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2006 WCCA Fall Conference Matt Stohr Wisconsin Counties Association.

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1 2006 WCCA Fall Conference Matt Stohr Wisconsin Counties Association

2 Outline What is WCA? Important legislation and administrative rules from the 2005-06 legislative session that impact counties. Forecast for the 2007-08 legislative session

3 What is WCA? Created by state statute 59.52 (22). Primary focus is to lobby for the betterment of county government at both the state and federal level. WCA structure. Other services we provide counties: 1.Insurance 2.Wheeler Report 3.Magazine/Website 4.Public Relations 5.Educational Seminars 6.Research/Surveys/Information 7.Legal Opinions and Assistance 8.E-newsletter

4 What is WCA? Strong partnership with WCCA, County Conservationists, Planners, Highway Commissioners, Register of Deeds, etc. Nearly 1600 county supervisors in WI Approximately 34,000 county employees in WI

5 2005-06 Legislative Session There are 99 members of the Wisconsin State Assembly and 33 members of the Wisconsin State Senate. Currently there are 59 Republicans and 39 Democrats in the Assembly and 19 Republicans and 14 Democrats in the Senate. There were approximately 1200 Assembly Bills and 700 Senate Bills introduced last session. Approximately 100 resolutions were introduced also.

6 2005-06 Legislative Session Of the approximately 1900 bills, WCA lobbied over 200 bills and 6 joint resolutions. 220 of the approximately 1900 bills were signed into law. Many of the bills required the creation of administrative rule or changes to existing administrative rules.

7 2005-06 Legislative Session Priority Issues for Counties: 1.Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA)-oppose 2.Levy Limits-oppose 3.2005-07 State Budget, separate issue 4.Reform current tax structure 5.Preservation of local control 6.Limiting Liability 7.Referendum Questions

8 2005-06 Legislative Session Environment and Land Use Related Legislation that did not pass: Assembly Bill 675-”Pay for Zoning” Bill Senate Bill 583-County Zoning Authority Senate Bill 505-Amish/UDC Bill Assembly Bill 299-Shoreland Zoning Bill Assembly Bill 597-”Culpable Bill”

9 2005-06 Legislative Session Environment and Land Use Related Legislation that did pass: Senate Bill 253-Nonconforming Structures Assembly Bill 399-Militarty Bases Senate Bill 681-Impact Fee Assembly Bill 449-Legislative Council Bill

10 2005-06 Legislative Session Other “County Related” Bills that passed: Senate Bill 4-county board size Senate Bill 331-repeal of gas tax indexing Assembly Bill 296-liability shield Assembly Bill 211-fines and forfeitures

11 Administrative Rules Important land-use related administrative rules that are in play: NR 115 NR 135 ATCP 51 Each will be covered during the Conference.

12 Public Opinion Public opinion and the outcome of the upcoming elections will play an important role in shaping the agenda for the 2007-08 Legislative Session. Polls: –Voter Priority List for WI Governor and Legislature. –WCA Polls and Referendum

13 Polls/Public Opinion Capitol Opinion Wisconsin Survey (03/06) What do you think should be the top priority of the Governor and the State Legislature? 1.Hold the line of taxes/spending: 32% 2.Making healthcare more affordable: 19% 3.Improving schools: 18% 4.Attract jobs to the state: 10% 5.Fight crime: 2% 6.Protect the environment: 1% 7.Improve traffic problems:1% 8.Curb growth:1% 9.Other issues: 16%

14 Polls/Public Opinion Transportation funding example. WCA is working with Wood Communications to conduct numerous polls about county government, government spending and our tax structure. WCA also worked with 69 of 72 counties to ask the public about state mandates in April 2005. 86% of the voting public said that the state should fund its mandates. Finally, WCA is conducting a series of ads on public radio about the role of county government.

15 What is the point? The political parties do extensive polling, therefore, with a few exceptions, polls and public opinion tend to determine what type of legislative and budgetary proposals will be brought forward during any given legislative session and budget process.

16 2007-08 Legislative Session Legislative proposals will be introduced beginning in January 2007. 2007-09 state budget will be submitted in February 2007. Budget will most likely be approved in late summer/early fall of 2007. Legislative Session will conclude in late spring/early summer of 2008.

17 2007-08 Legislative Session What to expect? Working Lands Initiative Solid Waste Task Force Proposals State budget Numerous land use bills More of the same?

18 Contact Information Matt Stohr Wisconsin Counties Association 22 E. Mifflin St., #900 Madison, WI 53703 608.663.7188 (phone)

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