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The Real Threat EMP Attacks & Solar Flares. What We Know About EMPs All the information on EMPs is still not 100% understood. There are only a dozen or.

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1 The Real Threat EMP Attacks & Solar Flares

2 What We Know About EMPs All the information on EMPs is still not 100% understood. There are only a dozen or so events that help us understand what an EMP or Solar Flare would do to our modern society. Electronics are damaged, not necessarily all things that use electricity. If an item is protected while an EMP attack or Solar Flare is happening it will be usable after the event is over.

3 What are EMPs, HEMPs and Super EMPs? An EMP is an Electromagnetic Pulse caused by man or naturally. A Nuclear HEMP is caused by a nuclear warhead exploded in the air 30+ miles up. Powerful Gamma rays emit from the explosion causing electrical disturbance. The disturbance is called the Compton Effect and it over charges electrical items. A Super EMP is a nuclear warhead 5-10 times stronger than an average nuclear warhead and can do more damage to protected and unprotected items.

4 What are Solar Flares? A Solar Flare is an explosion of energy on the surface of the sun releasing electrons, ions and atoms into space. Earth has a magnetic field around it which protects us from solar radiation. It typically takes 1-2 days for solar radiation to reach the earth which gives people time to find out about it and prepare for it. 23 July 2012 a Super Solar Storm missed the earth by 1 week, if it had hit the earth we would still be trying to get lights turned back on. NASA gives a 12% chance of a Solar Super Storm happening before 2022.

5 What Can One Bomb Do? A single warhead can cause an EMP large enough to cover the entire 48 States, most of Canada and Mexico. At a blast height of 30 miles it covers a 1,000 mile diameter across the nation. At a blast height of 300 miles it covers a 3,000 mile diameter across the nation. The Gamma rays overcharge the power grid, transformers, and all electronic devices, rendering them useless. The more probable event will be 3 low level attacks.

6 What are the effects of an EMP Nationwide? Anything that uses a computer or microchip of any sort will fail. National power grid, transportation, food/fuel/water distribution, communications, health system, media, national defense systems etc. Mac Salvo, The Prepper Project, June 20, 2011 “Within 30 days a mass die-off will have begun as food supplies dwindle, looters and gangs turn to violent extremes, medicines can’t be restocked, and water pumps fail.” EMPs ruin any and all unprotected electronics in line of site of explosion.

7 Stages of an EMP E1 – This is the component that will ruin electronics, happens in 5 nanoseconds. Gamma radiation knocks electrons out of the atoms in the upper atmosphere. The electrons travel at 269,813,212 m/s (90% speed of light) towards earth. Because of the level of detonation the earth’s magnetic field doesn’t stop the radiation. The electrons hit electronics which causes an over charging and short circuits them. E2 – Happens after E1 and lasts between 1 microsecond and 1 second. Acts very similar to lightning in that it can cause protective equipment to fail. Items like surge protectors, resisters and other protective measures break. E3 – Happens after E2 and lasts between 10 to 100’s of seconds. Acts very similarly to a Geomagnetic Storm like a very severe Solar Storm. Detrimental to long electrical conductors, power lines, transformers and items connected to the grid.

8 What Do the Experts Say Will Happen? Christian Science Monitor Aug. 1, 2014 “According to former CIA Director James Woolsey, ‘Two thirds of the U.S. population would likely perish from starvation, disease and societal breakdown.’ Other experts (U.S. Army) estimate the likely loss to be closer to 90%. Joel Skousen Sep. 2014 “An EMP will no doubt happen, and be ready after the EMP because about 10 minutes after that there will be a nuclear strike. Within 7-10 days after the first EMP another one will be set off as a backup." Forbes Magazine July 31, 2014 “We wouldn’t feel it pass through our bodies. The EMP would pass unnoticed as it fried the iPhones in our pockets, knocked out our telecommunications systems, rendered our cars and communications systems useless, and took out the power grid. We would have nothing that highly evolved, sophisticated society relies on.”

9 Nationally Directed Things That Will Fail National Power grid Fuel distribution Transportation/Highways Airplanes Food and water supplies Industrial capacity (work) Communications Satellites Hospital supply/equipment Yes No Yes Yes/No Yes

10 Would anyone really attack the US? Jack Monnett, Sept. 2014 Russia, China, North Korea and Iran have EMP capabilities. They also can give that technology to anyone else who would use it to the givers favor. Wall Street Journal, Aug. 12, 2014 “China and Russia have considered limited nuclear attack options that, unlike their Cold War plans, employ the electromagnetic pulse as the primary or sole means of attack.”

