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District Information Submitted by: The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma Spring 2013.

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1 District Information Submitted by: The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma Spring 2013

2 How many Districts are there? There are 7 districts within the National Chapter. Midwest North Central Northeast Southeast SOUTHWEST :) Western International SW West Midwest SE NC NE

3 Southwest District New Mexico Arkansas Louisiana TEXAS Oklahoma

4 Southwest District Chapters/Schools Alpha – Oklahoma State (Stillwater, OK) 1946 Beta – Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX) 1946 Delta – University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK) 1946 Iota – Baylor University (Waco, TX) 1948 Xi – West Texas A&M (Canyon, TX) 1949 Tau – University of Houston (Houston, TX) 1950 Psi – University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AK) 1950 Alpha Omicron – SHSU (Huntsville, TX) 1952 Alpha Upsilon – Lamar University (Beaumont, TX) 1954

5 Southwest District Chapters/Schools Beta Gamma – University of Texas (Austin, TX) 1957 Beta Delta – TCU (Fort Worth, TX) 1957 Beta Zeta – SFA (Nacogdoches, TX) 1957 Beta Nu – Arkansas Tech University (Russellville, AK) 1958 Beta Omicron – Texas Southern University (Houston, TX) 2002 Gamma Nu – UT Arlington (Arlington, TX) 1965 Gamma Xi – Arkansas State University (Jonesboro, AK) 1965 Gamma Omicron – Southern Arkansas University (Magnolia, AK) 2001 Gamma Tau – University of Central Arkansas (Conway, AK) 1967

6 Southwest District Chapters/Schools Gamma Phi – Southwestern OK State University (Weatherford, OK) 1968 Delta Alpha – Langston University (Langston, OK) 1999 Delta Eta – TX A&M University, Kingsville (Kingsville, TX) 1970 Delta Pi – University of AK, Pine Bluff (Pine Bluff, AK) 1970 Delta Sigma – University of LA, Monroe (Monroe, LA) 1970 Delta Tau – Angelo State University (San Angelo, TX) 1971 Delta Upsilon – Howard Payne University (Brownwood, TX) 1971 Delta Phi – Texas Lutheran University (Seguin, TX) 1971 Epsilon Beta – Texas A&M University Commerce (Commerce, TX) 1972

7 Southwest District Chapters/Schools Epsilon Eta – Tyler Junior College (Tyler, TX) 2006 Epsilon Psi – Prairie View A&M (Prairie View, TX) 1976 Zeta Mu – Grambling State University (Grambling, LA) 1978 Zeta Phi – LA Tech University (Ruston, LA) 1982 Eta Epsilon – TX State University (San Marcos, TX) 1984 Eta Nu – Tarleton State University (Stephenville, TX) 1986 Eta Pi – Northwestern State University LA (Natchitoches, LA) 1987 Theta Beta – Ouachita Baptist University (Arkadelphia, AK) 1988 Theta Theta – Henderson State University (Arkadelphia, AK) 1990 Iota Beta – East TX Baptist University (Marshall, TX) 2003 Iota Tau – UTSA (San Antonio, TX)

8 District Convention District Convention is held every year During the Spring Semester

9 District committees Nominations Interview candidates for district office and determine a “slate” Slate – a recommendation to the district on who to vote for district office. Convention Site (joint w/KKPsi) Interviews chapters bidding for District Convention and determines a slate for where convention should be. Credentials Recognizes important individuals in attendance and also determines the Chapter Percentage and the Chapter Distance Award.

10 District committees cont… Spirit and Sisterhood Deliberates on the recipients of Beta Turtle, Sigma Turtle, and Tau’s Book of Spirit and meets with the current recipients of Tau to determine the next recipient. Colonization and Membership Discusses membership and colonization programs in the district and determines what the VP of Membership should do for the next year. History and Traditions Determines historical information to put in to archives for the previous year. Discuss favorite traditions of the district and come up with ideas to implement over the next year.

11 District committees cont. JACME “Joint Action Committee on Music Education” (joint w/KKPsi) Determine where the District Funds for Support of Music Education go and discuss ways for our organization to support Music Education. Jurisdiction and Finance Updates the District Constitution and the District Budget. Publications (joint w/KKpsi) Interviews the chapters bidding to host the New Alto and determines a slate.

12 District Events District Day (Summer) District “Hang Out” Day Usually the day before CLC and planned by the Alumni of the District. Chapter Leadership Conference (Summer) An event planned by the District Officers to help new Chapter Officers plan for the year. District Area Workshops (Spring) 7 Area Workshops are held during the Spring semester to help further educate Chapters on matters concerning the Sorority. District Convention (Spring) District Convention is held every year during the Spring Semester to conduct district business and hold workshops and activities for district members.

13 New Alto The Southwest Publication is the New Alto. It is publicized every Fall/Spring of each year and printed online at Chat room, blogs, and live feeds of District and National convention are available on this website.

14 District Programs Chapter Buddies Candidate Awards Candidate Chats Support Days for PMA, SAI, and MPE District Awards

15 Chapter Distance Award Calculated by the number of members and the number of miles that they traveled to District Convention. Delegate Distance Award Recognizes the delegate that traveled the farthest as the only active in their chapter in attendance at District Convention. Chapter Percentage Award Chapter with the highest number of Active members in attendance at District Convention. Chapter Buddy Award Recognizes a chapter buddy pair with outstanding use of the chapter buddy system Best Scrapbook Best Freestanding Display (joint w/KKPsi)

16 District awards continued… Best Tabletop Display (joint w/KKPsi) Best Overall Display (joint w/KKPsi) Outstanding Service to Music Education (chapter) The Chapter that displays the most dedication to the Music Education field outside of their school. Most Improved Chapter Dorothy Allen Nichols Award (Outstanding Chapter below 21 members) Patsy D. Hejl Award (Outstanding Chapter 21 members and above) Christina Gordon Scholarship of Excellence Awarded to a member of Tau Beta Sigma in honor of our former District Counselor. It is a $200 scholarships and applications are available online.

17 District awards continued… Spirit of Sisterhood Award – Sigma Turtle (20 members and below) Spirit of Sisterhood Award – Beta Turtle (21 members and above) Tau Turtle (most spirited chapter) Tau’s Book of Spirit (School Spirit) Candidate of the Month Candidate Class of the Month

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