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© 2005 Gateway, Inc. M280 User Guide Your name – Gateway System Engineer.

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1 © 2005 Gateway, Inc. M280 User Guide Your name – Gateway System Engineer

2 2 M280 features  Intel Centrino with the Pentium M Processor; or Celeron M Processor  Intel 915 chipset with 533MHz front side bus  Up to 2GB of DDR2 memory  Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 or ATI Radeon X600 PCI Express Graphics  14” WXGA Wide Screen  Integrated10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet  Integrated 802.11 B/G or A/B/G wireless networking  Integrated V.92 56k modem  3 USB 2.0 and 1 IEEE1394 port  7 in 1 memory card reader  Up to 80GB hard disk drive  6, 8, and 12 cell batteries options  Starting at 6.15 lbs  13.58”W x 11.14”D x 1.26” - 1.36”H

3 3 M280 main view ComponentIconDescription A. LCD 14.0-inch active matrix (TFT) LCD color display Maximum panel resolution: 1280 × 768 Maximum color depth: 32-bit (16.7 million colors) at 1280 × 768 LCD supported video modes: WXGA LCD maximum refresh rate: 60 Hz B. Microphone Record audio through this microphone. The built-in microphone is turned off while an external microphone is connected. C. Tablet control buttons Status indicators Press the tablet control buttons to control the convertible notebook while it is in tablet mode. Status indicators inform you of the power status or when a drive is in use. D. Power button Press to turn the power on or off. You can also configure the power button for Standby/Resume mode. E. Power button lock Locks the power button so the convertible notebook cannot be accidentally turned off when using it in tablet mode. Note: The power button must be unlocked for the power button to function properly. F. Keyboard Provides all the features of a full-sized computer keyboard. G. Touchpad Provides all the functionality of a mouse. E. Power button lock

4 4 M280 keyboard layout KeysDescription A. Function keys and System keys Press the keys labeled F1 to F12 to perform actions in programs. For example, pressing the F1 key may open Help. Each program uses different function keys for different purposes. See the program documentation to find out more about the function key actions. System keys are unique to your notebook and can be used to perform specific tasks. The system keys are identified by the image on the key. Press a system key in combination with the Fn key to perform a specific action. B. Navigation keys Press the navigation keys to move the cursor to the beginning of a line, to the end of a line, up the page, down the page, to the beginning of a document, or to the end of a document. C. Fn keyPress the Fn key in combination with a colored system key (such as STATUS, STANDBY, or PAUSE) to perform a specific action. D. Windows key Press the Windows® key to open the Windows Start menu. This key can also be used in combination with other keys to open utilities. For example, press the Windows key in combination with the F key to open the Search utility. Press the Windows key in combination with the R key to open the Run utility. Press the Windows key in combination with the E key to open the Explorer utility. E. Numeric keypad When the numeric keypad is turned on, these keys can be used to type numbers. To activate the numeric keypad press Fn + Pad Lock. When the keypad is activated, the Pad Lock status indicator is lit. Press the same keys again to turn off the numeric keypad. F. Application keyPress this key for quick access to shortcut menus and help assistants in Windows. G. ARROW keysPress the ARROW keys to move the cursor up, down, right, or left.

5 5 M280 touchpad  The touchpad on the Gateway® M280 notebook consists of a touchpad (A), with a scroll zone (B), and two buttons (C and D). When you move your finger on the touchpad, the pointer (arrow) on the screen moves in the same direction.  You can use the left (C) and right (D) buttons below the touchpad to select objects. You can make touchpad-related changes such as adjusting the double-click speed, pointer speed, left-hand or right- hand configuration, and other touchpad settings in Mouse Properties

6 6 M280 status indicators The status indicators on the Gateway® M280 notebook inform you when a drive is being used or when a button has been pressed that affects how the keyboard is used. Press the function keys Fn + F1, to toggle the status lights on or off IndicatorIconDescription A. Wireless (Optional) LED on - Wireless network card is turned on LED off - Wireless network card is turned off B. Drive LED blinking - The hard drive or DVD drive is in use. LED off - No drive activity. C. Num Lock LED on - Numeric keypad is turned on LED off - Numeric keypad is not activated D. Caps Lock LED on - Caps Lock is turned on LED off - Caps Lock is not activated E. Battery charge The LED shows the battery activity and status. LED blue - battery is fully charged. LED purple - battery is charging. LED blinking red - battery charge is very low. LED solid red - battery is malfunctioning. This LED only lights up when your convertible notebook is connected to AC power or the battery charge is very low. F. Power The LED shows your convertible notebook's power status. LED on - notebook is on. LED blinking - notebook is in Standby mode. LED off - notebook is off.

