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EKT 222/4 Microprocessor Systems SUBJECT INTRODUCTION.

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1 EKT 222/4 Microprocessor Systems SUBJECT INTRODUCTION

2 LECTURERS 1.Dr. Nasim Ahmed (c) – Communication Eng. (RK 53) 2.Dr. Layth Abdulkareem – Computer Eng. (RK 20) 3.En. Muhamad Sani Bin Mustafa – Network Eng. (RK 93)

3 Grading: Examination = 70% Test 1 = 10% Test 2 = 10% Final Exam = 50% Course work = 30% Mini project = 20% Assignments / Quizzes = 10%

4 Main Text Book i.William A. Rautt, “Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and System Featuring the 8085”, Thomson / Delmar Learning, 2007. Reference Books i.R.S. Gaonkar, “Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Applications with the 8085”, 5 th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2012 ii.W. Kleitz, Microprocessor and Microcontroller Fundamentals: The 8085 and 8051 Hardware and Software, Prentice hall, 1998

5 Teaching Plan

6 Important Dates WEEK SIX (6)  Test 1(27th Mar 2014) WEEK TWELVE (12)  Test 2 (22nd May 2014) Note: Test will conduct at night from 8.30 pm to 10 pm. The place will announce later. MINI PROJECT START Week 10th (Apr 28- May 4)  Mini Project Viva (26, 27 and 28 th May)

7 Mini Project Groups of 4 (max). Title can be your own, recommended to work towards the RPS i-project.  Please consult Lecturers or PLVs for clarification on project suitability. Will be asked to submit proposal.

8 Chapter 1: Introduction to Microprocessor System Briefing regarding of course curriculum. Basic architecture of digital computer Memory system Input/output devices Microprocessor interface Busses & typical control system Outline

9 Chapter 2 : Computer Operation Sequential machine. Function memory system. Instruction cycle. Instruction decoder and control logic. The program counter. 8085 internal architecture. Register file and other 8085A CPU. ALU subsystem. The flag register. 8085A bus interface. OUTLINE

10 Chapter 3 : CPU Sequencing Introduction cycles Machine cycles. T-states State diagram State processor functions and other states OUTLINE

11 Chapter 4: Assembly Language Programming Introduction to assembly language programming, 8085A, Instruction set Programming model. Data transfer instruction Arithmetic instruction Logic instruction Branch instruction. Stack. I/O and machine control instruction. OUTLINE

12 Chapter 5: Introduction to Input output device 8085A address space memory and I/O instruction I/O decoding I/O mapping I/O device (8255)

13 Chapter 6: The Programmable Peripheral Interface (8255A) Features of 8255A Architecture Block functions Interface Address and initialization. Mode of word I/O interface to real world device (LED, switches, 7 segments display, etc)

14 Chapter 7: Interrupts Interrupts event sequence. Direct and vectored interrupts. Maskable and non-maskable interrupts. Interrupt priority and machine cycle involved.

15 Chapter 8: Serial Communications Simplex and Duplex system Data rates Synchoronous and asynchronous serial Communication 8251 UART.

16 Chapter 9: Memory Systems Memory classes Nain memory Architecture Operation System design Decoding system Read/write cycles

17 Chapter 10: 8085A Design Bus organization Memory and I/O mapping ROM/RAM I/O address decoding Bus interfaces Address latches. Timing requirement

18 Course Outcomes (COs) CO1: Ability to discover the theory and basic architecture of microprocessor. CO2: Ability to program a microprocessor using assembly language. CO3: Ability to interface the microprocessor with I/O devices. CO4: Ability to design and develop a simple application on a microprocessor based system.

19 What to do BEFORE Lab … Download the lab sheet and relevant materials from portal / e-learning.

20 “IMPORTANT NOTES DURING CLASS”  Switch-off your mobile.  Don’t talk with your friends.  Enter class room before 10 min from schedule time.  Make sure your attendance in every class.  Don’t raise your foot on top of the chair.  Be punctual and give full attention to the class.


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