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Appearance/Hygiene How is this related to Social Skills?

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1 Appearance/Hygiene How is this related to Social Skills?

2 Video Why is good grooming important for healthy friendships and romantic relationships?

3 Appearance is important for… Getting a Job PY (0-0.54) PY Getting a Date

4 Why do our friends or potential friends care how we look/smell? Why did Chris tell Mike that he smelled? -He was trying to help his friend How can you tell what Chris was thinking? -His gestures, facial expression, etc. How should Mike have handled Chris telling him that he smelled? -should have listened to his friend and taken his advice

5 What are things you do to take care of our body and look nice? What can you do to be attractive to girls/boys?

6 Going on a Date Complete Survey What does it mean to go on a date? Why might people want to go on a date?

7 Dating What social skills might be most important when on a date? Eye contactBody LanguageFacial Expressions Starting a conversationKeeping the conversation going Ending the conversationBubbling unexpected comments/thoughts Appearance Being fun

8 Places you may go on a date (at your age) Going to the movies Getting food together Hanging out at your house Many other places too….

9 Things not to do on a date Would make others have weird thoughts/ feel uncomfortable/ not want to be around you? Lets watch part 1 of our video and see what things Mike does that are unexpected

10 Mike on a date- Attempt #1 Things Mike did that were unexpected What Mike DIDHow she FELTCONSEQUENCESHow he FEELS at end Hug and kiss herAnnoyed Irritated Pushed him/ hit him Heartbroken Confused

11 Mike on a date- Attempt #2 What did Mike do this time that worked better? What social skills did he use well? What Mike DID How she FELTCONSEQUENCESHow he FELT at end Acted expected, calm Happy Calm Interested They might hang out moreReally happy

12 What is Body Language? Sending messages with your body, gestures, facial expressions What is body language important? - Gives you clues about how the other person is feeling

13 Body Language in Video How is SASHA feeling?How is MIKE feeling? Bad Day- Creeped out and afraidBad Day- interested but aggressive Good Day- interested in MikeGood Day- interested but calm How does Mike express his feelings differently? Bad Day- rude, blunt, insensitive Good day- being thoughtful, polite and spending time learning about her What is the difference between Mikes body language in BAD DAY and GOOD DAY? Bad Day- tries to hug Sasha, which is unexpected Good Day- acts in familiar or expected way and is considerate of Sasha

14 Different Perspectives on Dating When to date? How often to date? Who should date?

15 Watch Coffee House again.. See how Mike starts the conversation in BAD day and GOOD day videos Bad Day -Says Hi babe and tries to hug Sasha Good Day - Talks about the assignment and asks about her

16 Look for Common Information/ Interests Common Info: information that everyone in the same environment knows; makes it easier to start a conversation -examples: days off from school, a test taken, what they think of a teacher What information is common to Mike and Sasha? - Their assignment and class

17 Common Interests Things that both people are interested in When you start a conversation with someone, you usually dont know their interests are- takes time to find out What common interests did Mike and Sasha share?

18 Practice conversations Use common information or a common interest to start the conversation

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