7 7 M280 Tablet control buttons ComponentIconDescription Screen rotation Rotate the display orientation. Windows® security Opens the Windows Task Manager. Also is used for domain authentication or logon screen. Windows® Journal Opens Windows Journal. Mode Select the mode for the five-way switch. Five-way switch Mode 1 (Default mode) - controls scrolling in documents and in your Internet browser as follows: Up/Down - scrolling Right/Left - Forward/Back (browser) Center - Enter Mode 2 - controls audio and video as follows: Up/Down - brightness controls Right/Left - volume up and down Center - mute volume

8 8 M280 front view ComponentIconDescription A. Stylus/Pen Write, tap, and input directly on your convertible notebook's display using the cordless pen. B. Speakers Provides audio output when headphones or amplified speakers are not plugged in. C. Microphone jack Plug a microphone into this jack.. D. Headphone jack Plug amplified speakers or headphones into this jack. The built-in speakers are turned off when speakers or headphones are plugged into this jack. E. LCD panel release latch Open the LCD panel by pressing the release latch. F. Memory card reader Insert a memory card from a digital camera, MP3 player, PDA, or cellular telephone into the memory card reader. The memory card reader supports Memory Stick®, Memory Stick Pro®, MultiMediaCard™, and Secure Digital™.

9 9 M280 Pen The Gateway® convertible notebook's pen is the only device that can write, tap, and input directly on your convertible notebook's display. The pen can do everything a mouse does. Just think "tap" instead of "click". Note: A finger-tap or PDA stylus has no effect on this convertible notebook's display, and ink pens and other pointed objects could damage the surface. Always use the pen that came with your convertible notebook. You can order extra pens from Gateway. Caution: Do not strike the display too sharply. Although the display is durable, it can break. With a mouse:With a pen: Point and clickPoint and tap Double-clickDouble-tap Click-and-dragTap-and-drag Right-clickButton-tap (press the pen button while tapping or press and hold with the pen) To remove the pen from our convertible notebook: Locate the pen latch on the bottom of your convertible notebook. Slide the pen latch until the pen is released from the pen holder. To store the pen in your convertible notebook: Locate the pen holder on the front of your convertible notebook. Slide the pen into the holder until the pen clicks into place Pen Lost Alarm Your convertible notebook can sound a series of three beeps if the pen is not in the pen holder when you turn the convertible notebook off or place it in either Standby or Hibernate mode. This feature is shipped from the factory turned off. To turn on the Pen Lost Alarm: 1.As soon as your convertible notebook starts and you see a startup screen, press F2. 2.In the BIOS Setup utility select the Advanced tab. 3.On the the Advanced tab, select Pen Lost Alarm, and then press the spacebar to select Enabled. 4.Select the Exit tab. Select Exit Saving Changes, and then press ENTER.

10 10 Adjusting your pen settings On the taskbar, double-click or double-tap the Change Tablet and Pen Settings icon. Changing Handedness Settings Under Handedness, tap Right-handed or Left-handed. Under Menu location, tap Right-handed or Left-handed. Adjusting these settings improves handwriting recognition. Adjusting these settings also changes the location of menus so that your hand does not cover them. Calibrating the Pen Tap Calibrate. Follow the on-screen instructions. Note: You must calibrate for each screen orientation. To calibrate for a different screen orientation, first select another screen orientation, and then calibrate again.

