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Introduction to the Social Studies Frameworks For O/N BOCES Curriculum Council.

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1 Introduction to the Social Studies Frameworks For O/N BOCES Curriculum Council

2 A new paradigm for social studies Traditionally it has been facts first, thinking later * * * * * The C3 Inquiry Arc highlights thinking with a purpose and answering compelling questions

3 C3 Foundations


5 Dimension 1: Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries Dimension 2: Applying Disciplinary Tools and Concepts (Civics, Economics, Geography, and History) Dimension 3: Evaluating Sources and Using Evidence Dimension 4: Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action What is the C3 Framework? C3 Inquiry Arc Inquiry Arc

6 NY Social Studies Framework 3 Instructional Shifts 6 KEY IDEAS CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDINGS CONTENT SPECIFICATIONS Interdependent

7 Instructional Shift #1: Focus on key ideas to foster student inquiry, collaboration, and informed action 7 FromTo Teacher as Disseminator Students Learn Facts from Textbook Students Retell Interpretations Students Investigate the Social Sciences Using Multiple Sources Teacher as Facilitator of Investigation Students Construct Interpretations and Communicate Conclusions ????

8 Instructional Shift #2: Focus on Conceptual Understanding 8 Transfer and Connections Facts Breadth of Topics Depth within Topics From Recall Concepts and Content Knowledge To ????

9 Instructional Shift #3: Integrate Content and Skills Purposefully 9 FROM A Social Studies Classroom Where… TO A Social Studies Classroom Where… Students experience limited nonfiction reading class or textbook focused instruction Students learn to read, discuss, and write like social scientists Students develop literacy skills and social studies practices separately Students develop disciplinary literacy skills and social science practices in tandem Students learn content knowledge Students integrate and apply concepts, skills, and content knowledge ????

10 Arc of Inquiry Balance of Content and Skills

11 How History Works History is interpretive. History is contested and contestable- We contest it through reading and writing, speaking and listening. History is an argument in favor of a particular narrative based on evidence. Some events or issues are more significant than others.

12 How History Works Who the author is matters. The author’s purpose matters. A single text is problematic. Multiple texts are crucial.

13 Disciplinary Literacy Connections between the C3 Framework and the CCR Anchor Standards DimensionsELA Connections D1: Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries R1 W7 SL1 D2: Applying Disciplinary Concepts and Tools R1-10 W7 SL1 L6 D3: Evaluating Sources and Using EvidenceR1-10 W1, 2, 7-10 SL1 D4: Communicating Conclusions and Taking Action R1 W1-8 SL1-6

14 Common Core Skills Reading  Key Ideas and Details  Craft and Structure  Integration of Knowledge & Ideas  Range of Reading & Text Complexity Writing  Text Types and Purposes  Production and Distribution of Writing  Research to Build and Present Knowledge  Range of Writing Speaking and Listening  Comprehension and Collaboration  Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas 14

15 Digging in… Common Core Learning Standards The kinds of reading and writing we want our students to know and be able to do in order to think critically and learn social studies content Citing evidence Reading closely Writing from sources Conducting research Social science and historical thinking skills to prepare students for civic participation, college, and careers. Infused with social studies content – a way of thinking in the social studies classroom

16 Digging in… Social Studies Practices Gathering, Using and Interpreting Evidence Chronological Reasoning and Causation Comparison and Contextualization Geographic Reasoning Economics and Economic Systems Civic Participation

17 Our task… To marry the global vision of the C3 Framework to the content specifics of the NYS Framework in a way that honors, supports, and extends teachers’ and students’ best practices within the classroom.

18 But this is tricky work Social studies plagued by too much content Social studies instruction dominated by a mindset that we have to teach every person, place, and event before we ask students to make sense of it.

19 Test Development Timeline Recommendation: 2 year mandated Global History and Geography* 10 th grade Regents exam (only 10 th grade content) *pending Board approval June 2018 for Global History- (today’s 7 th graders) June 2019 for U.S. History The proposed timeline is intended to allow schools to development curriculum and teachers opportunities to become familiar with the skills, practices, and content in the new Social Studies Framework as well as to make shifts in instruction It is also to allow for the development, piloting, and field testing of new types of items linked to the new framework that will be used on the new Regents Exam Will not be vended out 19

20 Timelines & Toolkits 20

21 21

22 NYS K-12 Social Studies Resource Toolkit The NYS Social Studies Toolkit project bridges the C3 Framework and the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework Collaborative project with SUNY Binghamton Resource Toolkit to equip teachers and districts to design curriculum and instruction Each grade level: 1 annotated inquiry Each grade level: 5 “blueprints” (summary of 5 more compelling question inquiries) 22

23 Toolkit inquiry elements Compelling Question—based on Framework Key Ideas Supporting Questions—develop the content Formative Performance Tasks—demonstrate emerging understandings Featured Sources—provide background knowledge Summative Task—demonstrates evidence-based arguments Taking Informed Action—offers opportunities for thoughtful engagement

24 Intellectually Rigorous Reflects an enduring issue, concern, or debate in the field Demands the use of multiple disciplinary lenses and perspectives Reflects a quality or condition that we know children care about Honors and respects children’s intellectual efforts Uses compelling questions – Why is Albany the capital of NY? What is the capital of NY?

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