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Student support parent night

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1 Student support parent night
Minisink Valley Middle School Student support parent night

2 Introductions Mr. Michael Giardina, Middle School Principal
Mr. Michael Larsen, Assistant Principal Mr. Stephen Caldwell, Assistant Principal Mrs. JoAnn Westby, Guidance Counselor Mrs. Alison Miller, Teacher & Special Education Department Chair Mrs. Jamie Gallo, Teacher Mrs. Fran Williams, Teacher

3 Tonight’s agenda Goals for a Successful Student
Overview of English/Language Arts Program Overview of Mathematics Program How Can I Help My Child? PBIS Parent Survey Open Forum/Questions

4 Goals for a Successful Student
To be a critical reader, writer, and thinker To be a problem solver Be a person who can collaborate with others Be an active learner Be a person who can communicate effectively And most of all… feel happy and supported in the school environment!

5 Overview of English/Language Arts program
Find grade level modules and sample student work at Skills Required: Close Reading Annotating Context Clues Flagging (Purpose for Reading) Citing Evidence (Quotes) Explain and Develop Written Responses

6 Sample Work: Annotating & Context clues

7 Sample Work: citing evidence in written responses
How do Percy’s experiences in Chapter 8 align with the hero’s journey? After reading the excerpts from Chapter 8 of The Lightning Thief and “The Hero’s Journey,” write a constructed response that begins with a short summary of the beginning of Chapter 8. Then focus on one experience in The Lightning Thief and show how Percy’s experience aligns to a stage in “The Hero’s Journey.” Conclude by describing what we can learn about Percy as a hero from his response to a challenge he faces. Use evidence from both texts to support your response. Focus on one experience in The Lightning Thief, and show how that experience aligns to “The Hero’s Journey.” In Chapter 8, Percy has begun to settle into Camp Half-Blood and into a routine. However, he is still struggling with the loss of his mother and he is having a hard time figuring out his talents. One experience in Chapter 8 that shows Percy on a hero’s journey is his coming to a new setting. In The Lightning Thief, it says, “Despite all that, I liked camp. I got used to the morning fog over the beach, the smell of hot strawberry fields in the afternoon, even the weird noises of monsters in the woods at night.” This aligns to the Entering the Unknown stage of the hero’s journey. In “The Hero’s Journey,” it says, “the heroes enter a world they have never experienced before. It might be filled with supernatural creatures, breathtaking sights, and the constant threat of death.” Percy is surrounded by supernatural creatures like monsters and cool sights like the field of strawberries. And he’s definitely scared he is going to die. Percy’s response to this challenge shows that he is a hero who can adapt to new and difficult challenges.

8 Overview of Mathematics program
Notes & Examples Student Worksheets Homework Skills Required: Understanding of Vocabulary Critical Reading Explanation of Answers Showing All Steps

9 Sample Work: multi-step math problem
Kay’s mother taught her how to make handmade ornaments to sell at a craft fair. Kay rented a table at the fair for $30 and set up her work station. Each ornament that she makes costs approximately $2.50 for materials. She sells each ornament for $6.00. A. If x represents the quantity of ornaments sold at the craft fair, which of the following expressions would represent Kay’s profit? (Circle all choices that apply.) B. Kay does not want to lose money on her business. Her mother told her she needs to sell enough ornaments to at least cover her expenses (costs for materials and table rental). Kay figures that if she sells 8 ornaments, she covers her expenses and does not lose any money. Do you agree? Explain and show work to support your answer. C. Kay feels that if she earns a profit of $40.00 at this craft fair, her business will be successful enough to attend other craft fairs. How many ornaments does she have to sell to earn a $40.00 profit? Write and solve an equation; then explain how the steps and operations used in your algebraic s solution compare to an arithmetic solution.

10 How Can I Help My Child?
District Tab Sakai Parent Portal Middle School Tab Faculty/Staff & Voic Teacher Web Pages Common Core Information & Resources Calendar Library Resources Student Planner

11 Steps to take if your child needs support
Contact Individual Teachers Ex: Directory Voic Extensions Guidance ( ) Julie Mott A-Gn Michele Semco Go-Nz JoAnn Westby O-Z

12 Support from guidance Organization Workshop (Grade 6)
Locker Clean-Outs Individual Organization Strategy Meetings Planner Usage Peer Tutoring Get Up & Go Program Parent Portal

13 Mv3 & pbis Middle School P.B.I.S. efforts started in the Spring of 2012 to help provide students with a multi-tiered system to help promote and acknowledge positive and desired behaviors.  We are implementing this program to foster a happy, healthy, and safe environment for our entire student population.

14 Parent Survey Please take a few moments to complete a follow-up survey by going to our Middle School Homepage: Survey link Materials link

15 Open Forum/Questions

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