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ECE 371 Unit 13 - Part 1 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

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1 ECE 371 Unit 13 - Part 1 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

2 Serial Peripheral Interface Synchronous Serial Interface Widely used to interface Peripheral Chips with Microcontrollers Much faster bit rate than asynchronous SCI method.

3 SPI system consist of one Master Device and one or more Slave Devices Master Device sends out a Serial Shift Clock signal (SCK) to all slaves, to serve as timing reference for the serial data transfer. No Start Bits or Stop Bits as used in SCI (asynchronous serial I/O method)

4 3 SPI Channels on MC9S12Dp256B Microcontroller 4 Pins Associated with Each SPI Channel - MISO (Serial input data for a Master, serial output data for a Slave) - MOSI ((Serial output data for a Master, serial input data for a Slave) - SCK (Serial data clock) - SS (Slave select; for a system with a single slave, SS = 0 selects the Slave and SS = 1 selects the Master.

5 Master/Slave SPI Interface


7 Parallel-to-Serial and Serial to Parallel-to-Serial Registers are needed to interface a peripheral device to the microcontroller using the SPI protocol. 74HC 595 - Serial-to-Parallel Converter Register - Serial Input - Parallel Output - (Also serial output) 74HC 597 - Parallel-to Serial Converter Register - Parallel Input - Serial Output - (Also Serial Input)

8 74HC595 8-bit Shift Register (Serial to parallel converter) Serial input Parallel output Serial output

9 74HC595 8-bit Shift Register and 8-bit Storage Serial input Parallel Output Serial Output

10 SPI Connections between the Microcontroller and a 74HC595 Register to implement an Output Port MOSI DS (Serial Data Input for 74HC595) SCK SH_CP (“Shift” Clock Pulse) SS ST_CP (Store Shift Register Data into Latch) OE = “0” (Enable Latch Output Bus Drivers) MR = “1” -- (Master Reset not active) Microcontroller signal74HC595 pin

11 D7D6D5D4D3D2D1D0 MOSI – Shifted into Shift Register SCLK SYNC or SS Clock Latches 74HC595 8-bit Shift Register with Output Latches

12 SYNC PULSE Transfer Shift Register Data to Data Latches when SYNC Pulse occurs Set Flag to Signal that there is Received Data in Data Latches Shift Data into Shift Register Shift Data into Shift Register SPI Overview

13 Slave – 74HC595

14 Serial Data Out SS SCLK Load Reset Serial Data In 74HC597 – 8 bit Parallel In Serial Out Parallel Input

15 SP Slave – 74HC597 LCLK = Load Parallel FF

16 SPI1 and SPI2 can be implemented on Port P or Port H SPI1 signals If MODRR[5]=0 SPI2 signals If MODRR[6]=0 SPI1 signals If MODRR[5]=1 SPI2 signals If MODRR[6]=1

17 SPI0 can be implemented on Port M or Port S SPI0 signals if MODRR[4]=0 SPI0 signals if MODRR[4]=1

18 Module Routing Register

19 SPI Channel 0 Routing

20 SPI Channel 1 and 2 Routing Use MODRR[5] = 0 and MODRR[6] = 0

21 SPI Channel 1 If SPI pin is output, then DDRx must set pin as out. SPI1 uses Port P on our System: –PP0 – MISO1 – In –PP1 – MOSI1 – Out –PP2 – SCK1 – Out –PP3 - SS1 – Out

22 SPI Register Designations SPI1CR1, SPI1CR2, SPI1SR, SPI1DR, SPI1BR, DDRM, PTM, DDRP, PTP Laboratory –Port M is Used to Select 1 of 8 SPI Serial Devices on Project Board –Port S Shares Pins with SPI Channel 0

23 Project Board Laboratory 8 SPI Devices on Project Board Port M [6:4] Selects SPI Device –PM[4] = SS0 –PM[5] = SS1 –PM[6] = SS2 D/A Converter is Device 5, (SS2 SS1 SS0 = 1 0 1) SPI Slaves Implemented with 74HC595

24 Slave Selection – 8 Slaves on Project Board PM[4] => SS0 PM[5] => SS1 PM[6] => SS2 SS = PP[3] SS => S5 SER_DIS = “1” Connected to gnd by jumper

25 SPI Channel 1 – SPI1 Port P[0] = MISO Port P[1] = MOSI Port P[2] = SCK Port P[3] = SS

26 SPI Channel 1 Definitions #define SPI1CR1 _P(0xF0) #define SPI1CR2 _P(0xF1) #define SPI1BR _P(0xF2) #define SPI1SR _P(0xF3) #define SPI1DR _P(0xF5)

27 SPI Data Register

28 SPI Baud Rate Register Baud = BusClock/BaudRateDivisor = 2000000/BaudRateDivisor



31 SPI Control Register 1



34 SPI Control Register 2





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