11 11 M280 left side view ComponentIconDescription A. AC Power connector Plug the AC adapter cable into this connector. B. Docking port Connect the optional port replicator to this port. Warning: Power is passed through this port. This docking connection is certified to UL 1950 for use only with port replicators designed for your Gateway convertible notebook. C. External monitor (VGA) port Plug an analog VGA monitor into this port. D. Ethernet jack The network jack can be used to connect to a wired Ethernet network. You can use the computer's Ethernet jack for more than just networking. Many broadband Internet connections, such as cable modems and DSL modems, connect to the Ethernet jack. E. USB ports The USB ports are version 2.0 ports. Plug USB devices (such as a floppy disk drive, flash drive, printer, scanner, camera, keyboard, or mouse) into these ports. USB ports support plug-and-play and hot swapping, which means that your computer usually recognizes such a device whenever you plug it into the appropriate port. When you use an USB device for the first time, your computer prompts you to install any software the device needs. After doing this, you can disconnect and reconnect the device at any time. F. IEEE 1394 port A. This 4-pin IEEE 1394 port (also known as Firewire® or i.Link®) is used for connecting peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras to the computer. IEEE 1394 is Plug and Play, which means that you can usually use an IEEE 1394 device by just plugging it into the appropriate port. Windows® establishes communication between your computer and the device automatically. To use the IEEE 1394 port, connect one end of the IEEE 1394 cable to your external source, such as a video camera, and then connect the other end of the cable to the IEEE 1394 port on the side of your convertible tablet notebook. G. PC Card slot This notebook has one PC Card slot, also known as a PCMCIA card slot. This slot accepts one Type II card. You do not need to restart the computer when changing most cards, because this computer supports hot-swapping. Hot-swapping means that you can insert a PC Card while your computer is running. If your PC Card does not work after hot-swapping, see the PC Card manufacturer's documentation for further information.

12 12 M280 right side view ComponentIconDescription A. Modular bay This convertible notebook's modular bay supports different bay modules, such as a CD, combination DVD/CD-RW, multi-format DVD±RW drive, or multi-bay battery. B. Ventilation fan Helps cool internal components. Caution: Do not block or insert objects into these slots. If these slots are blocked, your notebook may overheat resulting in unexpected shutdown or permanent damage to the notebook. C. Kensington™ lock slot The Kensington™ lock connection on the Gateway® M210 notebook allows the computer to be "locked" to items such as a desk. Insert the Kensington lock into this connection and secure the other end of the cable to a solid object. D. Modem jack Plug a modem cable into this jack.

13 13 M280 bottom view ComponentIconDescription A. Battery This battery was shipped partially charged. Use the AC adapter right away to charge the battery. Allow three hours for the battery to fully charge. B. Battery latch Unlock the battery and then slide this latch to release the battery. C. Battery lock Slide the battery lock to the locked position when the battery is installed. D. Memory bay One memory slot is located in this bay. E. Modular bay latch Slide this latch to release the module. F. Modular bay Use this bay for a CD drive, combination DVD/CD-RW drive, multi-format DVD±RW drive, or multi-bay battery. G. System label Includes the product model number. H. Hard drive bay The hard drive bay is accessed from the bottom of the notebook. If you would like more hard drive capacity, you can replace your original drive with a higher-capacity drive. I. Pen Write, tap, and input directly on your convertible notebook's display using the cordless pen. J. Pen latch Slide to release the pen.

14 14 YOUR NEW BATTERY  Charge your new battery for at least 3 hours before using it. This is referred to as 'initializing' and will enable you to obtain maximum battery capacity. Stabilize the battery to room temperature 72 degrees before charging. Charging below 40 degrees and above 104 degrees will decrease battery life.  Battery maintenance - Get the most use out of each charge, charging less frequently (avoid short rapid charges) and for longer periods of time is better for the life of the battery.  Power (Battery) Management – Alarms can be set to provide text reminders or specific actions when a battery is at a low or critical state. This can be done using the scale settings in Control Panel/Power Options/Alarms.

15 15 Consider Other Battery Issues For any type of accident involving liquid being spilled onto the notebook or the notebook being submerged in liquid, remove any AC power and the battery. Open laptop and lay flat, screen/keyboard side down. Take the computer in for service.

16 16 Heed Battery Warnings Step 1: Hear That Sound? If you're working on battery power and you start hearing a beeping sound, save your work. This is the Battery Low alarm. Step 2: Change Setting The battery's control settings are located in the Control Panels folder. There you can change your Alarm Notification Setting. Step 3: Discharging Too Fast? If you notice that the battery discharges faster than normal, this is another warning. This can indicate the battery should be calibrated or replaced. Head Battery Warnings

17 17 YOUR M280 DISPLAY  While the glass panel may show finger marks, it is much harder, and much clearer than a plastic display shield. Because of this clarity, it makes the display brighter than other displays.  If an optical cloth is not available, to clean the screen, dampen a soft cloth with water or a mild window glass cleaner solution. Be sure to dampen the cloth; never spray anything directly on the surface. If liquid collects around the edges, wipe it up immediately.  Warning: The screen is made of specially coated glass and can be scratched or damaged by abrasive or ammonia-based glass cleaners.

18 © 2005 Gateway, Inc. The End

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