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Trip Report Put your name and company here Date #OESUMMIT2014

2 Trip Report Summary The purpose of this presentation is to provide you with an outline for constructing a report that you can use for informing management and your colleagues about your experience of and the benefits of attending the 2014 Out & Equal Workplace Summit. It contains metrics about Summit participants and information about speakers and content. The outline also suggests areas of participation that you might want to highlight, where applicable. You should feel free to use and adapt this report as needed for your company/organization. To activate any links in this report, please be sure to view in the Slide Show mode. #OESUMMIT2014

3 About Out & Equal Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. Out & Equal champions safe and equitable workplaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. The organization advocates building and strengthening successful organizations that value all employees, customers and communities. For additional information, visit Mission Statement Out & Equal Workplace Advocates educates and empowers organizations, human resources professionals, employee resource groups and individual employees through programs and services that result in equitable policies, opportunities, practices, and benefits in the workplace regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or characteristics. Workplace Summit The purpose of the Summit is to bring together LGBT employees, allies, human resources and diversity professionals, employee resource group leaders, executives and organizational leaders, and others who are working toward creating safe and equitable work environments for all. #OESUMMIT2014

4 2014 Out & Equal Workplace Summit Partners






10 #OESUMMIT2014

11 Total Attendance at Summit: 3261
Demographics Total Attendance at Summit: 3261 #OESUMMIT2014

12 Demographics Sexual Identity Gay: 45.28% Lesbian: 15.75%
Bisexual: 3.19% Heterosexual: 20.28% Asexual: 0.04% Omnisexual: 0.11% Other: 0.73% Prefer not to say: 5.99% Queer: 1.02% Total Response: % Gender Identity Female: 33.49% Male: 53.08% Transgender/Transsexual: 0.65/0.69% Gender Non-Conforming: 0.33% Other: 0.25% Genderqueer: 0.36% Prefer not to say: 3.48% Total Response: 92.34% #OESUMMIT2014

13 Demographics Ethnicity Annual Income African American: 5.44%
Native American, American Indian, First Nation: 0.36% Asian/Pacific Islander: 5.01% Latino/Latina, Hispanic: 7.04% Multi Ethnic: 2.76% White: 65.20% Other: 1.20% Prefer not to say: 5.33% Total Response: 92.34% Annual Income Greater than 200K: 9.14% K: 8.60% K: 20.26% 65-99K: 18.72% Less than 64K: 8.13% Rather Not Say: 29.96% Total response: 92.16% #OESUMMIT2014

14 Demographics Companies with the Largest Summit Attendee Presence by number of attendees: Attendees Company 123 Bank of America 118 Deloitte 110 Wells Fargo 81 PepsiCo 54 EY 52 Walmart JP Morgan Chase 48 IBM #OESUMMIT2014

15 Demographics Industry Attendees Industry 88 Advertising 126 Aerospace
664 Banking 140 Chemicals 239 Consulting 89 Energy 54 Engineering 148 Food/Bev/Grocery Government 17 Higher Education 1 Mail/Freight NonProfit 527 Other 8 Publishing 227 Retail #OESUMMIT2014

16 Benefits The Summit provided a number of benefits for [your company] employees, including: Significant Visibility for [your company] to other leading corporations—including key business partners—and their LGBT employees An opportunity to showcase our commitment to and leadership in LGBT inclusion as an employer and service and/or products provider of choice A variety of learning and professional development experiences to advance diversity inclusion and employee leadership skills #OESUMMIT2014

17 Programming 114 unique education opportunities 78 workshops
The Summit’s three plenary sessions featured keynote speakers, including headline entertainment. 114 unique education opportunities 78 workshops 12 featured panels 12 roundtables 6 global series 6 case studies #OESUMMIT2014

18 Educational Tracks for Workshops
14 tracks to enhance your educational journey Allies Beyond Corporate Workplaces Beyond LGBT Diversity Bisexual Changing Workplace Climate Corporate Case Studies Employee and Business Resource Group (basic) Employee and Business Resource Group (advanced) Executives/Management General Law, Policy and Benefits Professional Development Transgender Case Studies #OESUMMIT2014

19 Special Programs Monday Leadership Day
Leadership Day was a concentrated focus for learning. Attendees spent all day in seminars dedicated to one learning track. Community Engagement Series highlights the experiences of the following members of the LGBT community: Transgender People of Color Bisexual #OESUMMIT2014

20 The 2014 Outie Award Winners
Outie Awards The Summit is also the venue for the prominent Out & Equal Workplace Awards, known as “the Outies,” recognizing individuals and organizations that are leaders in advancing equality for LGBT employees in workplaces around the world. The 2014 Outie Award Winners LGBT ERG of the Year || Citi Pride Network Regional Affiliate of the Year || Chicagoland Champion Award || Vijay Anand, Intuit Workplace Excellence || Chevron Trailblazer Award || Greer Puckett, Northrop Gruman #OESUMMIT2014

21 2014 Out & Equal Workplace Summit Programming Highlights

22 Selisse Berry Founder & CEO, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates
"Having gone through the sometimes painful experience of coming out, and feeling alone and unsure of my future career, I decided that no one should ever have to choose between a career they love and the person they love. And I brought this passion for authenticity to my role as founder of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates.” “I realized my underlying passion was that each of us feel free to be our true, authentic selves, and have the opportunity to bring all of who we are to our lives and to our work every day." Selisse Berry is Founder & CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. Under her leadership, the organization has grown significantly with expansion of the annual Workplace Summit and the expansion of programs and global initiatives. Selisse is a frequent speaker on workplace equality and has spoken across the United States and also abroad. Selisse is the editor of Out & Equal at Work: From Closet to Corner Office, Out & Equal’s new anthology celebrating executive trailblazers who have transformed the workplace for LGBT people. Selisse and her wife, Cynthia Martin, were married in July 2007, and legally married in 2008. #OESUMMIT2014

