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The Early Generations 1 through 5 ExitNext Slide.

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2 The Early Generations 1 through 5 ExitNext Slide

3 This presentation covers the forefathers of the Long Island Randalls for whom only written records are available. This period starts with John and Elizabeth Randall (Generation 1), the first Randalls to arrive in America. It extends through Samuel Randall and his son, Stephen, the first Randalls to settle on Long Island. It ends with the children of Stephen and Elizabeth Randall (Generations 4 and 5), from whom all succeeding LI Randalls are descendant. Next SlidePrev. SlideExit

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5 John Randall, Gen. 1 When John and Elizabeth came to America from Bath, England, sometime before 1667, they brought with them an infant son, John, Jr. In the New World, they sired 3 additional sons, including Stephen Randall, the ascendant of all Long Island Randalls. They first settled in Stonington, CT, but later moved to neighboring Westerly, RI. At the time, there were only 30 white settlers in Westerly. John and his children are well loved and recognized as founding fathers in these two towns. From 1669 through 1670, John was listed as Deputy to the Rhode Island Assembly. John was a farmer and so was naturally interested in acquiring land. Though a citizen of Westerly, it is recorded that he bought 300 acres of land in Stonington from Thomas Bell in 1670. A portion of this land remained in possession of the Randall family until 1878. Next SlidePrev. SlideExit

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7 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit John Randall, Jr. Gen. 2 John Randall, Jr. is not a direct ascendant of the Long Island Randalls but is included here nontheless. He is worth mentioning, because he built many structures that are still standing today. Included in these structures are his home in Stonington, CT and a family cemetery on same grounds. Rumors persist to this day that the ghost of John, Jr. wanders through the old house. The following article from the Stonington Times describes the home, in case you would like to visit.

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13 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Stephen Randall, Gen. 2 Stephen Randall was born in 1668 at Newport, RI and lived in Stonington, CT. He was a farmer and merchant. He married Abigail Sabin on 24 Dec. 1697 at Rehoboth, RI, daughter of Joseph and Waitsill (Snow) Sabin. Abigail was born 16 August 1678 there. Stephen and 33 others bought 5,300 acres of vacant lands in Narragansett on 2 October 1711, which had been ordered sold by the Rhode Island General Assembly. Stephen died about 1740 in Stonington.

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15 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Samuel Randall, Gen. 3 Founder of the Randalls of Ridge, Long Island, New York Samuel Randall was born at Westerly, RI and is believed to have died 1785 in New York City. Samuel lived in Stonington, CT where he married Joanna Kaiser. She died there in 1737 before Samuel moved to Ridge, Long Island. Samuel moved to Ridge in 1738, when his only son, Stephen, was two years old. Samuel founded this branch of the family that became so active in all phases of civil and political life throughout both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, LI, NY. Samuel had a thirst for “broad acres”, a weakness for land which has been inherited by many of his descendants. As early as 1738, he began to purchase land.

16 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit This tract, known as the Wading River Great Lots, was unbroken wild land about seven miles long and four miles wide. The part of it purchased by Samuel Randall was several thousand acres in extent, and lay in the midst of a wild expanse between Middle Island and Wading River. Much of it is an elevated plateau from which circumstance it was named “THE RIDGE.” Samuel was a farmer and land investor. He bought additional property in Ridge in 1741 and in 1750. He later married Miss Elizabeth Mary Jennings of North Sea, Long Island and moved back to Stonington for a time. He also lived in New York City.

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18 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Stephen Randall, Gen. 4 Stephen was born in Stonington, CT, and died in Ridge, LI, NY at 82. He married Elizabeth Swezey at Ridge who was born in Swezeytown, LI and died in Ridge at 87. Stephen and Elizabeth are buried at the Ridge Family Cemetery which was a part of the farm of John O. Randall and is on the site of the original lands of Stephen Randall. An interesting legend had been handed down regarding a means of communication known as the Whiskey Road. Stephen fell in love with his neighbor, Elizabeth Swezey, who lived about four miles to the west in Swezeytown. Passing to and fro, they thus made a road which was later made into a public highway.

