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Curriculum Project The UCLA Globalization Research Center - Africa.

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2 Curriculum Project The UCLA Globalization Research Center - Africa

3 GRCA conducts policy relevant research on the dynamics and effects of globalization with particular emphasis on impacts within Africa, and disseminates findings to educators, educational institutions, policymakers and the public at large. About the UCLA Globalization Research Center - Africa Conflict, Conflict Management and Democracy HIV/AIDS in Africa Initiative Urban-Rural Governance and Poverty Alleviation GlobaLink-Africa Curriculum Project Signature Projects

4 GlobaLink-Africa Overview The Curriculum C urriculum Design Guides Content Resources GlobaLink-Africa Overview The Countries The Project  Students learn about globalization and its relationship with Africa, Africans and United States-Africa policy.  Web-based, multimedia, high school curriculum

5 Designed for high school students Embedded in World History curriculums Interdisciplinary with relevant lesson material for other core curriculums Aligned with the California State standards Media-rich and interactive lesson material Curriculum Design

6 Narrative-based case studies and contested narratives that provide concrete illustrations of key concepts in globalization Perspectives inflected by historical, sociocultural, economic, political and situational specifics Good Thinker’s Toolkit and performance assessments that encourage inquiry and critical reasoning Informed by research-based theory on how students learn and how technology fosters student learning, in particular, cognitive theory Curriculum Design

7 Multimedia principles (Mayer, 1999, 2003; Clark & Mayer, 2002)  Personalization  Multiple representation  Contiguity  Split-attention  Coherence  Different kinds of learners Cognitive Theories of Learning

8 Instructional Strategies/ Architectures (Clark, 2001, 2003)  Behavioral  Situated Guided Discovery  Exploratory Cognitive Theories of Learning

9 Curriculum Guides Contested Narratives Case Studies Pre-activities & Assignments Key Objectives

10 Key Concepts & Student Themes

11 Curriculum Content Guides Thematic Case Studies The contested narrative serves to provide polar opposite positions on globalization and its effects, through the use of two fictional character guides, Naomi and Jalalu. The guides’ arguments are woven throughout the website and are presented with reference to the case study characters in the form of commentary, critique and questioning. Pre-Activities Assignments

12 Curriculum Content: Guides

13 Curriculum Content: Naomi

14 Curriculum Content: Jalalu

15 Curriculum Content: Global Transformations Theme

16 Curriculum Content: USA Case Study

17 Curriculum Content: Lillie E. Patterson

18 Curriculum Content: Contested Narrative

19 Curriculum Content: Assignment

20 Curriculum Content: Country Profile

21 Curriculum Content: Resources Resources

22 Curriculum Content: Student Toolkit

23 Curriculum Content: Pre-Activities Lead students to build on their personal experience, such as knowledge acquired in their families, their culture and their school Develop metacognitive and critical thinking skills Help students develop an argument that is supported with evidence Provide mental and organizational frameworks for students to organize ideas and positions Prepare students to think critically about assignments

24 Curriculum Content: Tips

25 Curriculum Content: Glossary

26 Curriculum Content: Resources

27 Curriculum Content: Teacher Guidelines

28 GlobaLink-Africa A view of Africa through a world prism of technology Director: Edmond Keller The UCLA Globalization Research Center – Africa 405 Hilgard Avenue 10359 Bunche Hall Mailcode: 148703 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487 USA (310) 267- 4054 or Contact Information

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