23 Billie Jean King Named one of the “100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century” by Life magazine and a 2009 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Billie Jean King has long been a pioneer for social justice. King grew up playing tennis in the California public parks and won 39 Grand Slam titles during her career. She helped form the Virginia Slims Series and founded the Women’s Tennis Association. She defeated Bobby Riggs in one of the greatest moments in sports history – the Battle of the Sexes on Sept. 20, 1973. In 1974 King co-founded World Team Tennis (WTT), the revolutionary professional tennis league, and the Women’s Sports Foundation. In August 2006, the National Tennis Center, home of the US Open, was renamed the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in honor of her accomplishments on and off the court. In 2014 President Obama named King to the Presidential Delegation for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. #OESUMMIT2014

24 Olympia Dukakis Olympia Dukakis is an Academy Award winner for her performance in Moonstruck, a role that also earned her a Golden Globe Award, American Comedy Award, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has appeared in more than 60 feature and short films, including Cloudburst (most recent), Mr. Holland’s Opus, Steel Magnolias, Dad, Look Who’s Talking I, II & III, Mighty Aphrodite, Jeffrey, Away From Her, among many others. Television: Bored to Death (most recent), Last of the Blond Bombshells (Judi Dench), Sinatra (Golden Globe Nominee), Joan of Arc (Emmy Nominee), Tales of the City, More Tales of the City (Emmy Nominee), and Further Tales of the City, among more than 40 others. She has performed in over 130 productions Off-Broadway and regionally at theatres including A.C.T., Shakespeare in the Park, Shakespeare & Co., and the Williamstown Summer Theatre Festival. She has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Greek America Foundation and the Elliot Norton Awards, was bestowed the National Arts Club Medal of Honor and her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was placed in 2013. #OESUMMIT2014

25 John Stumpf John Stumpf became Chairman for Wells Fargo & Company in January He was named Chief Executive Officer in June 2007, elected to Wells Fargo’s Board of Directors in June 2006, and has been President since August 2005. A 32-year veteran of the company, he joined the former Norwest Corporation (predecessor of Wells Fargo) in 1982 in the loan administration department and held management positions with the bank -- and led various acquisitions -- in the Southwest and West before becoming Group Executive Vice President of Community Banking in In December 2008, he led one of the largest mergers in history with the purchase of Wachovia. He serves on the Board of Directors for The Clearing House, the Financial Services Roundtable, Target Corporation, and Chevron Corporation. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. #OESUMMIT2014

26 Armistead Maupin Launched in 1976 as a groundbreaking serial in the San Francisco Chronicle, Armistead Maupin’s iconic Tales of the City series has since blazed its own trail through popular culture – from a sequence of globally best-selling novels, to a Peabody Award-winning television miniseries starring Olympia Dukakis and Laura Linney, to an ambitious new musical that had its world premiere at San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater in 2011. The series now encompasses eight hugely popular novels: Tales of the City, More Tales of the City, Further Tales of the City, Babycakes, Significant Others, Sure of You, Michael Tolliver Lives, and Mary Ann in Autumn. The final Tales novel, The Days of Anna Madrigal, was released in January It premiered at #3 on the Independent Bestseller list and #7 on the New York Times Bestseller list. #OESUMMIT2014

27 Lee Daniels Daniels’ background is filled with bold stories as real and gritty as the narratives from the films he creates. By the age of 21, Daniels founded and ran his own health care agency, providing nurses to private homes and hospitals; he was simultaneously trying to be a screenwriter. After selling his health care business, and giving up screenwriting, he began managing actors such as Loretta Divine, Michael Shannon, Natasha Kinsky, and Aishwarya Rai. Daniels turned to producing as a natural result of trying to find and create great material for his clients; the organic leap to directing came soon after. His films include: The Butler and Precious. #OESUMMIT2014

28 Kate Clinton Kate Clinton is a faith-based, tax-paying, America-loving political humorist and family entertainer who still believes that humor gets us through peacetime, wartime and scoundrel time. This year she celebrates her 30th Anniversary of performance. Kate brings her new show The GLEE Party nationwide. This year her 9th comedy collection Lady HAHA has been released. #OESUMMIT2014

29 Advancing LGBT Workplace Equality, One Step at a Time
Featured Session Advancing LGBT Workplace Equality, One Step at a Time In 2014, the possible passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) garnered a great deal of focus. Influencing the support of ENDA in its current form was the U.S. Supreme Court's passage of the Hobby Lobby case and its possible ramifications on the religious exemptions found in ENDA. The White House and President Obama responded with an executive order requiring federal contractors to comply with federal non-discrimination policies based on sexual orientation and gender identity, an action applauded by many supporters of ENDA. This panel will share insights into the future of ENDA, the executive order and how workplace equality can be achieved. (Intermediate) Panelists: Andrea Shorter(Out & Equal), Gautam Raghavan (White House Gill Foundation), Deena Fidas, MA (Human Rights Campaign), Kevin M. Cathcart (Lambda Legal), Sasha Buchert, Stacy Long Simmons Esq #OESUMMIT2014

