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Transport Funding the Trans-European Transport Network with the Connecting Europe Facility - Opportunities for Czech Republic -

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1 Transport Funding the Trans-European Transport Network with the Connecting Europe Facility - Opportunities for Czech Republic -

2 Transport The EU TEN-T framework Strategic framework White Paper for Transport Policy framework TEN-T Guidelines (Regulation 1315/2013) Funding framework Connecting Europe Facility (Regulation 1316/2013) Cohesion Fund/ ERDF Financial partners, such as EIB

3 Transport White Paper for Transport By 2030: A fully functional multimodal TEN-T ‘core network’ Connect all core seaports to the rail freight network 30% of road freight over 300km shift to rail or waterborne transport By 2050: 60% reduction of CO2 for transport sector A European high-speed rail network Most of medium-distance passenger transport by rail Connect all core network airports to rail network

4 Transport By 2030: a single European TEN-T core network By 2050: a TEN-T comprehensive network, as “ground layer”, to ensure accessibility TEN-T maps New TEN-T policy

5 Transport TEN-T Network Comprehensive and Core Network Inland waterways and ports

6 Transport TEN-T Network Comprehensive Network Railways, ports, rail-road terminals Core Network Railways (freight), ports, rail-road terminals

7 Transport TEN-T Network Comprehensive network Railways and airports Core Network Railways (passengers) and airports

8 Transport TEN-T Network Core and Comprehensive networks Roads, ports, rail-road teminals and airports

9 Transport Core Network Corridors - implementation tools - European Coordinators and Core Network Corridors Support the implementation of the core network Synchronise investments in order to optimise network benefits Multimodal, involving at least 3 Member States Consultative Corridor Fora, with involvement of all stakeholders Coordinators for ERTMS and Motorways of the Sea

10 Transport TEN-T Core Network Corridors

11 Transport Budget: €26.2 billion for TEN-T 14.9bn EUR for all MS 11.3bn EUR for Cohesion MS €1.1 billion for Czech Republic Funding priorities: Core Network Corridors: cross-border, bottlenecks Pre-identified projects in the CEF Annex Other cross-border sections and bottlenecks Horizontal priorities: ITS, RIS, ERTMS, interoperability, innovation&new technologies, safe and secure infrastructure Core, but also the comprehensive TEN-T More sustainable modes of transport (railways, IWW) Innovative financial instruments Connecting Europe Facility - Transport

12 Transport CEF in Czech Republic: Baltic-Adriatic Core Network Corridor Bielsko Biala – ŽilinaRoadWorks Katowice - Ostrava - Brno - Wien & Katowice - Žilina - Bratislava - Wien Rail Works, in particular cross-border sections PL-CZ, CZ-AT, PL-SK and SK- AT, Brno-Přerov line; (further) development of multimodal platforms and airport-rail interconnections

13 Transport CEF in Czech Republic: Orient East-Med Core Network Corridor Dresden - PrahaRailstudies for high-speed rail PrahaRail upgrading, freight bypass; rail connection airport Praha – BreclavRailupgrading Hamburg – Dresden – Praha – Pardubice IWW Elbe and Vltava studies, works for better navigability and upgrading Děčín locksIWWStudies Prague - Brno - BreclavRailUpgrading, including rail node Brno and multi-modal platform Breclav – BratislavaRailCross-border, upgrading

14 Transport CEF in Czech Republic: Rhine-Danube Core Network Corridor Ostrava/Prerov – Žilina – Košice – UA border Rail upgrading, multimodal platforms Zlín – ŽilinaRoadcross-border road section München – PrahaRailstudies and works Nürnberg – PrahaRailstudies and works

15 Transport CEF in Czech Republic: Other pre-identified sections on the TEN-T Core Network Wrocław – PrahaCross-BorderRail Nowa Sól – Hradec KrálovéCross-BorderRoad Brno – AT borderCross-BorderRoad Priority Projects as defined in Annex III of Decision 661/2010 (Prague - Linz, New High-capacity rail: Central Trans-Pyrenees crossing, "Iron Rhine" (Rheidt-Antwerpen)) Cross-BorderRail

16 Transport Complementarity CEF – ESI Funds CEFESI Funds High EU added-value on TEN- T Corridors and core network (as pre-identified in Annex I of the CEF Regulation) More sustainable modes of transport: rail, IWW High EU added-value projects to remove bottlenecks in transport networks, by supporting TEN-T infrastructure on both the core and comprehensive networks All modes of transport Regional mobility, through connecting secondary and tertiary nodes to TEN-T infrastructure Network effect: strong coordination of investments in TEN-T needed Common project pipeline for ESI Funds and CEF, to be included in the Operational Programmes Corridors Work Plans National Transport Master Plans

17 Transport Complementarity CEF - ESI Funds (2) Final selection process – as appropriate, take account of: Programming for the ESI Funds, in order to ensure complementarity between the two sources of funding How the proposed project fits in the national Transport Master Plan of the Member State(s) concerned, as appropriate Cohesion Policy CBA methodology for major projects - strongly recommended in order to simplify the process of project preparation under CEF and ESI Funds Co-funding rates in line with the rates of Cohesion Fund support for TEN-T projects in the respective Member State

18 Transport Call 2014 for Cohesion Member States Multi-annual Work Programme 2014 Budget for the 2014 call for proposals: €4 billion 35% of the €11.3bn of the CEF cohesion envelope Funding priorities of the call for proposals: Corridors of the Core Network Other Sections of the Core Network European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Innovation Safe and Secure Infrastructure Motorways of the Sea (MoS)

19 Transport CEF: Programme Support Actions Strengthening administrative capacity of the Member States eligible for the Cohesion Fund Technical assistance services for the development and implementation of projects implementing the TEN-T core network Technical assistance to improve capacity building for Railway Infrastructure Managers Deadline for applications: 31 December 2014 Eligibility of costs: if duly justified, as of 1/01/2014 staff, consultants, training, exchange of knowledge All details in "Conditions for participation"

20 Transport CEF: direct management Communication of the Commission January 2014 - funding priorities Annual (AP) and Multiannual Work Programmes (MAP) March 2014 - Implementation framework, priorities and available funding Call for proposals: 11 September 2014 – 26 February 2015 Budget: 12bn EUR

21 Transport How to give grant support to a project Work programme (Annual or Multiannual) Call for proposals Evaluation (external and internal) Financing decision (general and individualised)

22 Transport CEF 2014 Call for proposals Check INEA website _transport_info_day.htm _transport_info_day.htm INEA helpdesk: ding/cef_transport_call_for_proposals_2014.htm ding/cef_transport_call_for_proposals_2014.htm

23 Transport Investment needs in the field of transport Cost of EU infrastructure development to match the demand for transport estimated at over EUR 1.5 trillion for 2010–30 Investment needs identified on the global TEN-T network for 2014 – 2020: €500bn Ongoing identification of projects that could be accelerated with innovative financing €315bn package: CEF Innovative Financial Instruments

24 Transport €300bn package CEF Innovative Financial Instruments (2) Full eligibility Whole TEN-T network, Core & Comprehensive All modes of transport Projects with identifiable revenue streams or commercial benefits and long-term repayment Motorways with tolls High-Speed Rail Airports, logistic platforms & Ports development Alternative fuelling infrastructure and on-board equipment Traffic Management Systems equipment Partnership with financial institutions, such as EIB

25 Transport Thank you for your attention!

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