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By: Satyadhar Joshi

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1 By: Satyadhar Joshi

2  Allude  Fun Learning  Baba is great!  50 Words using Sentence technique  Try to link it with friend of famous person  Sabke baba, Rahul baba

3  Rahul is an imaginative personality, no relation with any real person

4  Rahul Baba thrived on the adulation of his groupies

5  Rahul Baba’s affected mannerism- his Harvard ascent, his air of boredom, his use of obscure words,- bugged the people: he acted as if he though he was too good to become the next great one.

6  When in a rally there was a great turmoil; the group tried to allay the fear that Baba is all right.

7  Everyone even after seeing something wrong can wonder that it could have been were an amiss by Baba.

8  The media personals stinging comments flayed the Baba’s sensitive spirit. How could he go on, after such a vicious attack?

9  Bewildered by his new airplane bought from Spain, baba floundered until our madam showed him how to start it.

10  The knowledge of their failure in the game filled him with gall.

11  Baba’s new Gaunt Spanish girl friend is the next attraction for his fans  Lank & Gaunt Baba’s GF was a striking figure

12  Dec opening, lid covering a dec opening  The latch on the hatch failed to catch, so the hatch remained unlatched

13  When Baba received the news of sudden tragedy, he became too overwrought to work at the office and had to leave early

14  When madam came to know about the misdeeds of baba, she was seized by a paroxysm of rage

15  I can’t comment

16  Many boating with Rahul Baba’s followed the Regatta in their own Yachts

17  Baba is a person who could have cozen his friends during his card games, but remained highly ethical in all political matters.

18  Admire the Rocking Start Rahul, but don’t deify him

19  The plays of EK was childish, the Denouement was obvious to sophisticated theatergoers  Like KGGK, etc

20  The ruse by baba will discomfit the opponents

21  The extend of the blighted area of Bhopal could be seen only when viewed from the air

22  High-fashion models are usually slender rather and buxom

23  When Baba came to know that several inmates were planning to leave the group, he took steps to balk their attempt

24  Until it was time to start the show, the workers had to bate their curiosity

25  On Halloween people weal grotesque costumes  distorted: misshapen, especially in a strange or disturbing way grotesque shadows

26  In the matter of such importance, I don’t want to deal with hireling, I want to meet the Chief (Baba)

27  In this impasse (tough time), prayers are the only hope


29  Baba was inveigled to join the X-Club after initial reluctance

30  In the subway Baba was jostled by the crowd  knock against others: to knock or bump against somebody, or push or elbow somebody deliberately, sometimes as an expression of aggression or hostility We managed to jostle our way to the front.

31  The opposition claimed that Baba’s trip(to Spain) was merely a political junket.

32  Sona has to refurnish the marred surface of the table

33  Baba was always surrounded by servile minions because he enjoyed their subservience and flattery

34  Madam never thought that his meek Baba would dare to fey him by eloping with her Spanish GF

35  His inappropriate and anti-cultural conduct proved to all that his nickname “future of Indian youth” was a misnomer

36  The toothless Crone frightened us when she smiled  offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults a woman's age, appearance, and temperament (insult)

37  Fashion decree that evening frowns be décolleté this season; bare shoulders are again the vogue

38  Every time madam culls out the nonlaying hens and sell them to the butcher

39  After the depredations of the invaders like Goris, the people were penniless.

40  I can tell when he is under stress by the way his veins distend on his forehead

41  The battle of kargil was unexpectedly sanguinary with many casualties

42  Rahul baba sang a ribald song at the party in Spain, which offended many of the more prudish listeners

43  Digs is unpopular because of his quip and sarcastic comments

44  Baba’s Overweening pride in his teams accompaniment was not justified

45  A cold win was issuing from an orifice in the hillside  [Mid-16th century. Via French < Latin orificium "making a mouth" < or- "mouth" + -fic-, stem of facere "make"]

46  100s paid their last homage at his Grandfather’s obsequy at Spain

47  I read the obituary in the newspaper of the death of Baba’s girlfriend’s father

48  Lets not niggle over minor details in planning Baba’a honeymoon

49  Looked at words in sentences made for Baba

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