30 Advancing LGBT Workplace Equality, One Step at a Time
Panelist Biographies Advancing LGBT Workplace Equality, One Step at a Time Gautam Raghavan is Vice President of Policy for the Gill Foundation, one of the nation's largest funders focusing primarily on LGBT civil rights. From 2011 to 2014, he served as President Obama's liason to the LGBT community, and from 2009 to 2011, as Deputy White House Liason for the U.S. Department of Defense. Prior to joining the Obama administration, Raghavan worked on the 2008 Obama Campaign and for the Democratic National Committee under Chairman Howard Dean. Kevin M. Cathcart, Executive Director of Lambda Legal since 1992, is a leading strategist and spokesperson in the movement to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and people with HIV. Under his leadership, Lambda Legal, the country's oldest and largest LGBT legal organization, protects and promotes equality for all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status through impact litigation, education and policy work. Sasha Buchert, ESq. is a staff attorney at Trangender Law Center. Before joining TLC, she was a board member of the LGBT Bar Association of Oregon, and was the chair of the Oregon State Hospital Advisory Board and was the first openly transgender person to be appointed to an Oregon state board. She received her J.D. from Willamette University. Stacey Long Simmons - As the Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Stacey promotes the advancement of LGBT equality through a progressive social change agenda that includes ending discrimination in employment, housing, health care, education as well as securing protections from violence and hatred. Stacey received a bachelor's degree in Africana Studies from Vassar College; a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School; and a Nonprofit Management Executive certificate from the Georgetown University Public Policy Institute. Andrea Shorter brings 30 plus years of experience as an accomplished advocate, non-profit manager, public official, and principal consultant with Atlas Leadership Strategies. She is the Vice-President of the Commission on the Status of Women leading policy and program initiatives on domestic violence, and gender equity in the workplace. A graduate of Whittier College, she also completed the Harvard Kennedy School of Government's Executive Education program as a David Bohnett Fellow for LGBT Leaders. Deena Fidas is the director of the Workplace Equality Program and leads the Corporate Equality Index survey and annual report to over 1,200 major employers, corporate public policy outreach and research on emerging workplace inclusion topics. Fidas has consulted directly with hundreds of Fortune 500 and other major businesses on the implementation of equitable policies and benefits for diverse employee populations #OESUMMIT2014

31 Let’s Talk About Bisexuality
Featured Session Let’s Talk About Bisexuality Many people have questions about bisexuality. Questions such as: Why aren’t there bisexuals in my ERG? How can we be more bi-welcoming? Where can I go to educate myself? If a woman identifies as bisexual but has been with her girlfriend for many years, is she really bi? How can we deal with distrust of bisexuals in our ERG? This workshop focuses on answering YOUR questions. Hear a brief presentation by some of the leading national experts in bi experience in a variety of fields. Break into smaller conversation groups focused on specific topics, so you can ask your questions. Each group will give a brief report-out and together we will break down the barriers to and misconceptions about the elusive B in LGBT. Panelists: Heidi Bruins Green (Jamison Green & Associates), Gary B. North (BiNet USA), Robyn Ochs, Ed.M. (RECOGNIZE, Getting Bi and The Bi Women Quarterly), Adriana Ferreira (IBM), Faith Cheltenham (BiNet USA President). #OESUMMIT2014

32 Let’s Talk About Bisexuality Panelist Biographies
Heidi Bruins Green is the current Cahir of BiAC, the Bisexual Advisory Commitee of Out Equal. A researcher and educator on the experiences of bisexuals in the workplace, she has presented on bisexuality at teh Summit since Shhe is honored to have presented her findings at the White House in 2013, along with other leaders in the bisexual community. An instructional designer by profession, Heidi is passionate about communicating how to acheive bi inclusion. Gary B. North is the co-founder/past president/current treasurer of BiNet USA, founder of the first national bi newsletter (Bisexuality: News, Views and Networking); longtime journalist and former president of the Los Angeles Newspaper Guild Local 69/TNG-CWA AFL-CIO, co-founder of teh National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Los Angeles Chapter, current vice president of the South Nay LGBT Center in Torrance, CA; founder/leader of numerous support groups. Robyn Ochs is an international speaker and author who advocates for the rights of people of all sexual orientations and genders to live safely, openly and with full legal equality. Robyn's work - at conferences, on college campuses, in corporations, and within LGBT communities - focuses on increasing awareness and understanding of complex identities, and mobilizing people to be powerful allies to one another within and across identities and social movements. Adriana Ferreira is Brazil Diversity Leader and the LGBT Business Resource Group Leader, where she has the responsibility for develop/implement Diversity Inclusion Practices. She is working with the LGBT community in her region and lead several initiatives in the marketplace to promote awareness on the LGBT rights at IBM and in the local market. She is member of a LGBT committee that recently launched a LGBT Best Practices Manual for Enterprise's Leaders. Faith Cheltenham is the current President of BiNet USA, the national non-profit advocacy organization for bisexual people. Faith's been an LGBT activist for 15 years and is also an accomplished writer, poet and stand-up comic. In 2014, Faith was the first president of a bisexual non-profit organization to meet privately with President Obama and witness an executive order signing. #OESUMMIT2014

33 Post-Doma Era: Great News for Companies and Employees!
Featured Session Post-Doma Era: Great News for Companies and Employees! Since 1996, progressive companies have tried to mitigate the impact of Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in search of benefits equality for LGBT families. The Supreme Court took the first steps to end DOMA but new challenges now face LGBT employees and companies. This highly rated panel from the 2013 Summit looked at the DOMA impact, what companies have been doing and what changes are on the horizon. As part of the Town Call series in March of this year, focused on the changing landscape of laws and benefits. Building on that foundation, we will look at the next steps and questions on how businesses are being impacted with the patchwork of decisions that exist today and what are the next steps. Panelists will share their expertise and their insights but also bring your questions so we can expand the discussion on next steps! Panelists: Jennifer C. Pizer Esq (Lambda Legal), Bernadette Harrigan (MassMutual Financial Group), Kirsten E. MacPherson (Boeing), Todd Solomon (McDermott Will & Emery LLP) #OESUMMIT2014

