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79 th Grand Conclave Report July 8 – 16, 2014 Philadelphia, PA Upsilon Nu Delegates William Hill Karlos Johnson Robert Lester Gregory Parham Freager Sanders.

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1 79 th Grand Conclave Report July 8 – 16, 2014 Philadelphia, PA Upsilon Nu Delegates William Hill Karlos Johnson Robert Lester Gregory Parham Freager Sanders Cecil Shorte Jeffery Tarpley Solomon Wilson

2 High Level Schedule of Events Friday, July 11 – Golf Tournament, Career Fair, Service Projects, Youth Leadership Conference Saturday, July 12 – Career / Health Fair, Social Action Project, Multiple International Committee Meetings & Step Show Sunday, July 13 – OLMF Meeting, Memorial Service, Talent Hunt, Multiple International Committee Meetings Monday, July 14 - Plenary Sessions I & II & District Caucuses Tuesday, July 15 – Service Awards Breakfast, Plenary Sessions III & IV, Undergraduate Luncheon, Voting & Founders Banquet Wednesday, July 16 – 25 & 75 Year Awards Breakfast, Formal Closing and Supreme Council Meeting

3 Saturday, July 12 Social Action Projects  Suit Drive  Books Through Bars  Career Fair Training  MSP & Anti Violence  Chapter Advisors Training Step Show Results  First Place – Pi Chapter  Second Place -XXXX  Third Place –Nu Psi Chapter

4 Sunday, July 13 Social Action Projects  Suit Drive  Career Fair Talent Hunt Results  Demonstration Only Event  3 rd District Performer Ms. Stefany R. Spencer

5 Monday, July 14 & Tuesday, July 15 - Decisions on Recommendations from Plenary Sessions  A payment plan for the current insurance debt (premium and deductible) was approved / Subject plan will maintain current chapter insurance assessment at $600.00 / increase International dues by $25.00, and increase New Initiate Fees by $160.00.  Vote on whether Omega's properties will be submitted to the Smithsonian passed by a 93-7% margin.  2016 (80th) Grand Conclave in Las Vegas July 21-28, 2016  Recommendation passed to raise the International dues from $100.00 to $125.00 ( 70- 30%)  The proposed changes to the Fraternity's Ritual failed. (45-55%)  Action on some of the recommendations presented include: One Man, One Vote – Failed (29-71%) Rectification – Failed Membership Eligibility (1.5 Years and GPA Minimum at Current School) – Failed Standing HR Committee – Passed Biennial Advisors Training – Failed Stop The Violence Committee as a Standing Committee – Passed Membership Eligibility (Minimum Graduate GPA) – Failed Service Awards (Starting at 25 Years, 5-Year Increments) – Passed OPPF divestiture from all commercial banks and investment in the Omega Federal Credit Union failed by a (19-81%)

6 Decisions on Recommendations (cont.)  Graduate MSP recommendation requires two (2) letters from financial members, who must be financial for immediately two years and a third letter from the community at large  Existing Brothers will be removed from the rolls if not-financial for 5 years

7 Election Results  Grand Basilus: Bro. Antonio Knox, 6th District  1st Vice Grand Basilus: Bro. David Marion, PhD, 7th District  2nd Vice Grand Basilus: Bro. Anthony Kadri, 7th District  Grand KRS: Bro. Kenneth Rodgers, 2nd District-won in runoff: 640 to 526  Grand KF: Bro. Kelly Shannon, current GKF, 12th District  Grand Counselor: Bro. D. Michael Lyles, 2nd District

8 Tuesday, July 15 - Undergrad Luncheon Awards International Graduate Chapter Social Actions Award Lambda Xi, Seoul, South Korea International Citizen of the Year Tracee & Sabrina Martin (Parents of Trayvon Martin) Founders Award Brother Amos C. Townsend, Alpha Omega Chapter, 3 rd District International Undergraduate Chapter of the Year Eta Delta Delta Chapter (George Mason University) 2012-2013 International Undergraduate Chapter of the Year Alpha Delta Rho – (Southern Polytechnic State University) 2014-2015 Col. Charles Young Military Leadership Award Col. Michael Boykin, Iota Iota, 6 th District International Graduate Chapter of the Year Lambda Xi, Seoul, South Korea