19 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit The War of the Revolution broke out when Stephen was a young man. He cast his lot with the Continentals. Nearly all his neighbors, however, especially those in Wading River joined the British. He lived in a sparsely settled section on the main road between Wading River and the south side of Long Island, which was the road used by the British when they crossed over from Connecticut. The soldiers made it very uncomfortable for him using his barns for their horses, and feeding them on the best at hand. Stephen soon grew tired of this, and formed a company for home protection. They called themselves “The Minute Men,” and he was made commander. They did good service until Stephen was captured.

20 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Two soldiers were taking him to Halifax, when they stopped at a Tory’s house in Wading River, to get dinner. They left Stephen Randall bound in the kitchen with the Tory’s wife. While she was preparing dinner, she set him at liberty, telling him that she would not inform his captors for two or three hours. He hurried home, got his gun, dog and some warm clothing, and remained in hiding until peace was declared. “The Minute Men” then disbanded, but without notifying the Government, so thus do not appear as veterans. He was a patriot of the American Revolution and had signed the Association Papers at Brookhaven, LI on 16 May 1775. When his children in turn married and were ready to settle down, he had a farm for them. They found the village of Ridgeville. Prior to this time, Ridge was called RANDALLVILLE as practically all of the residents were Randalls.

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22 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Jeffrey was born and died in Ridge. Sarah Wallace was born in CT and died in Ridge, NY. In an old diary of that date was found a hint as to the esteem in which Sally must have been held by the people who attended her funeral which was held on 1 October 1809. There were so many in attendance that the services were held at the edge of the woods instead of in the church where it had been appointed. Jeffrey and Sally are buried in the Randall Family Cemetery, at Ridge. Jeffrey was a farmer in Ridge and a member of the Presbyterian Church, Middle Island, LI, NY. Jeffrey and Sally Randall, Gen. 5

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24 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Jeremiah and Rebecca Randall, Gen 5 Jeremiah was born and died in Ridge, Jeremiah was a farmer in Ridge and Presbyterian. Jeremiah and Rebecca are buried in the Randall Family Cemetery in Ridge.

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26 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit William and Phoebe Randall, Gen. 5 William was born and died in Ridge, LI. Phoebe Woodruff was born in Fireplace, LI which is now Bellport. Both William and Phoebe are buried in Union Cemetery, Middle Island, LI. William was a farmer in Ridge. He was a deacon and elder of the Presbyterian Church of Middle Island for nearly 40 years.

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28 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Betsey Randall and Robert Simmons Laws, Gen. 5 Betsy Randall was born in Ridge, LI and died in Yaphank, LI Robert Simmons Laws also died in Yaphank. He was an Englishman who came to this country as a young man and settled in Yaphank as a farmer. They were members of the Presbyterian Church in Middle Island where he was a deacon and elder.

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30 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Polly Randall was born in Ridge, LI. James Reeves was a farmer and Presbyterian. Polly Randall and James Reeves

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32 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit John Randall was born in Ridge, LI. He was a farmer in Ridge and Presbyterian. John Succeeded to the homestead of his father, Stephen, and there enlarged the borders of the clearing until he was surrounded by as fine a farm as there was in all the region. Both are buried in Union Cemetery, Middle Island, LI. John and Jerushah Randall, Gen. 5

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34 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Samuel Randall was born in Ridge, LI and died in Southampton, LI. He is buried at the North End Graveyard, Southampton, LI. Samuel was a farmer and Presbyterian. Samuel and Clarinda Randall

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36 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit James and Achsa Randall, Gen. 5 James Randall was born in Ridge, LI and died in New York City. He was a soldier in the Mexican War and later a merchant living in New York, NY.

37 Next SlidePrev. SlideExit Credits Biographical Text“A Randall Family of Long Island, New York”, Lanyon and Wells, published by Randall Association, Long Island Branch, Inc. (with minor editing) Music“Premontory” from the soundtrack of “Last of the Mohicans:

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