34 Post-Doma Era: Great News for Companies and Employees!
Panelist Biographies Post-Doma Era: Great News for Companies and Employees! Panelist Biographies Bernadette Harrigan is an attorney for MassMutual Life Insurance Company. She handles national class actions, general litigation matters, and provides pre-litigation counseling. She is a founding member of PRIDE: MassMutual's LGBTA Employee Resource Group; is on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association; and the Board of Directors of the National LGBT Bar Association Foundation. She is also the 2013 recipient of the National LGBT Bar Association "Corporate Out Proud" Award. Kirsten MacPherson's role at Boeing is providing oversight on very complex large scale programs. Her career has shown her over and over the practical business - and relationship - benefits of diversity of ideas and approaches and inclusiveness of all team members' practices, beliefs, and models. She represents the Boeing Company on the Out Equal People of Color Advisory Committee. She is married and has been Out (and equal) at her Company since 1994. Brian Tiemann is a member of the Employee Benefits practice group in the Chicago office of McDermott Will Emery LLP. Brian is a frequent author and speaker on employee benefit issues resulting from and same-sex marriages and partnerships. He is also the co-author of Guide to Benefits for Domestic Partners and Same-Gender Couples. He is a member of his firm's diversity and recruiting committees. Jenny Pizer is Senior Counsel and directs Lambda Legal's Law Policy Project. She litigates cases seeking fair conditions for LGBT people in employment, health care and education, protecting family relationships, and challenging the mususe of religion to discriminate. She also drafts legislation, advises policymakers, and works with community advocates to advance law and policy reform. She has received many professional and community service awards, including being named among California's top women litigators seven times. #OESUMMIT2014

35 Featured Session Transgender Military Service: Why it’s Doable, and What it Means for Everyone Else The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” left a gaping hole: transgender people continue to be disqualified for military service. And yet, despite current policy, roughly 150,000 trans people have served, and an estimated 15,000 currently serve in the US Armed Forces twice the rate of non-trans people. Trans veterans Allyson Robinson (former Executive Director of OutServe-SLDN) and Landon Wilson (featured in the Washington Post) will explain how and why trans service is not only possible, but good for the military; and Sue Fulton, SPARTA Chair and the first openly gay member of West Point’s Board of Visitors, will explain what the larger organization learned about being trans allies. Panelists: Allyson Robinson (Warrior Poet Strategies Consulting), Landon Wilson (SPARTA), Kristin Beck, Gautam Raghavan, Susan Fulton #OESUMMIT2014

36 Panelist Biographies Transgender Military Service: Why it’s Doable, and What it Means for Everyone Else Sue Fulton is a 1980 West Point graduate, part of the first class to admit women. Honorably discharged as an Army Captain, she co-founded OutServe and worked to repeal t Ask, Don't Tell." In 2011, the President appointed her the first openly gay member of the West Point Board of Visitors. Fulton and her partner Penny Gnesin were the first same-sex couple to marry in the West Point Cadet Chapel. She currently heads SPARTA in addition to being a product director of consumer healthcare at Pfizer. Allyson D. Robinson is a 1994 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, she was commissioned as an officer in the Army and commanded PATRIOT missile units in Europe and the Middle East. Most recently, as the first Deputy Director for Employee Programs of the HRC Foundation’s Workplace Project, Robinson drove the design and delivery of HRC’s broad portfolio of training and curricula for corporate leadership and employee audiences to improve LGBT cultural competence and inclusion in the workplace. Most recently she served as the executive director of OutServe-SLDN. She lives with her wife of 19 years and their four children in Gaithersburg, Md. A Georgia native, Landon Wilson enlisted in the United States Navy in While enlisted, he held the position of Cryptologic Technician, Third Class Petty Officer, Information Dominance Warfare Specialist. In 2013, Landon deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He has been featured in print media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and visual media as produced by TransMilitary. He currently resides in Washington, DC. Kristin Beck is an author, activist and veteran who served for 20 years as a US Navy SEAL. She received the Bronze star with Valor, Purple Heart, Defense Meritorious Service Medal and many other awards. She retired in 2011 and continues security work for the US government. She works daily with Government Officials toward true liberty and equality within the Armed Forces. #OESUMMIT2014

37 Featured Session From Good to Great with ERGS: Out & Equal Outie Award Winners on Leveraging the Power of ERGs to Meet the Bottom Line As companies manage challenges of budget reductions and organizational realignments, maintaining well supported ERG’s can be significantly impacted. Explore ERG best practice resourcing models implemented by Bank of America, Littler Mendelson, Lockheed Martin, Target and Thomson Reuters that effectively utilize dedicated D&I resources and ERG leadership as a driver for the bottom line. Panelists: Caroline A. Wanga (Target Corporation), Mike Bloch (Bank of America), Rodney Cornelius (Hewlett Packard), Lance Joseph Freedman (Lockheed Martin) #OESUMMIT2014