9 Tuesday, July 15 - Undergraduate Luncheon Scholarship Recipients Founder’s Memorial Award (Grad) Bro. Carl Bampoe-Parry, Made Tau Zeta, Rutgers Univ. (2 nd D), Founder’s Memorial Award (U/G): Bro. Delreco Bonaby, Made Pi Xi, College of the Bahamas (13 th D). U/G Grant Bro. Eban A. Rolle, Made at Theta Rho, currently (Sr.) Chi Mu Mu in the United Kingdom. Graduate Grant: Bro. William Parker, Made Tau Epsilon (Texas Southern) currently Rho Beta Beta in Houston, TX, Grand Basilus Award Bro. Joseph Robins, Beta Sigma, (Sr.), Southern Univ. Dr. W. Montague Cobb Medical Scholar Award Bro. Arthur B. Boyd III, Pi Psi, now with Sigma Xi Champaign, ILL. George E. Mears Memorial Scholar Bro. Daniel Harris, Made Delta Theta, Georgetown Univ., currently with Alpha Omega Chapter H. Carl Moultrie I Legal Scholar Award Bro. Carlton L. Rainer, Psi Alpha Alpha, Fairfax County, VA. Dr. Ronald McNair Scientific Award: Bro. Alan M. King II, Zeta Theta, Georgia State Univ.

10 Tuesday, July 15 - Undergraduate Luncheon Scholarship Recipients  1 st D: Bro. Brandon Theodore Woods, Rho Epsilon (Jr), University of Bridgeport, Conn., Pursuing BS Psychology GPA: 3.4.  2 nd D: Bro. Federico Ghelli, Made Zeta Iota Iota (Jr) currently at Beta, Lincoln Univ., Mass Communication Major with a minor in Spanish, GPA: 3.93  3 rd D: Bro. Wayne Edward Pollard III, (Jr) made at The Mother Pearl – Alpha Chapter, March 8, 2013, Political Science Major, has a cum GPA of 3.92.  4 th D: Bro. Brandon M. Billups, (Jr) Made, Eta Gamma, Central State Univ., Wilberforce, Ohio. Pursing a BA degree in Communications GPA 3.38  5 th D: Bro. Isaiah J. Marcano, (Sr.) Made Theta Beta, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, TN., GPA 3.60 in Luzo-Brazillian and International Studies  6 th D; Bro. Kenneth W. White, Jr.  7 th D: Bro. Joseph W. Pough, (Jr), Rho Gamma, Stillman College, AL., GPA 3.84 in Biology/Pre- Med  8 th D: Bro. Jonathon Coleman  9 th D: Bro. Eugene DeLoach, (Jr.), made Phi Psi, Langston Univ. OK GPA: 4.0 in Biology  10 th D: Bro. Anthony J. Williams, Jr., ( Jr), made Tau Kappa Kappa, now with Chi Gamma, University of Detroit  12 th D: Bro. Brian J. Bulaya, (Sr.), Phi Lambda, Cal St Polytechnic Univ at Pomona.  13 th D: Bro. Taty Milonga, Alpha Delta Xi, (Jr.) Carleton Univ., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree

11 Undergraduate Representatives  Darnell Jones, - University of DC, 3rd District (Fall 2013)  Leon Spencer, - Texas Southern University, 9th District (Dec 2013)  William Matthews, Psi Psi - Kentucky State, 5th District (May 2014)

12 Omega Life Membership Foundation Brother Lewis J. Sears, Ph. D. - Chairman of the Omega Life Membership Foundation OLMF 2014 Total Assets - $3,607,004.60 Total Expenses - $376,744

13 Delegate Expenses Report Lodging Estimated Cost $ 1600.00 Conclave Registration Cost $ 2765.00

14 Talent Hunt Demonstration  The Talent Hunt was for Demonstration Only  The twelve winners of our district competitions was present and each presented with $1,000 check, certificate and medallion.  Founder/Chairman Universal Companies and  Honorary 67 th International Talent Hunt Chairman Mr. Kenneth Gamble was present  Talent Hunt Demonstration 2014 DVD available for $25. Order Form provided upon request

15 Memorial Service  Praise and Worship - Ezion Fair Baptist Church Praise Team, Wilmington Delaware  Worship Leader – Brother, Dr. Gerald Folsom – 2 nd District Chaplain  Invocation – Brother David Reilford – 4 th District Chaplain  Message of Hope – Brother Christopher T. Curry, Ph. D.D.Min. Grand Chaplain

16 Upsilon Nu Delegates

17 Delegates in Action Brothers Clark, Parham, and Mrs. Parham Welcome to the Conclave! Brothers Hill and Tarpley Brothers Tarpley, Wilson, and C. Moses Norman Brothers Hill, Sanders and, Grand Basileus Elect Antonio Knox

18 Upsilon Nu Delegates

19 Recommendations To The Chapter  Work closely with Undergraduate chapters  Return of Spirituality to our organization  Chapters send all delegates to Grand Conclaves, Leadership Conferences and District Meetings

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