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U.S. EPA Gone Rogue 1 Compiled by Gary Corlies Benbrook Water Authority Vice President & Legislative Chairman 21 February 2011 Polluting America with Unnecessary,

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1 U.S. EPA Gone Rogue 1 Compiled by Gary Corlies Benbrook Water Authority Vice President & Legislative Chairman 21 February 2011 Polluting America with Unnecessary, Stifling, Unaffordable Environmental Regulations Based on Junk Science Out of Control

2 U.S. EPA Gone Rogue Does the EPA do Americans more harm than good? The EPA was established to help the government respond to environmental disasters and spread conservation awareness. The EPA has become a bloated, over-reaching disaster of it’s own; imposing onerous, unwarranted regulations that have blocked affordable energy development, stifled businesses, killed jobs and squandered billions of dollars. Experts referenced here illustrate how this out-of-control agency is harming America’s economy and competiveness. 2 Out of Control

3 In their own words… The EPA celebrates its 40th birthday. EPA Head, Lisa Jackson, will “highlight the impact of the EPA's efforts to “clean up the air Americans breathe and the water they drink and the communities they live in” as well as her agency’s crusade to attend to “the unfinished business of the environmental movement.” Today’s EPA Mission is Environmental Activism 3 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

4 Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud (Robert L. Park, Professor and scientific skeptic) Junk science is the creature of “scientists, many of whom have impressive credentials, who craft arguments deliberately intended to deceive or confuse.” 1. pathological science1. pathological science, wherein genuine scientists deceive themselves 2. junk science2. junk science, speculative theorizing which bamboozles rather than enlightens 3. pseudoscience3. pseudoscience information falsely claiming to have a scientific basis, which may be dependent on supernatural explanations 4. Fraudulent science, exploiting bad science for the purposes of fraudbad sciencefraud Today EPA research is selective, systematic junk science at best, with many instances of pseudoscience and fraud. Junk Science Rules at the EPA 4 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

5 The “Voodoo science”, senator calls EPA data on nuke dump future Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., a staunch critic of the Yucca project, called the standard the product of "voodoo science and arbitrary numbers." The state's other senator, Republican John Ensign, said the standard had no scientific basis and was "a blatant disregard for the health of Nevadans.“ …Senator Reid gets it Junk Science Rules 5 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

6 Junk Science Is Creating Bad EPA Policy William F. Shughart II ; F. A. P.; Professor of Economics at The University of Mississippi Now comes news that the government’s science on secondhand smoke was second rate. On July 17, a federal judge in North Carolina ruled that the EPA had committed numerous scientific and procedural errors in concluding that exposure to ETS adversely affects the health of nonsmokers. Working to a predetermined agenda, the agency selectively disregarded relevant information, deviated from its own risk assessment guidelines after it became clear that the evidence supporting its foregone conclusion did not meet standard levels of statistical significance, and ignored contradictory views of its own risk assessment experts. The EPA’s report linking ETS to lung cancer in nonsmokers, in short, was not based on sound science, but was rigged to push a particular politically correct point of view. Junk Science Rules 6 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

7 The EPA SMOG Fraud (Steve Milloy) The EPA alleges that the more stringent standards prevents as many as 12,000 premature deaths per year and thousands of cases of bronchitis, asthma and nonfatal heart attacks — all for the price of $19 billion to $90 billion per year. To make the rule seem like a no- brainer, the EPA values the proposal's health benefits at $13 billion to $100 billion per year. The EPA points to a slew of studies to back up its proposal, but the scientific and economic reality of the proposal is far different. There is no body of systematically collected and scientifically analyzed data showing ambient levels of smog in the U.S. are the primary cause of a substantial or even detectable number of significant health effects. EPA points to published studies it claims support its proposal, these studies invariably involve cherry-picked data that have been statistically tortured to produce dubious, even suspicious results — these studies tend to emanate from EPA-funded researchers. Junk Science Rules 7 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

8 EPA Junk Science on Air Pollution Deaths (John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D.) This incest between EPA and public health academia, the medical journals, and so-called independent research organizations like the Health Effects Institute is unfortunate because it prevents impartial analysis of environmental health effects research. There are too many conflicts of financial and policy interest. This is not just a pattern for the EPA but is symptomatic of the growth of government. The EPA and other government agencies use taxpayer dollars to fund the work of activist organizations. The EPA funds the American Lung Association, the Sierra Club, and the Environmental Defense Fund, then the EPA "endures" activist organizations' lawsuits and demands for more EPA activity. The EPA funds, supports, and rewards research that "forces" more aggressive EPA regulatory activities. The economic and risk analysis research funded by the EPA, not surprisingly, usually confirms EPA action and policy. When EPA internal or external research conflicts with policy, it is stifled. Junk Science Rules 8 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