38 Panelist Biographies From Good to Great with ERGS: Out & Equal Outie Award Winners on Leveraging the Power of ERGs to Meet the Bottom Line Panelist Biographies Caroline Wanga is responsible for supporting Target's internal diversity and inclusion priorities. Caroline began her career at Target in the Distribution group, subsequently serving in a variety of roles in their distribution centers. In February 2014, Caroline was promoted to Director of Diversity Inclusion. Caroline is the mother of a daughter, who loves to play volleyball and who is off to college soon. Caroline resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mike Bloch is the Business Support Executive within Legacy Asset Servicing's Client Coverage Model Line of Business at Bank of America. Prior roles include leading communications for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) 2014 Mortgage Servicing Standards implementation. Bloch joined the Bank in He serves as one of the bank's executive advisors of the LGBT Pride Employee Network and also serves as President of the LGBT Alumni Network at California State University, Northridge. Rodney Cornelius is a dual citizen of the US and Sweden with 17 years of industry experience in a variety of operational, leadership, and managerial roles in diverse areas including Governance, Risk, Compliance, and IT Security. Passionate about LGBT equality, anti-bullying, anti-poverty, and the role technology plays in our daily life, Rodney serves as the Global Chair for HP's Pride ERG, and sits the boards of the Sweden LGBT Professional Alliance and the (ISC2) Sweden Chapter. 2012 OE Trailblazer Outie Award recipient Lance Freedman manages an engineering program for Lockheed Martin's Space Systems Company and leads strategy for its Finance Business Operations function. Lance's innovations have been published by Harvard Business School and Juniper networks. As an ERG lead, Lance led Lockheed Martin's "It Gets Better" video and helped on the HRC CEI, sponsor Out EqualOUT For Work, and establish an annual LGBT Leadership Forum. #OESUMMIT2014

39 The Cost of Homophobia: Using data to drive the business case!
Featured Session The Cost of Homophobia: Using data to drive the business case! We have over the years discussed the impact on LGBT employees of policies and benefits that are not inclusive. As we expand into a discussion around global workplace inclusion, new sources of research are providing valuable data to use in advancing change. Looking at workplaces, corporate values, and state and country perspectives provide us insights on just what is the cost of discrimination. Join our panel to look at the latest research and findings on these topics and how to incorporate the data into your workplace and next steps. Panelists: Thomas Roth (Community Marketing & Insights), Bob Witeck (Witeck Communications, Inc.), M.V. Lee Badgett (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Ian Johnson, LL.B., B.Com. (Out Now), David Paisley (Community Marketing & Insights) #OESUMMIT2014

40 The Cost of Homophobia: Using data to drive the business case!
Panelist Biographies The Cost of Homophobia: Using data to drive the business case! Panelist Biographies Bob Witeck is the President of Witeck Communications, Inc., since 1993 a leading communications expert on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) households and consumers. American Demographics magazine selected Bob Witeck as one of 25 national leaders 'who have made significant contributions to the worlds of demographics, market research, media and trend spotting' for his pioneering work on America's LGBT population. Witeck is also co-author of "Business Inside Out", recognized as the first book on LGBT marketing. M. V. Lee Badgett is a professor of economics and director of the Center for Public Policy and Administration at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is also a Williams Distinguished Scholar at UCLA's Williams Institute. Her research focuses on discrimination against LGBT people in employment and family policy. She has been a consultant to the World Bank, the OECD, USAID, and other international agencies on issues related to the economic cost of exclusion of LGBT people. Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now, is a global thought leader in the ongoing integration of LGBT issues in society. He is one of the most experienced LGBT development leaders in the world. Out Now specializes in diversity research and business development - including the release of new from their 'LGBT Diversity: Show Me The Business Case' report, drawn from the global research initiative that now samples LGBT people living in over 20 countries. David Paisley has been Senior Research Director with CMI for 20 years, coordinating the company's client research projects and professional educational programs. He has worked with a wide variety of corporate, nonprofit and government entities including Wells Fargo, Target Brands, Aetna, Prudential Financial, WNBA, Kaiser Family Foundation, American Cancer Society and the United States Census Bureau to name just a few. David also speaks at LGBT conferences, and conducts training webinars for corporations around the world. Panelists: Thomas Roth (Community Marketing & Insights), Bob Witeck (Witeck Communications, Inc.), M.V. Lee Badgett (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Ineke Mushovic (MAP), Ian Johnson, LL.B., B.Com. (Out Now), David Paisley (Community Marketing & Insights) #OESUMMIT2014

41 All Together Now: Advancing LGBT People of Color Workplace Inclusion
Featured Session All Together Now: Advancing LGBT People of Color Workplace Inclusion The racial and ethnic diversities within the broader LGBT community is one of our greatest assets that has and continues to allow for advancing civil and human rights, inclusion and equality. Nationally, it is estimated that approximately 1/3 of people identifying as LGBT are people of color. Recent reports, including the recently released “A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Color”, indicate that LGBT workers of color remain at disparaging disadvantages securing and maintaining steady gainful employment, making advancing towards senior and executive managerial roles a far reach to many talented workers. Join a panel discussion including members of Out and Equal’s People of Color Advisory Committee to discuss best practices for improving outcomes, better ensuring that LGBT people of color are also positively advancing towards greater inclusion in the workplace, opportunities for professional development and promotion, and active engagement in LGBT employee resource groups. Panelists: Paul Henderson (City and County of San Francisco), Gino Fillon Ramos (, John Burton, Kirsten E. MacPherson (Boeing), Ximena A. Delgado (Bank of America), Alfredo Pedroza #OESUMMIT2014

