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SPRING 2013 Welcome to the Columbia State EMT: IV Program.

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1 SPRING 2013 Welcome to the Columbia State EMT: IV Program

2 What You Need to Succeed Prehospital Emergency Care, 9 th edition and Workbook –ISBN: 9780133076103 Intravenous Therapy for Prehospital Providers –ISBN: 139780763715793 Diagnostic Kit –Stethoscope, BP Cuff, Pen Light Online Access –Available at all campus locations

3 Academy-Style Paramedicine Squads –You will be subdivided into squads of 5-6 members Squad Leader Class Leader Standing at Attention –Follow local protocol as per the Senior Instructor of your class

4 Academy-Style EMT Training Senior Instructor _________ * Roy Brooks * Christy Tomlinson Instructor ____________ * All other cadre

5 Academy-Style Paramedicine Uniforms –CSCC EMS Education Polo Shirt –White Undershirt –Navy or Black EMS Pants –Black Work-Type Footwear –Black Belt –Jacket –CSCC ID Badge (to be worn on collar) Issued by Cadre –When in uniform, you must follow the Professional Code of Conduct.

6 Professional Code of Conduct The Primary purpose of EMS is to respond to persons in need of medical, psychological, and/or social assistance in a compassionate, medically appropriate manner. As extensions of the Physician, Paramedics and EMT’s have a responsibility to respect the medical license under which they are allowed to function. Respectful interaction with allied healthcare providers is vital to the quality of care the patient receives.

7 Professional Code of Conduct EMS Professionals must recognize and respect the value of teamwork and leadership. The EMS professional must recognize the continuum of education that is characteristic of the science and art of medicine and, therefore, must maintain a personal responsibility for their life-long learning. Because of their position of public trust, EMS professionals are rightly held to an extremely high standard of moral and ethical conduct.

8 Professional Code of Conduct Students who demonstrate conduct or performance that is contrary to this Professional Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the Program and/or College, and denial of readmission to the Program.

9 Appearance Men [or women] will not have beards. Moustaches should be neatly trimmed. [N95 Regulations] One ring per hand. One stud-type earring in each ear [ladies only]. No tongue studs. No facial piercing of any kind. Offensive tattoos will be covered up. [EMT Coordinator’s discretion]

10 Appearance Long hair will be worn in a ponytail. Fingernails will not extend past the end of the fingers No FUNKY hair or FUNKY hair-color No hats are to be worn in ANY building.

11 Your Rights: You have the right to have all your questions answered [you might be AMAZED at HOW the questions are answered]. You have the right to REASONABLE access to your instructors. You have the right to be treated as an adult. You have the right to access to all the tools available to help you succeed. You have the right to expect excellence from your instructors

12 Instructor Cadre Roy Brooks, Senior Instructor Christy Tomlinson, Senior Instructor Tim Hobbs, EMT Instructor Tim Crabtree, EMT Instructor Fabian Oden, Instructor Assistant Michael Dunavant, Instructor Assistant Dr. David Cauthen, Director Eric McCullough, EMT Coordinator

13 Grading Policy EMT 1010 Exams (60%) –Proctored during class time Paper, Online Campus Quizzes (15%) –In-class, Online Campus, workbook Final Exam (25%) –Comprehensive, 125 questions

14 Grading Policy EMT 1050 25 Patient Contacts (minimum) 10 IVs (minimum) 15 IVs = 50 points 14 IVs = 46 points 13 IVs = 43 points 12 IVs = 38 points 11 IVs = 34 points 10 IVs = 30 points

15 You will be oriented to FISDAP during the 1 st couple of weeks. This is when you will schedule your clinical rotations. They are set in stone!

16 Rules for: Food & Drink Restroom Tobacco Cell Phones Absences/Tardies Profanity Sexual innuendos

17 Illegal behavior [the stuff that gets you thrown out immediately] Violence Threats of violence Harassment Sexual harassment Discrimination Destruction of property Cheating

18 READ EVERYTHING EMT 1010 and 1050 Syllabus your book workbook work Always be ready for quizzes

19 Read the Book (Every last Stinkin’ page!) There is not enough time offered in class to develop proficiency. Class   Skills Groups

20 Nothing is easier than accumulating facts. Nothing is harder than using them.

21 Online Campus Log-in to ChargerNet Click on “online campus” If you don’t have access, email me and we will fix that

22 Click on the EMT 1010 section DO NOT click on EMT 1050

23 Online Campus Sections

24 Content All information pertaining to class can be found here. Content is published continuously throughout the semester. Check often. Skill sheets, assignments, videos, misc. content

25 Quiz and Tests Click on “Quiz & Test” for access to quizzes and exams

26 Go to and sign-up for a student account (FREE!) Download the app on your smart phone, laptop, or pad device We will use this application for in-class assessments as well as squad driven competition (space race)

27 Americans with Disabilities Act Disability Services provides support services especially designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities, and provides reasonable accommodations enabling qualified disabled students to participate fully in campus life. Columbia State provides disability support services in a variety of ways. Examples of these services include, but are not limited to, providing supportive counseling, coordinating community resources, providing information for faculty regarding disabilities, serving as an advocate for students, securing special adaptive equipment and aids, providing individuals to assist with taking notes, tutoring, and other special testing and classroom accommodations. These services are offered to assist disabled students in realizing their goals. Students needing accommodations are urged to contact Disability Services at (931) 540-2857. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for any special accommodations prior to needing said accommodations and the responsibility of the student to make the faculty aware of any special needs or accommodations.

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