELP. Loosen the clothing and apply cold cloths to his body.

9 Preventing heat illness 1.Stay indoors when the temperature is very hot. 2.Drink plenty of liquids 3.Wear loose, light-colored clothing 4.If you must go outside, wear a hat or use an umbrella to shade yourself 5.Do not exercise outside when it is very hot

10 Staying cool inside your home Open your windows, especially at night so the cooler air can enter Pull down window shades and close curtains to keep the hot sun out during the day Use window fans Drink plenty of liquids Air conditioners help keep a house cooler, but are expensive to run

11 Heat waves When it is very hot for a long time, it is called a heat wave. During a heat wave, so many people are using electricity for their fans and air-conditioning that sometimes the electrical power fails. That is called a power “blackout.”

12 Cooling Centers During a power blackout, or if you are simply very hot in your apartment, you can go to a city cooling center. There are cooling centers in every neighborhood.

13 Check on your neighbors Heat waves can be very dangerous. Children, senior citizens, and people with chronic diseases can easily become very ill because of the heat. During a heat wave, check on your neighbors and friends and make sure they stay out of the heat and drink plenty of liquids.

14 Enjoy the summer, but be careful of the heat! Heartland Alliance for Human Rights & Human Needs Refugee Health Education and Promotion Summer 2008 This multi-media document was made possible by funding from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Department of Health and Human Service provided to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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