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ITunes U Pennsylvania Learns: Biology, ELA, and Mathematics.

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1 iTunes U Pennsylvania Learns: Biology, ELA, and Mathematics


3 Overview of Pennsylvania Learns Funded by Race to the Top Grant Focus on Keystone Courses No cost for school districts Created by Pennsylvania teachers

4 Overview of Pennsylvania Learns Multi-functional and designed for use in a variety of settings – hybrid, personalized, traditional, supplemental, and remedial. These are not facilitated courses, but they can be included in a course created by a teacher to be graded Rubrics are included for self-assessment The application includes lectures, assignments, books, activities, and quizzes iTunes Apps that are incorporated into the courses are free or low cost Students must have their own Apple ID (Free)

5 Courses

6 Biology  Biology – Organized by modules consistent with the Pennsylvania Keystone Biology blueprint  Each unit is designed to last approximately 4 weeks that together is a year long course o Module A – Cells and Cell Processes o Bioenergetics Unit o Homeostasis and Transport Unit o Basic Biological Principles Unit o Chemical Basis of Life Unit o Module B – Continuity and Unity of Life o Evolution Unit o Ecology Unit o Genetics Unit o Cell and Cycle Reproduction Unit o When taken together, students will be engaged in assignments that address all of the Biology Keystone Assessment Anchors.

7 English Language Arts ELA Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Expected duration 36 weeks Organized around modules available in Standards Aligned System portal Intended to help teachers teach and students understand essential concepts and competencies

8 Mathematics Mathematics 6, 7, 8, and Algebra 1 Expected duration – 36 weeks Based on Curriculum Instructional Framework housed on the SAS portal and PA Core Standards Within the overview there is a link to Focus Standards and Eligible Content Eight Mathematical Practices integrated into every lesson

9 Explore Pennsylvania Learns ACCESSING Pennsylvania Learn iTunes U Courses 1.Open the iTunes application installed on your device. 2.Select the K-12 button located on the right side of the screen OR using the search tab at the top right of the screen search “Pennsylvania Learns”. 3. Select Pennsylvania Learns from the pop-up menu. You should see the Pennsylvania Learns welcome page.

10 Explore Pennsylvania Learns SUBSCRIBING to Pennsylvania Learn iTunes U Courses 1.While on the Pennsylvania Learns welcome page, click on either the course title or the course book cover. 2.Click Subscribe 3.Click Get Course

11 Setting up an iTunes Account

12 Explore Pennsylvania Learns Courses Info Overview Instructor Outline For Teachers For Students Credits About Pennsylvania Learns Posts Where you will find the materials and activities within the course Notes Students can take notes on the course in general, on specific course content, and on books within each course Materials Includes a comprehensive list of all of the materials that are found within the course

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