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GSA: American Recovery & Reinvestment Act John Leatherman GSA R8 Regional Recovery Team.

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1 GSA: American Recovery & Reinvestment Act John Leatherman GSA R8 Regional Recovery Team

2 Presentation Overview Who is GSA? What does the Recovery Act mean to GSA? GSA’s perspective on trends, opportunities, and strategies during recovery. Snapshot of specific Recovery projects in Colorado. Recovery Act Resources –Tips on using FedBizOpps

3 Who is GSA? We provide workspaces, products and services for the federal community –Own/lease 8,600 properties –Provide workspaces for more than 1M federal workers

4 Rocky Mountain Region- Region 8

5 Recovery Act -How Projects were Selected Energy Savings Potential –Projects that have been designed or are in design with a focus on creating high performing, energy saving buildings. Speed of Delivery –Projects that can be developed and awarded quickly (projects must be awarded by 3.31.10) –Projects that can be completed before 2015

6 What does the Recovery Act mean to GSA? National: $5.55B total funding for Federal Buildings. –$1.05B - New construction $750M: Federal Buildings and U.S. Courthouses $300M: Land Ports of Entry –$4.5B – Modernization/High-Performance Green Building Projects Limited Scope/High-Performance Green Building Projects (Recommissioning, Lighting, Updated Controls, Mechanical Equipment, etc)

7 What does the Recovery Act mean to Region 8? R8 total Recovery Act funds received: $426,527,000 –1 new construction project = $79,989 (Billings, MT Courthouse) –15 limited scope projects = $70,053,000 –4 modernization projects = $276,485,000

8 Colorado Recovery Act Project List BuildingCityScope Dollar Amount (in 1000s) Byron G. Rogers Federal BuildingDenverModernization $ 167,552.00 Cesar Chavez Federal BuildingDenverModernization $ 22,187.00 U.S. Custom HouseDenverModernization $ 16,560.00 Denver Federal Center-Utilities InfrastructureLakewoodModernization $ 70,186.00 David Skaggs Research CenterBoulderLimited Scope $ 5,024.00 Byron G. Rogers U.S. CourthouseDenverLimited Scope $ 4,850.00 Byron White U.S. CourthouseDenverLimited Scope $ 965.00 Federal Building/Post OfficeFort CollinsLimited Scope $ 566.00 Denver Federal Center Multiple BuildingsLakewoodLimited Scope $ 3,954.00 Denver Federal Center Photovoltaic ProjectLakewoodLimited Scope $ 40,000.00 Grand Junction Federal Building/Courthouse Grand JunctionModernization$ 15,000.00

9 Trends & Strategies During Recovery The federal government has played a highly constructive role in the growth of “green” buildings: –GSA requires certification of every newly constructed building in its inventory to LEED standards. GSA also requires LEED certification for private sector buildings constructed through GSA leases. GSA’s strategy during Recovery: –By investing in backlog of infrastructure projects we can: Help stimulate jobs in the construction and real estate sectors, Stimulate long-term growth in energy-efficient technologies, alternative energy solutions and green buildings –How are infrastructure projects stimulating growth in green technologies?

10 Trends & Strategies During Recovery GSA is stimulating growth by requiring adherence to the Minimum-Performance High Performing Green Building criteria: –This criteria is incorporated in the initial scoping of all Recovery projects, both existing building and new construction. This criteria includes facets from: Guiding Principles for Sustainable Existing Buildings Certain provisions of EISA (Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007) Buildings with sufficient total scope to obtain a LEED rating must achieve a LEED Silver certification, at a minimum. MPC Checklist ensures a “green” project

11 Trends & Strategies During Recovery $4.5 B focused on high-performance green building projects GSA is a proving ground for green technologies –Includes such improvements as: Renewable energy—photovoltaics and wind Cool Roofs (R50) Windows Lighting replacement High-performance building systems (High Efficiency HVAC Equipment) Advanced metering

12 Denver Federal Center Photovoltaic Project Two Phased Project- Phase One: –Phase 1 is a Roof Mounted PV Array located at Buildings 20, 56, 810 on the Federal Center. –The PV arrays will cover about 19 acres of roof. –Combined capacity of the PV arrays is roughly 3 Megawatts –Generate 4,115,000 kWh per year –Save about $300,000 in electricity cost per year. –This phase of the project has been procured as a design/build small business set aside and was awarded December 16th, 2009 to Centerre E Light, A Joint Venture, LLC.

13 Denver Federal Center Photovoltaic Project Two Phased Project- Phase Two: –Ground Mounted and Car Port Photovoltaic System has yet to be awarded –Two ground mounted solar PV arrays at two different sites –One 13 acres site and one 3 acre site –Combined capacity of both ground sites will be approximately 2 megawatts –Will produce about 3,565,000 kWh per year –Save about $260,000 in electricity cost per year –Phase 2 of the project is a design/build small business set aside and is scheduled for award in mid-March, 2010.

14 Opportunities Recovery Opportunities –R8’s Recovery Act Projects- Design/Build Most projects under solicitation or awarded Limited subcontract opportunities may exist Check Non-Recovery Act –A/E I.D.I.Q contracts 5 yr contracts with min. awards and 1,2,3 million ceilings GSA (Regional & National), Park Service, DOD, etc… –Other design-bid-build or design/build projects All posted on

15 Opportunities Summarized Recovery Act work –Check ( Select recovery opportunities Advanced search NAICS codes- –541310-541490 (Architectural & Engineering Codes) Classification codes –Y & Z (construction and alterations) Non Recovery Act work –Check ( See above






21 Where can I get more information?


23 Pennie Estrada Director, Small Business Utilization Center DFC 234 Lakewood, CO 80225 Phone: (303) 236-7409 Fax: (303) 236-7552 Email:

24 John Leatherman Community Business Center Manager Denver Federal Center, Building 41 Phone: (303) 236-8000 ext. 3037 Email:

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