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Kindergarten Orientation Readiness Night Southampton School #1 June 16, 2014.

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1 Kindergarten Orientation Readiness Night Southampton School #1 June 16, 2014

2 Welcome and Introductions Mrs. Sharon Danfield – Principal Mrs. Leigh Ann Peter – RtI Teacher Mrs. Andrea Cundiff - Kindergarten Mrs. Sheila King – Kindergarten Mrs. Kim Musgnug – Kindergarten Mrs. Nola Tosti – Kindergarten

3 Kindergarten Readiness Skills Gross Motor Skills to Develop Walk in a straight line, run, hop, jump and march Alternate feet walking down the stairs, walk backward for five feet Stand on alternating feet for 5-10 seconds Throw a ball Build with blocks Dance or clap hands to rhythm Fine Motor Skills to Develop Cut and paste simple shapes Hold a pencil correctly to draw and write beginning shapes and letters Begin coloring within the lines Buttoning clothes, zipping jackets, tying shoes Work on simple, five piece puzzles

4 Kindergarten Readiness Skills Self-Awareness Skills to Develop Can name body parts such as legs, head, arms, parts of face, etc. Knows whether he/she is a boy/girl Can say first and last name when asked Can say parent(s)/guardian(s) name(s) Knows address/phone number/cell number Knows when to use a tissue Knows when and how to use the bathroom independently Washes hands independently Brushes teeth independently Cleans up after himself/herself Can carry a plate of food to the table Can dress himself/herself

5 Kindergarten Readiness Skills Social – Emotional Skills to Develop Expresses self verbally, joins in conversations with family and children Identifies other children by name Can be away from parents for a number of hours Looks forward to going to school Gets along with other children, shares Can maintain self-control, recognizes authority, ability to pay attention Follows simple directions, completes simple chores independently Can play or work independently for a short period of time Looks at the person speaking to him/her

6 Kindergarten Readiness Skills Beginning Math Skills to Practice Can recognize primary colors and simple shapes Counts 1-10 with one-to-one correspondence, Begins to write numbers 1-10 Recognizes numbers 1-10 out of order Can compare sets of objects to 10 to tell more/less Knows how old he/she is; knows birthday Can differ between opposites: big/little; over/under; up/down; front/back; night/day, etc.

7 Kindergarten Readiness Skills Beginning Reading Skills to Practice Is read to nightly and can answer questions about the story Can hold a book right-side up Can understand that print moves from top to bottom, left to right Can pretend to read, reads the pictures and remembers words from a printed page Can identify own first name in writing Can print own name with only beginning letter in capital form Can recognize letters of the alphabet Can recognize and produce sounds for the letters Can print letters of the alphabet (lowercase form) Can recognize rhyming words Can echo read sentence by sentence

8 Southampton School Kindergarten Readiness Night “Teachers and parents working together to ensure success for our children” Thank You for Attending and Welcome to Southampton School #1!

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