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The TxBESS Framework Dr. Jan Seiter Ms. Donna Dagar.

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1 The TxBESS Framework Dr. Jan Seiter Ms. Donna Dagar

2 “A framework for professional practice is not unique to education. Indeed, other professions…have well-established definitions of expertise and procedures to certify novice and advanced practitioners. Such procedures are the public’s guarantee that the members of a profession hold themselves and their colleagues to the highest standards.” Charlotte Danielson

3 Goals To learn the clusters and standards of the TxBESS Framework To understand the concept of the developmental continuum

4 Warm-up Activity Consider the work of teaching and note as many professional activities as possible in which a teacher engages during a two-day period. Be specific (e.g., grading 34 papers, calling a parent, designing a lesson). Write each item/activity on a separate sticky note, and keep all of the sticky notes for a later activity.

5 What Is the TxBESS Framework? Reflects effective teaching as represented in the practice of beginning teachers Contains the TxBESS Performance Standards and the developmental continuum

6 The Four Clusters CLUSTER 1: Planning for Learner- centered Instruction CLUSTER 2: A Classroom Environment That Promotes Equity, Excellence, and Learning CLUSTER 4: Professionalism CLUSTER 3: Instruction and Communication

7 Cluster 1: Planning for Learner-centered Instruction 1a: Knowledge of content and pedagogy 1b: Knowledge of students 1c: Selects key knowledge and skills 1d: Uses materials, resources, and technology 1e: Promotes student learning 1f: Plans to assess student learning

8 Cluster 2: An Environment of Equity, Excellence, and Learning 2a: Creates an environment of rapport and respect 2b: Establishes a culture of learning 2c: Manages classroom procedures 2d: Manages student behavior 2e: Organizes physical space

9 Cluster 3: Instruction and Communication 3a: Communicates clearly and accurately 3b: Uses questioning and discussion techniques 3c: Engages students in learning 3d: Assesses student learning 3e: Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness

10 Cluster 4: Professionalism 4a: Reflects on teaching 4b: Maintains accurate records 4c: Communicates with families/caregivers 4d: Contributes to the school 4e: Grows and develops professionally 4f: Serves as an advocate for students

11 TxBESS Framework Links Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Standards (2002) Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS) Framework (2004)

12 Table Talk Review the TxBESS Performance Standards in your assigned cluster. Create a strategy for recalling the content of the cluster. Be prepared to share the strategy with the large group.

13 Identifying the Clusters Locate the Identifying the Clusters worksheet. In table groups, identify the cluster to which each statement relates.

14 Card Sort Activity Step 1 With your table group, sort the cards into stacks by color and determine which cluster each color stack represents.

15 Step 1 (cont’d) Cluster 1: gray Cluster 2: goldenrod Cluster 3: blue Cluster 4: green

16 Step 2 Using your TxBESS Framework, identify the cluster and performance standard best represented in each vignette. Write them on a sticky note. Place the sticky note on each individual card.

17 Step 3 Each person in the group represents one of the four clusters. Each person takes his/her set of cards and gathers with those who have the same color at designated tables.

18 Step 4 Compare the standards on the sticky notes to check for agreement. Use the TxBESS Framework to reach consensus on cards where the group noticed discrepancies.

19 Step 5 Return to your home group. Share what you have learned. Discuss the vignette and the performance standard assigned to it, using the framework, until your group reaches a consensus.

20 Performance Standards & Developmental Continuum What teacher and/or student behaviors would you expect to see at the developing, beginning competent, advanced competent, and proficient levels?

21 Locate your sticky notes from earlier in this session. Read each sticky note and determine the cluster and standard to which it relates. Place the sticky notes on the appropriate locations on page 6 in the TxBESS Framework. Revisit Warm-up Activity

22 The framework is important because: 1.It provides a common language and structure for discussing teaching; 2.It is aligned with the PPR standards and the PDAS; and 3.It provides a pathway for teacher growth. In Closing

23 “Although teachers sometimes feel pulled in many different directions…a unifying thread runs through the entire framework to provide an organizing structure. That thread consists of engaging students in learning important content.” Charlotte Danielson

24 Contact Information Dr. Jan P. Seiter Director HT ATCP 512-505-6462 Cell: 512-797-1828

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