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SEO From the ground up Andrew Beckman,

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1 SEO From the ground up Andrew Beckman, CEO @Andrew_Beckman | @Location3

2 Using Web Standards Valid HTML, CSS, etc. No need to download plug-in. Keep your issues less with Search Engine Spiders crawling your pages

3 1. Determine Keywords for indexing 2. Select keywords for each page 3. Research variations 4. Pull and compare data 5. Choose 2-4 keyword per page Strategy starts right away “coffee at home” “online college programs” “campus locations in Denver” “coffee in Denver”

4 Sample Keyword List Generic keywords Coffee Coffee shop Buy gourmet coffee online Buy coffee online Order coffee online Online coffee Online coffee shop Branded keywords Mile high coffee Mile high coffee coupon Mile high coffee co Mile high coffee house Mile high cafe Mile high coffee company Mile high coffee shop Mile high coffee web site Mile high coffee free Coffee mile high Geo-modified keywords Denver coffee Denver metro coffee Lodo coffee Denver highlands coffee coffee shop in capital hill Coffee shop in cherry creek Wash park coffee shop City park coffee company Misspelled keywords Mile hi coffee Mile high cofee Mile high coffe Mile High Coffee Company Fictitious coffee shop with six locations in the Denver Metro area: – LoDo- Highlands - Capital Hill - Washington Park - Cherry Creek - City Park

5 URLs Titles Meta Descriptions Meta Keywords Content Internal Linking How do I optimize my website?

6 Exact Match Domains

7 Attention Wizard, Web Analytics & Webmaster Tools Eye Tracking The value of web analytics is undeniable. Web analytics data >> customer intelligence >> actionable insights >> improve site performance >> increase donations/volunteers Webmaster Tools

8 Local Map Listings A Google search for “haircut San Diego” returns sponsored and map listing results.

9 Where does Google map listings come from? ISSUE: Basic information, not 100% accurate, no keywords or categories, no enhancements and listings are rarely seen

10 Enhance your business data

11 Maximize your listings Create trust by ensuring all business details (phone, address, etc.) are that of the actual location Make profile as robust as possible by adding videos, logos and coupons Create a keyword theme with the added content search-ranking-factors.shtml

12 Didn’t Get Enough? If you would like a copy of this presentation, please provide a business card or contact me: Andrew Beckman Email me: Ring me: 720.881.8519 Follow me: @Andrew_Beckman

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