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The Volstead Act/ Prohibition in the 1920’s

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1 The Volstead Act/ Prohibition in the 1920’s
Kami Robertson Cristina DiMarzio P5th

2 The Temperance Movement /Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
Blamed alcohol for society’ s ills, crime, and murder Women disliked intoxicated men / husbands Men would get paid and go spend all their money at bars Encouragement to pass a law banning alcohol

3 Purpose of Volstead Act
Supposed to decrease crime and corruption Lower taxes needed to support prisons and poor houses Improve health and hygiene in America

4 Volstead Act passed on October 28, 1919
18th Amendment January 16, 1920 It was illegal to sell, manufacture, and transport alcohol for consumption.


6 Groups were immediately started to repeal the amendment.
Anti-prohibition movement began. Created social problems Alcohol only allowed to be prescribed by doctors

7 Importing/ Exporting Alcohol
Gangsters arose during this period of time because of such high demand for alcohol It led to organized crime. Gangsters would hire people to smuggle in alcohol into the U.S. Hired men to smuggle were called “Rum Runners” Government hired secret agents to arrest gangsters and look for storages of alcohol.

8 Repealed Repealed in December 5th of 1933
It was the first law to be repealed Utah was the final state needed for a three quarters majority, ratified the 21st Amendment, repealing Prohibition

9 Gatsby & Prohibition Gatsby became a bootlegger, making money by illegally transporting alcohol From working in this business, Jay Gatsby became very rich He had enough money to buy a house across the bay from Daisy while she was married to Tom Buchanan "'Oh, I've been in several things...I was in the drug business...'"

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