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Door Knocking; Prospecting & The Guaranteed Sale.

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1 Door Knocking; Prospecting & The Guaranteed Sale

2 Door Knocking Keys 1. Determine where & who to Knock: Expireds; Fsbos; Sheriff Sale; Clover Leafing Etc.

3 Door Knocking Keys 2. Knock on the Doors

4 Door Knocking Keys 3. Script: Expired Example: Hi My name is ____ with _____ I saw your home just expired & wanted to see when you will be interviewing the right agent to sell your home Response: I am not listing again; Hiring my current agent; not sure; etc I understand/Great ; are you familiar with our Guaranteed sale program- that if we do not sell your home in 68 days we will buy it? Response: no I am not; what Is the catch ; etc Well in the past 1 year we have sold over 400 homes in an average of just 37 days in this market! One of the big reasons for this is our Guaranteed Sale program which is part our 274 point Aggressive marketing program! When would be a good time to show you how we operate and how we can guarantee results? Response: How much will you buy my home for ? What is the catch? Sounds to good? Etc

5 Script Continued Well we developed the Guaranteed Sale Program to eliminate the biggest dilemma in real estate, what we call the Catch 22. The dilemma you run into when you own a home and want to buy another. If you buy the new home first you get stuck owning 2 homes, 2 mortgage payments, and taxes on 2 properties. Most people can not afford or qualify to take this risk. If you sell first you can get stuck rushing into a decision, being forced to rent, or move in with family. It is always a tough timing decision. What many people try to do is a contingent offer, but in this market most sellers do not want to take a contingent offer - so most people get stuck. So we developed our guaranteed sale program to take the risk off the buyer, to take the risk of the seller and put the risk on to us. because if we dont sell a home in 68 days we will buy it. Now I know the next questions is going to be how much will we buy your home for. In order for us to determine that the first step is we need to sit down, take a look at your home, and figure out the market value on your home. Are you available now or later today?

6 Door Knocking Keys 4. Something to Leave at House

7 Door Knocking Keys 5. Track Results X number of calls; X number of contacts X number of Appts X number of listings X number of closings

8 Door Knocking Keys 6. Follow up Call the next day. Continue to call until you get the sale or they tell you then are absolutely not doing anything no matter what Contacts 7-13 result in over 50% of contacts. Expireds- highest conversion in contact number 9 Email. Set up on automated email Send a package Stop back out with something of value

9 Prospecting on Phone 1.Determine who to call ie. Expireds; fsbos; buyer leads; internet leads; current & past clients; etc 2. Make the Calls : $1,870 per hour 3. Script 4. Email/Package to Send 5. Track Results 6. Follow up

10 Guaranteed Sale Program Utilize in Door Knocking Utilize in Prospecting Converting Buyer Leads Make the phone Ring Add to email signature & all of your marketing Notify your sphere of influence

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