42 All Together Now: Advancing LGBT People of Color Workplace Inclusion
Panelist Biographies All Together Now: Advancing LGBT People of Color Workplace Inclusion Panelist Biographies Paul Henderson was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Safety by the Mayor of the City of San Francisco, Edwin M. Lee, in March, As Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Henderson serves as a principal advisor to the Mayor and is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic policy and administration among various cabinet and supervisory officials of the local government. The City of San Francisco has over 27,000 employees, and Mr. Henderson is responsible for managing the various city departments that provide direct support to the Mayor on major issues affecting the city with an emphasis on the criminal justice system and local, state and federal partners. Gino Fillon Ramos became active in Bank of America's Pride Resource Group by planning and executing the bank's involvement in the San Francisco Pride Parade. In a career move to, he and 3 other employees co-founded OutForce,'s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Allies Employee Resource Group. OutForce has grown from 4 to over 500 employees globally, achieved a 100 on the HRC CEI, and driven policy change within the company in regards to LGBT needs. Ximena A. Delgado is Senior Vice President and Corporate Social Responsibility Philanthropy Manager in the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. She graduated with a BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley and earned a Master's degree in Science from the Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy at the New School for Social Research in New York. Ms. Delgado and her partner, Frederique Clermont, reside in San Francisco and have two children. Kirsten MacPherson's role at Boeing is providing oversight on very complex large scale programs. Her career has shown her over and over the practical business - and relationship - benefits of diversity of ideas and approaches and inclusiveness of all team members' practices, beliefs, and models. She represents the Boeing Company on the Out Equal People of Color Advisory Committee. She is married and has been Out (and equal) at her Company since 1994. Alfredo Pedroza joined Wells Fargo in He coordinates Wells Fargo government relations activities across the Golden State. Alfredo helps to build strong local relationships between internal leaders and elected officials, monitor legislation, manage enterprise political risk, work with a diverse stakeholder network to support our team members in helping our customers succeed financially. #OESUMMIT2014

43 Allies: Moving from Awareness to Advocacy
Featured Session Allies: Moving from Awareness to Advocacy Allies are recognized as a key component of achieving workplace equality and much has been discussed about opening up ERG/BRG to Allies but what next? Join our panel as they discuss creating networks of allies along with LGBT employees who advocate at all levels of an organization and make a difference in workplace climate and full equality. Learn how these organizations created Ally programs and the differences they are making. Panelists: Aimee Broadhurst (Bank of America), Alicia Schwartz (Target), Brigid Warmerdam (Wells Fargo), Julie Yasko (The Clorox Company), Karyn Likerman (Citi) #OESUMMIT2014

44 Allies: Moving from Awareness to Advocacy
Panelist Biographies Allies: Moving from Awareness to Advocacy Panelist Biographies Karyn Likerman - As a member of Citi's Global Workforce Diversity team, Karyn leads three programs supporting Citi's Employer of Choice goal - Flexible Work, Employee Networks and Dependent Care. With growing participation that spans nearly 150 countries, the flexible work program is a key driver of employee retention and engagement. Under Karyn's leadership, Citi's Employee Network program supports over 100 networks across 18 countries and ten affinities. Karyn holds bachelors' degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education from SUNY at Stony Brook. Alicia Schwarz is responsible for developing and leading her team at to support branded payment offering and acceptance solutions for Target stores and guests. Alicia also serves as the Co-Chair for Target's LGBTA Business Council. She is a founding member and recently served as the chair of the Arise Project for the Greater Twin Cities United Way. Alicia lives with her partner in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she is a perpetually disappointed Minnesota Vikings fan. Aimee Broadhurst is a communications manager in Global Marketing Corporate Affairs (GMCA) supporting Global Technology and Operations (GTO). Aimee has been involved with LGBT Pride for several years and has held various leadership roles/ She is currently serving as both an enterprise co-leader for Pride and as the co-lead for the Americas of the LGBT Pride Ally program which launched in June of 2013. Julie Yasko is currently an Area Sales Manager for Clorox. She is responsible for the growth of the total Clorox portfolio in the Natural Retail Channel across the West Coast, Southwest and Hawaii. In her 4+ years at the company, she has worked in Brand, Analytics, Sales, and Product Supply-facing Roles. She is the Chief of Staff of Clorox Pride, and Co-chair of the SF Out Equal SF Affiliate. When she is not working or supporting the LGBT community, she loves to read fiction, travel, and spend time with her family, friends and boyfriend. Brigid Warmerdam serves as the Enterprise Communications Director of Wells Fargo’s LGBT Employee Resource Group, PRIDE, consisting of 6,000 members world-wide. She designed and launched Wells Fargo’s LGBT Ally Engagement Program to promote workplace inclusiveness throughout the entire company. Brigid is currently pursuing her MBA at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley. Prior to Wells Fargo, Brigid attended the University of San Francisco where she received her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Panelists: Aimee Broadhurst (Bank of America), Alicia Schwartz (Target), Brigid Warmerdam (Wells Fargo), Julie Yasko (The Clorox Company), Karyn Likerman (Citi) #OESUMMIT2014

45 Featured Session Tech Savvy: How Technology Companies are working to Advance LGBT Workplace Equality New century information technology company’s workforces are described as “contemporary and more LGBT-accepting than traditional workplaces”. This evolution in the workplace is gaining national attention. Are existing and start-up technology companies exceptionally LGBT inclusive? What are the drivers of the inclusive nature emerging tech companies and other more traditional work environments? What is the role for LGBT ERGs in these work environments? Hear from technology professionals about the challenges, lessons learned and best practices for creating and maintaining LGBT inclusive workplaces within the high-tech sector. Panelists: Andrea Shorter (Out & Equal), Michael Mattmiller (City of Seattle), Ben Baker (Walmart), Marques Johnson, Michael F. Rinzler (Visa) #OESUMMIT2014

