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Review Game. 1. Holden took this date to the show with the Lunts. a) Jane b) Sally c) Phoebe d) Allie.

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1 Review Game

2 1. Holden took this date to the show with the Lunts. a) Jane b) Sally c) Phoebe d) Allie


4 2. Pimply and with bad breath, he invited himself into Holden’s room frequently. a. D.B. b. Luce c. Ackley d. Stradlater


6 3. Holden’s younger brother who died of Leukemia a. Allie b. D.B. c. Stradlater d. Castle


8 4. The Columbia student who advises Holden to see a psychoanalyst a. Mr. Antolini b. Jane c. James Castle d. Carl Luce


10 5. The friend with whom Holden doesn’t trust Stadlater. a. Jane b. Ackley c. Phoebe d. Sally


12 6. Holden’s brother, a writer in Hollywood a. Spencer b. D.B. c. Allie d. Ackley


14 7. The boy who jumped out a window rather than take back what he said about someone a. Carl Luce b. Robert Ackley c. Holden Caulfield d. James Castle


16 8. The teacher who horrifies Holden by patting him on the head one night. a. Mr. Antolini b. Mr. Spencer c. Mr. Thrurman d. Maurice


18 9. Holden’s younger sister a. Allie b. Phoebe c. Sunny d. Jane


20 10. Holden’s teacher who flunked him but wished him best of luck a. Mr. Thurman b. Mr. Antolini c. Mr. Spencer d. Carl Luce


22 11. Holden is telling the story from a. a hotel in New York City b. a psychiatric center in California c. a prep school in Pennsylvania d. a state mental hospital in England


24 12. Holden bought a red hat because a. he likes to hunt b. he wanted to give it to his sister c. he likes the way he looks in it d. he needed to replace the one that was stolen


26 13. Holden has been a friend to him, but he turns a deaf ear when Holden needs a friend and a place to sleep. a. Mr. Antolini b. Ackley c. Stradlater d. James Castle


28 14. Which of these does not describe Stradlater? a. handsome b. messy c. sensitive d. narcissistic


30 15. Holden takes out the catcher’s mitt because he plans to a. show it to Ackley b. use it to play ball with the kid down the hall c. memorize the poems on it d. write a composition about it


32 16. When Holden finds out that Stradlater is dating Jane, Holden feels mainly a. angry with Jane b. mistrustful of Stradlater c. bored by the news d. relieved that Jane has found someone


34 17. Like Phoebe, Allie a. was always in trouble at school b. seldom laughed c. often got mad d. had red hair


36 18. When Holden realizes that the woman on the train is the mother of a classmate, he a. stops talking to her b. lies to her about all of the trouble her son has been in c. tells her honestly how little her liked her son d. lies to her about how well her son is doing


38 19. Holden stays at the hotel because he a. enjoys watching perverts b. knows his parents wouldn’t allow him to come home c. is planning to meet Sally there d. doesn’t want to face his parents yet


40 20. After Holden checks into his room at the Edmont Hotel, what does he see out of his window? a. A parade b. A flock of ducks flying away from the Central Park lagoon c. A variety of bizarre sex acts going on in other rooms of the hotel d. Jane Gallagher fooling around with Stradlater


42 21. When Holden calls the Burlesque stripper, a. she tells him to get lost b. she kindly tells him he is too young c. he says he can’t meet her another night d. he confirms their meeting at midnight


44 22. Holden kissed Jane a. once when she cried b. once after her date with Stradlater c. often when they play checkers d. often when they drove around in cabs


46 23. Holden often wants to know where the ducks go a. during hunting season b. when the lagoon freezes c. when summer storms blow d. when parking lots are built


48 24. Holden brags his “terrific capacity” for a. fighting b. drinking c. attracting women d. athleticism


50 25. Holden gives ____ $10 a. The nuns b. Phoebe c. Sunny d. Sally


52 26. Holden gets this gift for Phoebe but breaks it a. a record b. a mirror c. a vase d. a snowglobe


54 27. Sally and Holden become tense after Sally refuses to a. kiss him b. go away with him c. go to the snow d. go skating


56 28. When Phoebe asks what Holden would like to be, he says a. a lawyer b. a writer c. he wants to save the children d. a dream -chaser


58 29. Holden fantasizes about pretending to be a. a deaf mute b. a famous actor c. a murdered d. a ghost


60 30. Holden feels happy at the end as he watches Phoebe a. unpack her suitcase b. return to school c. visit the mummies d. ride the carrousel


62 31. The author of this novel is a. Arthur Miller b. William Shakespeare c. J.D. Salinger d. Mark David Chapman


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