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Created by Sara Roberts, Executive Virtual Assistant

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1 Created by Sara Roberts, Executive Virtual Assistant

2 What is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant (or VA for short) is an Administrative Assistant in any field who performs his/her tasks over the internet, phone and by fax from his/her home office.

3 What does a VA do? A Virtual Assistant, much like your in house Administrative staff, will perform administrative support for your office. Duties can include, but are not limited to: Answering phones Checking/managing email Correspondence Appointment Setting Calendar Management Travel Arrangements Expense reporting

4 Other Services provided by The Millennial Housewife: Proofreading/editing documents including legal transcripts Website design Blog design/setup/ maintenance Social Media marketing The services listed on all slides are condensed for presentation. If there is a service you need, and you don’t see it on my list, contact me and we will do our best to provide that service for you.

5 What are the benefits of hiring a VA? Virtual Assistants are independent contractors, so they are responsible for their own taxes and benefits You only pay for services you need – you aren’t paying a person to sit at a desk all day. Eliminate the need for full or part time staff – A VA will only bill you for the hours they work. You no longer have to commit to a salary. You no longer have the overhead associated with in-house staff. THIS SAVES YOUR BUSINESS MONEY!!!

6 What else could you use a VA for? Most Virtual Assistants not only assist executives with their business, but they assist with their personal life as well. Here are a few ways a VA can help: Personal shopping Appointment setting/reservations Important Date reminders Bill paying Account management Help with household staff, such as housekeepers, etc. Internet research Personal travel planning Coordinate household services, such as moving, furniture delivery, grocery shopping, and so on….

7 Why hire The Millennial Housewife? I have had 12 years of experience in an office assisting high level executives. I have been working as a Virtual Assistant for the last three years, assisting high level executives from places such as New York, Seattle, and Denver. I have reasonable rates and will never make you pay for hours that you didn’t use. I will go above and beyond for my clients to make sure they are 100% satisfied with my services.

8 FAQ I have administrative support on-site already, how would a VA benefit my company? - A VA is available to jump in and assist your on-site staff. He/she can help with big projects or even the little ones that no one has time for. It’s like hiring a temp without the headaches of dealing with a temp agency – or the cost! Do I have to commit to a certain amount of hours each week/month? - Some VA’s do ask that you commit to a block of hours each month. I personally do not. I only bill you as I work for you.

9 FAQ con’t…. How do I choose a good VA? - This is a tough question. We all know that hiring a good support person is hard, whether it is in an office or virtually. My best advice is to check references! In the virtual world, it is hard to determine what is real and what isn’t. The best recommendations always come from current and past clients. What if this isn’t for me? Am I stuck after I hire one? - No, absolutely not! I offer my clients a two week notice to get out of any contract. No strings attached. No early out penalties – nothing.

10 Contact Me: Mobile: 641-218-9939 Fax: 866-515-9015 Email: Twitter: @hawkfan5@hawkfan5 LinkedIn: Sara RobertsSara Roberts Visit my website:

11 References: Mike Constant, Owner Always Media Aimee Higgins, VP Strategic Solutions Pandora Internet Radio Catherine Fenske, Life Coach Life without Intention Chris Nichols, Sales Manager Vermeer Corporation Doug Hundt, VP Vermeer Corporation

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