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1 Catcher in the Rye Modified by: Laura Parsons.

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1 1 Catcher in the Rye Modified by: Laura Parsons

2 2 Holden Caulfield is seventeen years old. 17

3 3 He tells this story from a mental hospital in southern California. Californiamental hospital

4 4 He tells about events that took place over 2 days during the previous December. December2 days

5 5 He first tells about his older brother, D.B. who used to be a “terrific” short-story writer. was a story writer His older brother, D.B

6 6 His brother now writes scripts in nearby Hollywood. in Hollywood now writes scripts

7 7 Holden begins his story at a private school in Pennsylvania called Pencey Prep. Pencey PrepPennsylvania

8 8 It is a Saturday afternoon on the day of the football game against rival school, Saxon Hall. Football gameSaturday afternoon

9 9 Holden is manager of the school’s fencing team. Fancing teammanager

10 10 He lost the team’s equipment on the subway that morning so he misses the game. The team’s equipment He lost

11 11 Their fencing match in New York was cancelled. Was cancelled New York fencing match

12 12 Holden goes to his history teacher’s, Mr. Spencer’s, home to say good-bye. houseHistory teacher, Mr. Spencer’s

13 13 Holden got expelled and is not to return after Christmas, which begins Wednesday.

14 14 Mr. Spencer talks a lot but means well. Talks a lotMr. Spencer

15 15 Holden is able to escape back to his dorm. escapes to his dormHolden

16 16 A dorm neighbor, Ackley, disturbs him first. disturbs himA dorm neighbor

17 17 Then he argues with his roommate, Stradlater. with his roommateHe argues

18 18 Stradlater has just returned from a date with Holden’s old friend, Jane Gallagher. With Holden’s friend He had a date

19 19 Stradlater wins the fight very easily. the fightStradlater won

20 20 Holden has had enough of Pencey Prep and catches a train to New York City. to New York CityHolden catches a train

21 21 He plans to stay in a hotel until Wednesday, when Christmas break begins, and then return home. until WednesdayStay at a hotel

22 22 On his way to New York City, Holden meets the mother of a classmate. The Mother of a classmate He meets

23 23 He lies to the mother and tells her how popular her son, the “rat” is. To the mother of his classmate

24 24 Holden gets a hotel room in Manhattan. in Manhattan He gets a hotel room

25 25 His room faces another wing of the hotel.

26 26 He observes assorted behaviors by “perverts” that are staying in the hotel. strange behaviorsHolden observes

27 27 Holden begins to struggle with his own sexuality.

28 28 In the hotel lobby, Holden meets three women in their thirties who are tourists from Seattle. from SeattleThree women

29 29 He dances with one of the women and ends up paying the bill for all of them. and pays the billHolden dances

30 30 Holden met other women at “Ernie’s” nightclub in Greenwich Village. other women

31 31 One of the women he met came back to his hotel room but he paid her to leave. One woman went with him

32 32 The girl’s friend, Maurice, goes back to Holden’s hotel room and beats him up for more money. beats Holden up

33 33 Holden finally goes to sleep for just a short time on Sunday morning.

34 34 When he wakes up he calls his friend, Sally Hayes, and asks her to go to a play with him.

35 35 After that, he leaves his hotel room and checks his luggage at Grand Central Station.

36 36 While he is waiting to meet Sally, he eats breakfast. While he is waiting

37 37 Then he meets two nuns and discusses the book “Romeo and Juliet” with one of them. He meets two nuns

38 38 After that he looks for the record, “Little Shirley Beans”, for his 10-year-old sister.

39 39 Holden finally meets with Sally whom he knows is “phony” and snobbish.

40 40 They watch a play that features married broadway stars, Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.

41 41 Next Sally and Holden skate at Radio City. At Radio CityThey skate

42 42 Holden tries to discuss things that matter to him and they get in a fight.

43 43 Holden suggests that they run off together. They run off together

44 44 Instead, Holden leaves Sally and sees the show at Radio City Music Hall. Sees a show at Radio City Music Hall

45 45 Next he sees a movie and drinks a lot of alcohol. /

46 46 He continues to worry about the ducks in the lagoon at Central Park.

47 47 He is not able to find the ducks at the park but tries really hard.

48 48 Holden is exhausted and decides to head home to see his sister, Phoebe.

49 49 Holden and Phoebe are friends as well as siblings.

50 50 He tells her that he would like to be the “catcher in the rye”.

51 51 He would like to stand near edge of the cliff of the field of rye and catch the children who come close to falling off.

52 52 Holden’s parents return home after a late night out and don’t even see him.,ca...

53 53 So, he leaves the apartment and visits one of his favorite teachers, Mr. Antolini.

54 54 Although he hopes to stay there a few days, he leaves after waking to Mr. Antolini patting him on the head.

55 55 On Monday morning, Holden meets Phoebe for lunch.

56 56 He plans to tell her “good bye” and move to the west to live as a deaf mute.

57 57 Phoebe insists on going with him so he decides to stay.

58 58 In the end, Phoebe is riding a carousel in the rain as Holden is watching.

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