11 An EMP Attack on the US Voice of America, Aug. 19, 2014 “According to Peter Vincent Pry, Chairman of the Government Sponsored Commission on EMP, ‘North Korea is ready to attempt a strike on the US electric grid using an EMP. North Korea practiced last year when they orbited a satellite at the optimal altitude and trajectory to carry out such an attack.” (China asked them not to attack) An EMP Bomb can actually be made for $2,000

12 How Are Other Nations Preparing for an EMP World Net Daily, April 14, 2013. “Russia has made extensive preparations to protect its infrastructure against HEMP by hardening both civilian and military electronic equipment, and by providing continuous training for personnel operating these protected systems.” (World Net Daily) Aug. 11, 2014 “There is an ongoing drill in the Peoples’ Liberation Army to respond to an EMP. In the largest Chinese military drill ever, the Chinese Army highlights its response to EMP caused outages of communications, radar systems, and air defense systems.”

13 What is the USA Doing to Prepare for an EMP William R. Forstchen Ph.D. author of “One Second After” “As to emergency stockpiles of supplies and crucial replacement parts, there is nothing in place. June 2013 in 113 th Congress S.H.I.E.L.D. Act proposed to protect national power grid from EMP attacks and solar flares, never got passed the introduction to the House.

14 Electric vs Electronic Electric devices use electricity to power themselves and cause a reaction such as light or heat. Electronic devices use electricity as well. They use it to compute, translate, send info or uses circuitry to cause a reaction like doing math on a calculator, heating or lighting.

15 Common Items That People Protect Battery operated scopes GPS Electronic starters Generators Chain saws Solar panel diodes Cords with large power adapters Wheat grinders Dehydrators etc. Walkie Talkies Ham Radios Hard Drives Thumb Drives Power inverters LED anything Red dot sights Digital clocks Battery chargers Key fobs Medical devices Night Vision Water pumps Blenders Laptops/PCs Cell Phones Calculators DVD/Blu Ray Players TVs Microwaves AM/FM Radios Anything Electronic

16 What about my car? The #1 item needed is a new computer (this is for newer cars post 1992 especially) Other items possibly needed: alternator, starter, timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, spark plug cables, and anything else electronic. Easy fix is a gasoline vehicle pre-1992 OR Diesel pre-1995 or so, manual transmission is best. Best choice is vehicle from 1980’s or older.

17 Getting Prepared Tech Protect provides the best Faraday/EMP bags on the market for the best price. Nesting is the act of placing one bag inside of another bag to double it’s resistance to EMPs and Solar Flares. Tech Protect uses the HIGHEST Military Grade for their EMP Bags. Small - 8”x8” - $5.95 Medium - 8”x16” - $8.95 Large - 16”x18” - $15.95 XL - 20”x30”- $19.95 XXL - 32”x38” - $37.95 --> Mega Value Pack – 15% off Each - $74.95 Medium 8”x16” Large 16”x18” XXL 32”x38” XL 20”x30” Small 8”x8”

18 What are Tech Protect Faraday/EMP Bags? Highest Military Standard Mil-B-81705-Rev-C = 44db 7 mil thickness of Aluminum Conductive coating on outside of bag Insulated coating on inside of bag Resalable zip-lock top Water and air tight Light and dust proof 38lb puncture strength 735lb Tensile strength Multiple sizes for easy nesting capabilities Tested and used by NASA Tested and used by US Military Used by Metropolitan Law Enforcement Forces Used by Government Law Enforcement Agencies Made in the USA

19 Tech Protect bags are rated to “Mil-B-81705-Rev-C” which equals 44db of protection An EMP or HEMP has a blast strength of roughly 50db. Having an electronic device in one Tech Protect bag reduces the blast strength from 50db to 6db. 6db is rarely enough energy to cause an electronic device to fail. A Super EMP has a blast strength of roughly 80db. Nesting an electronic device inside of two Tech Protect bags gives 88db of protection. Nesting is ALWAYS recommended for all devices because of the threat of a Super EMP Use the Zip Lock seal to create an air, water and dust tight bag. Use a hot iron to permanently seal the bags if intended for long term storage. Understanding How Tech Protect Bags Work

20 Will this stop cell phone signals? Yes/No What benefit is there to protect my phone? Cost/Why? Will my car still work? Yes/No Do you make custom sized bags? Yes up to 32”x38” Will it work if cords are coming out of the bag? No Do I have to nest my bags? Yes/No Do the bags have to be grounded? No Are the bags really tested? Spectrum Analyzer Will a metal trash can work? (DisasterPrepper) Arthur T Bradley FAQ

21 Will You Be Ready When the Lights go Out?


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