9 EPA's Peer-review Perversion …cherry-pick like-minded reviewers ( Steven Milloy and Joel Bucher) EPA claims science demands changing allowable ozone concentrations. But the proposed standards failed public review. Flaws in the science on the PM 2.5 standard ran so deep that calls were made to release the underlying data from the key epidemiological studies on which the EPA relied: the Harvard Six Cities study and the Pope study. The studies' authors haven't allowed independent scientists to scrutinize their work - not surprising given the EPA's recent admission that it failed to catch a statistical error in the Pope study that forced the agency to lower the estimated benefits of the new fine particle standard from 20,000 to 15,000 reduced deaths annually. Questions about the studies forced the EPA to ask the Health Effects Institute to sponsor yet another review. HEI is slated to carry out a re-analysis of the key studies to determine their reliability Junk Science Rules 9 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

10 ETHANOL: DIRTIER AIR, MORE POLLUTION, RUINED ENGINES — SO THE EPA WANTS YOU TO USE MORE! Robert Bryce at the Manhattan Institute:Robert Bryce at the Manhattan Institute: Senior Fellow Ethanol is a pure scam. In July the CBO reported that corn-ethanol subsidies cost U.S. taxpayers more than $7 billion a year. Corn-based ethanol is not supportable on economic, environmental or logistical grounds. It increases air pollution, water pollution, freshwater consumption, coastal pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and food prices. We have had three decades of subsidies, yet no decline in oil imports. The real outrage is air quality. The EPA admitted in 2007 that increased use of ethanol in gasoline would increase emissions of key air pollutants by as much as 7 percent. On Wednesday they again acknowledged that increased ethanol consumption will mean higher emissions of key pollutants. The EPA has announced that it will raise the limit to 15% to bail out the ethanol industry. …why is this scam allowed to continue? Junk Science Rules 10 U.S. EPA Gone Rogue EPA

11 EPA Buries Their Own Report on Global Warming A significant internal critique of the agency's global warming position, was suppressed by the Environmental Protection Agency's Office Director Al McGartland. Withholding Carlin's study tainted the Endangerment proceedings by denying the public access to important agency information. This report raises serious questions on the governments bill HR2454, American Clean Energy & Security Act. and raises questions on the Obama administration's Cap and Trade agenda. Rep. Joe Barton, the senior Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, invoked Carlin's report in a floor speech during the debate on Friday. "The science is not there to back it up," Barton said. "An EPA report that has been suppressed...raises grave doubts about the endangerment finding. …Representative Barton gets it.invoked Junk Science Rules 11 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

12 The Environmental Protection Agency is poised to seize new power to regulate emissions of carbon dioxide unless Congress acts to stop them. Carbon dioxide is neither a pollutant nor a threat to human life or the environment. Despite new predictions that the Earth is entering a new cooling phase, the EPA intends to cap carbon dioxide emissions to stop nonexistent global warming. …The agenda trumps science! Stop the EPA Shake-down 12 Billions the are wasted on junk science scams that severely restricts domestic energy, drives up prices, kills American jobs and chokes the economy. Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

13 Stop the EPA Shake-down 13 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

14 Stop the EPA Shake-down 14 The EPA has no competent oversight. The EPA seeks and relies on bias data from activists groups to justify imposing unnecessary regulations that are stifling and unaffordable. They answer only to the President and the U.S. Congress. Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

15 Texas Takes Legal Action Against Federal Government Over EPA CO2 Mandates 2/16/2010 - AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples today announced that the state is taking legal action in the US Court of Appeals challenging the EPA overreaching CO2 regulation Stop the EPA Shake-down Governor Perry gets it… 15 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue

16 Murkowski Floor Statement on her EPA Disapproval Resolution Sen. Murkowski, the ranking Republican on the Senate Energy Committee today introduced a bipartisan disapproval resolution to stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating greenhouse emissions Stop the EPA Shake-down 16 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue Senator Murkowski gets it…

17 Disapproval of EPA's Endangerment Finding Idaho Senator Crapo's comments on the expected vote in the Senate on a Resolution of Disapproval of the EPA's Endangerment Finding. Stop the EPA Shake-down 17 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue Senator Crapo gets it…

