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Catcher in The Rye Chapters 23 - 26.

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1 Catcher in The Rye Chapters

2 Chapter 24 Holden visits Mr Antolini
They have a long conversation - about? Holden comments on Mr Antolini’s drinking several times – Why? Makes his actions / conversation seem less reliable Identify the similarities between this conversation and the one with Mr Spencer Mr Antolini is concerned for Holden and his future Is a family friend Evidence– refers to lunch with his father He asks him about why he has been thrown out

3 Chapter 24 Holden ‘tunes out’ is polite but thinking about other things during conversation – Evidence? Mr Antolini writes down the quote for Holden Holden shows more physical signs of being unwell – list them Feeling dizzy Headache Stomach –ache Couldn’t concentrate tired

4 Chapter 24 Mr Antolini makes up a bed for Holden on the sofa
Holden wakes to find Mr Antolini touching his hair / patting him on the head and freaks, leaving the flat Consider the two ways Mr Antolini’s actions could be interpreted Which side do you believe? How does this affect Holden?

5 Chapter 25 Holden feels really ill physically
Begins to wonder if he misinterpreted Mr Antolini’s actions Goes to Grand Central to sleep in waiting room Goes for breakfast but can’t eat Surrounded by ‘Christmas’ –What effect does this have on Holden?

6 Chapter 25 Find evidence to show this (pg 178)
Walking up ‘Fifth Avenue’ Holden starts to have a breakdown Find evidence to show this (pg 178) Quote to show he feels he is disappearing Quote to show speaking to Allie Think about why he is speaking to Allie Decides to leave town, move ‘out west’ but to go give Phoebe her money back first When did Holden decide this previously? What do these ideas signify? His need to escape – he runs frequently in the novel – identify other instances of this

7 Chapter 25 Holden decides to go to Phoebe’s school – leaves a note to meet her at the museum Is sweating / feels like he’s going to be sick / See graffiti on the wall – How does this affect him? Why? The part of him that wants to protect the young and innocent Holden goes into the museum, but doesn’t find peace – only more graffiti / passes out Phoebe meets him with a suitcase

8 Chapter 25 What does this make Holden realise? Why?
Phoebe walks off, refusing to talk to Holden He goes to the zoo confident she’ll follow He offers to pay for her to have a ride on the carousel ‘The thing with kids is, if they want to grab for the gold ring, you have to let them do it, and not say anything. If they fall off, they fall off, but it’s bad if you say anything to them.’ (pg 190) What is the significance of references to ‘the ring’ and the carousel? (the ring is the circle hanging in the middle of the carousel) What is Holden showing that he has realised at this point?

9 Chapter 25 The idea that he can protect everyone, that kids can be protected from every knock / growing up is unrealistic What is the significance of Phoebe giving Holden his hunting hat back? How does Holden feel at this moment? Why is he sitting in the rain crying? Why do you think he feels this way?

10 Chapter 26 Holden tells us he has told us all he wants to
He is back where we met him, in his hospital How does Holden respond to going back to school? What does this tell us about him? He’s not really well / dealt with his emotions / learnt to deal with things differently Still not allowing himself to feel positive emotions, but doesn’t hate

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