46 Panelist Biographies Tech Savvy: How Technology Companies are working to Advance LGBT Workplace Equality Panelist Biographies Andrea Shorter brings 30 plus years of experience as an accomplished advocate, non-profit manager, public official, and principal consultant with Atlas Leadership Strategies. She is the Vice-President of the Commission on the Status of Women leading policy and program initiatives on domestic violence, and gender equity in the workplace. A graduate of Whittier College, she also completed the Harvard Kennedy School of Government's Executive Education program as a David Bohnett Fellow for LGBT Leaders. As an experienced consultant, Michael Mattmiller has helped government agencies and businesses solve complex systems and technology challenges. His work has spanned technology domains, including software and service development, operations, security, and privacy. Throughout his career, Michael has maintained a focus on collaboration, engaging stakeholders to identify leading practices, create a shared vision of the opportunities created by technology, and drive adoption. Marcques Johnson is a Senior Enterprise Services Rep. at Linkedin, residing in San Jose, CA. In addition to his day to day role, he also serves as the Founder/Global Chair for (Linkedin's LGBT ERG) and is a Linkedin For Good board member, focusing on Engagement. When he isn't glued to a computer screen, he enjoys spending time with his dog, traveling, watching documentaries, and exploring the world of Voice Acting. Michael Rinzler is Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Visa Inc., where he is responsible for legal coverage of strategy, M&A and payment processing matters. Prior to joining Visa, he covered securities matters at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Michael started his career at Cleary Gottlieb in New York, London and Moscow, after clerking for the Hon. Robert W. Sweet of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Michael received his J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. He also holds a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a B.A. from Yale University. Michael, a native New Yorker, is Policy Chair of Visa’s Pride group. Ben Baker - Director, Social Media Marketing at Walmart Panelists: Andrea Shorter (Out & Equal), Michael Mattmiller (City of Seattle), Ben Baker (Walmart), Marques Johnson, Michael F. Rinzler (Visa) #OESUMMIT2014

47 Where are the out LGBT Executives?
Featured Session Where are the out LGBT Executives? How do you navigate your career path to the top executive position and be fully yourself an LGBT employee? For the last 7 years, out execs have come together at the Executive Forum and created a support network and share their best practices. Join this panel as they discuss: Unique challenges of being openly LGBT in high level positions, barriers to more equitable LGBT representation at the senior executive level, yhe business case for equality including during tough economy times and perspectives for future generations of LGBT leaders. Panelists: Deborah J. Schmall (Paul Hastings), George A. Kalogridis (Walt Disney World Resort), Julie A. Hogan (NCR), Tom Johnson (The Clorox Company) #OESUMMIT2014

48 Where are the out LGBT Executives?
Panelist Biographies Where are the out LGBT Executives? Panelist Biographies George A. Kalogridis is president of Walt Disney World Resort, the same place where he began his Disney career, nearly 43 years ago. He oversees a workforce of nearly 70,000 Cast Members at the world's premier vacation destination. Prior to his current role, George served as president of the Disneyland Resort, as chief operating officer for Disneyland Resort Paris, and as senior vice president of Resort Operations for the Disneyland Resort. Tom Johnson leads a financial shared services team and serves as the Chief Accounting Officer for The Clorox Company. Tom has held a number of roles in Finance and Business Development in his 25 years with the Company. Tom also serves as President of the Board of Directors for Out Equal Workplace Advocates. He and his partner, Bruce Genaro, reside in San Francisco, California. A former U.S. Justice Department lawyer, Deborah is an environmental law partner at the SF office of Paul Hastings LLP. She represents companies in high profile federal and state environmental regulatory, remediation, and enforcement defense matters. She was a founding member of the California State Bar's Environmental Law Section, a former chair of the Board of Equal Rights Advocates, and is on the Board of Directors of Openhouse (a non-profit organization devoted to LGBT seniors). Julie Hogan leads a $1B organization of approximately 4,600 service professionals with responsibility for offer deployment, technical, remote, managed services delivery and lifecycle support for NCR customers throughout the US and Canada. Hogan joined NCR in October 2012 following a 25-year career with Xerox Corp. Hogan served in the U.S. Navy. and received her formal education at the McColl School of Business at Queens University in Charlotte, NC, and at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. #OESUMMIT2014

49 Featured Session Implementing and Leveraging Self-identification as a Method for Driving Change Join us to explore the power that LGBT self ID aka self declaration (pick your country) can have as a method for driving change. With leading practice examples from both sides of the Atlantic, we will provide insights into the impact and benefits that LGBT self declaration can have, while also the practical approaches to and challenges of introducing LGBT self declaration in the current US and UK climates. Bring your challenges for an interactive discussion about breaking down barriers while growing your understanding about the legal and human resources tips for implementing and leveraging the information you’ve collected. Panelists: Tim Jarman (EY), Chris Crespo (EY), Ryan H. Nelson (MetLife) #OESUMMIT2014

50 Panelist Biographies Implementing and Leveraging Self-identification as a Method for Driving Change Panelist Biographies Tim Jarman is Assistant Director for Diversity and Inclusiveness for EY's UK and Ireland business where he developed and leads the overall LGBT strategy for the UK and Ireland firm. He also leads the UK and Ireland firm's approach to self identification across all strands of diversity. Outside EY, Tim sits on the Steering Committe of the UK's National Student Pride and is a Director and Trustee of the United Nations Association of the UK. Chris Crespo is an Inclusiveness Director at EY, with 25 years of combined experience in tax and human resources. Chris is part of the Americas Inclusiveness Center of Excellence, integrating inclusiveness into business processes in the Americas with a focus on Professional Networks. She also leads EY's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusiveness strategy with the US arm of EY's LGBTA Network. Chris and her family reside in western Pennsylvania. Ryan H. Nelson is Corporate Counsel for Employment Law at MetLife, where he advises human resources professionals and management on complying with an array of employment laws and managing all phases of employment-related dispute resolution, up to and including litigation, for one of the world's largest providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Mr. Nelson also is an author and frequent presenter on issues at the intersection of employment law and LGBT rights. #OESUMMIT2014