18 Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., said EPA administrator Lisa Jackson's decision to rely on information from the U.N.'s International Panel on Climate Change to institute the endangerment finding is irresponsible. “So EPA's endangerment finding rests on bad science," "We knew they were cooking the science to support the flawed UN IPCC agenda," he said. "I suspect Climate-gate is only the beginning." Stop the EPA Shake-down 18 Out of Control U.S. EPA Gone Rogue Senator Inhofe gets it…

19 Reign in the Rogue Agency Congress must hold the EPA Accountable 19 Obvious, outrageous EPA fraud continues with impunity as if sanctioned by the Congress… Congress needs a single EPA oversight committee empowered to judge an approve the EPA’s scientific and statistical research. Void EPA regulations that can not be substantiated by verified research. Out of Control

20 20 Out of Control Reform // Replace the EPA …Urgent first steps Repeal bad regulations immediately. Free business and tax-payers to invest in the economy instead of paying for environmental snake-oil. Drastically cut EPA Funding. Potential savings are huge, helping both the economy and the deficit. What's not to like here? EPA reform will take time…

21 Benbrook implores Congress to link repeal of the Water Disinfectant Byproduct Regulation and Ethanol to the CO2 mandates. EPA has no evidence that this new water regulation is necessary. Water plants across Texas and the U.S. have spent billions on compliance, needlessly driving up the cost of water. There is no verifiable research that confirms drinking water disinfectant byproducts has caused birth defects and bladder cancer as claimed by the EPA. For justification the EPA points to what they describe as “difficult and incomplete empirical analysis of epidemiology and toxicology studies”. …sound familiar? 21 Out of Control Repeal Bad Regulations

22 The EPA did not account for, or quantify, other probable causes such as diet, heredity, life-style choices or many other causes in their incomplete analysis. Without quantifiable data, they cannot claim to understand and to prescribe acceptable levels of byproducts for drinking water. The U.S. has successfully treated water using disinfectants for the past 100 years. The number of documented cases of birth defects and bladder cancer attributed to disinfectant byproducts in drinking water is zero, zip, zilch, nada, none!!! The EPA cost benefit analysis was equally skewed to support their false theory. …sound familiar? …they just make this stuff up! 22 Out of Control Repeal Bad Regulations

23 The new CO2 standards will be devastating to businesses and the economy. The Ethanol scam is a contemptible waste. The Water Disinfectant Byproduct mandates have already cost billions effecting nearly everyone who pays for water. All are based on junk science and are unjustified. Repeal these unnecessary regulations. 23 Repeal Bad Regulations Hold the EPA Accountable

24 The Benbrook Water Authority is governed by an elected 5 member Board of Directors that is determined not to waste our public treasure on unjustified EPA regulations. The Board appeals to the U.S. Congress on behalf of our 27,000 constituents (and 308 million water-drinking Americans) to repeal the unjustified, costly EPA Disinfectant Byproduct Regulation that is part the larger systemic EPA scientific fraud. 24 Appeal to Congress 1121 Mercedes Street Benbrook, TX 76126 Stop the Fraud - Reign in the EPA Dennis G. LindgronPresident Gary CorliesVice President Rick WhitehurstSecretary Patricia DunkinDirector Robert L. CookDirector

25 25 Appeal to Congress Americans are counting on Congress to save us from the EPA The Honorable Kay Bailey HutchisonUnited States Senator from Texas The Honorable John CornynUnited States Senator from Texas The Honorable Sam JohnsonUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 3 The Honorable Jeb HensarlingUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 5 The Honorable Joe BartonUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 6 The Honorable Kay GrangerUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 12 The Honorable Ron PaulUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 14 The Honorable Kenny MarchantUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 24 The Honorable Michael C. BurgessUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 26 The Honorable Eddie Bernice JohnsonUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 30 The Honorable Pete SessionsUnited States House of Representatives, Texas District 32 The Honorable Tom PetriHouse Sub-Committee on Transportation and infrastructure Chairman The Honorable Bob GibbsHouse Sub-Committee on Water Resource and Environment Chairman The Honorable Andrew (Andy) HarrisHouse Subcommittee on Energy and Environment Chairman The Honorable John ShimkusHouse Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy Chairman The Honorable Steve WomackHouse Subcommittee on Energy and Water Chairman The Honorable Rand PaulSenate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources The Honorable James M. InhofeSenate Committee on Enviromental and Public Works The Honorable Tom CoburnSenate Subcommittee on Investigations The Honorable Fred UptonSenate Committee on Energy and Commerce

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