51 Strengthen Global, Empower Local: Taking ERGS International
Global Series Strengthen Global, Empower Local: Taking ERGS International EY and Dow Chemical share the global journeys of their ERGs. Learn how they have strengthened the global connectivity of their ERGs around the world, whilst also empowering them to operate in the way that works best for their local needs. However, initiating, growing and expanding ERGs in new geographies is often challenging due to real and perceived cultural differences, local laws and workplace policies. This workshop is designed to be a practical discussion on how to grow and expand ERGs globally, will explore the obstacles and challenges both internally and externally that may be encountered during global expansion. You'll hear the different approaches that EY and Dow Chemical have taken on their global journeys, with an opportunity to share and discuss your own approaches, challenges and successes. Panelists: Tim Jarman (EY), Chris Crespo (EY), Rath Chienchi Wang (EY), Dr. Gary Rudgers (The Dow Chemical Company), Tlaca Benavides (The Dow Chemical Company), Lennart Heip (The Dow Chemical Company) #OESUMMIT2014

52 Let’s Get Social - LGBT Social Collaboration at IBM
Global Series Let’s Get Social - LGBT Social Collaboration at IBM In today's corporate environment, social collaboration tools have become a critical business driver for establishing a culture of employee engagement Empowering communities to engage and act enables corporations to address the multiple dimensions of diversity, specifically diversity of thought,which is critical for stimulating innovation across the global enterprise. IBM's social collaboration strategy enables IBMers across multiple geographies, constituencies, and generations to effectively work together - resulting in better decision making, a greater understanding of changing customer needs, and preservation of critical knowledge. This presentation provides an introduction to IBM's social collaboration capabilities and presents a panel of IBMers from different regions to discuss how IBM achieves effective collaboration across our LGBT communities worldwide. Panelists: Silvy Vluggen (IBM), Tony Tenicela (IBM) #OESUMMIT2014

53 Global Series Partnering with Government for Global LGBT Social & Economic Empowerment More inclusive societies are more likely to be democratic, participatory, and equitable. No society can develop successfully without providing equitable opportunities, resources, and life prospects for every member. Emerging evidences unveil how detrimental exclusion is: the Williams Institute has highlighted the economic cost of homophobia -- estimated at % of GDP in India. (Preliminary finding as of March 12, 2014.) U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) understands the need for a holistic development assistance and empowerment to the LGBT communities around the globe. USAID focuses on explicit inclusion of LGBT persons in the workforce development and political leadership training, and launched a new partnership with NGLCC, among others. Join us to discuss what the private sector and USAID could do together. Panelists: Anthony Cotton (USIAD), Zaid A. Zaid (USIAD), Rosarie Tucci (USIAD), Alexis Bonnell #OESUMMIT2014

54 Managing LGBT Mobility in a Global Organization
Global Series Managing LGBT Mobility in a Global Organization Given the mobility of today's workforce, employers must ensure that their employee reassignment and relocation programs provide them the ability to place their best people in positions regardless of where they may be. On the international front, employers must consider how to deal with reassignments to areas of the world where there is open hostility toward the LGBT community. This multimedia presentation will include videos that highlight some challenges that arise with employee reassignments. Members of the panel will discuss how best to attract, retain and protect LGBT talent in a global organization and outline the best practices around ensuring that employee mobility policies provide both opportunity and security to their LGBT employees and families, taking into consideration concerns that include both culture and religion. Panelists: Denise Visconti, JD (Littler Mendelson), Fatime Doczi (Dolce Hotels & Resorts), Robert Conti (Littler Mendelson), John Henry Watson (Citi), Ana Duarte-McCarthy (Citi), Karen Powell (Citi) #OESUMMIT2014

55 Advancing LGBT Workplace Equality in India
Global Series Advancing LGBT Workplace Equality in India In January, 2014 Intuit's Banglaore, India campus played host to a cross-company roundtable on LGBT workplace equality. Senior leaders from Intuit, IBM, Google, Thompson Reuters, Citi and Dell joined together to reaffirm their commitment to LGBT equality in the wake of the recent re-criminalization of homosexual behavior by the Indian High court. Their shared goal: help create an inclusive workplace for LGBT employees in India and to foster the best practices for LGBT inclusion in India and beyond. Please join us to hear the transformative story of how this summit took shape, the lessons learned, and the commitment that these leaders have made to continue efforts to support full equality in the workplace. Panelists: Scott Beth (Intuit), Zafar Parekh (Thomson Reuters) #OESUMMIT2014

56 Out Now LGBT2020: Diversity - Show Me The Business Case
Global Series Out Now LGBT2020: Diversity - Show Me The Business Case How can business measure their outcomes to know their investment in LGBT diversity is worth it? Out Now Global is releasing specialized research data to do exactly that. Diversity matters, but devising and implementing workplace diversity programs costs money. With outcomes measurable both as percentage improvements where workers feel able to be out as LGBT and as actual bottom-line dollar impacts for business - Out Now's ongoing LGBT2020 global research initiative delivers business the metrics needed to understand the true bottom-line value of LGBT diversity policies at work. Following the release in 2014 of their groundbreaking 'LGBT Diversity - Show Me The Business Case' report, Out Now's CEO Ian Johnson is bringing the latest research in the field to the Out & Equal Workplace Summit. Includes a panel discussion on this latest LGBT2020 research following the initial presentation. Panelists: Mr. Ian Johnson, LL.B., B.Com. (Out Now), Jonathan D. Lovitz (StartOut) #OESUMMIT2014

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