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THE YEAR AHEAD IN ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY John Sullivan January 25, 2013.

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1 THE YEAR AHEAD IN ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY John Sullivan January 25, 2013

2 / / 2 THE YEAR AHEAD  ‘The Threat of Climate Change’ Possibilities and Pitfalls What Lies Ahead?  The Broader Agenda Key Regulatory Actions Setting the Tone for the Next Term


4 / / 4 RAISING THE STAKES ) January 2013 ‘We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations … The path towards sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult. But America cannot resist this transition; we must lead it. ‘

5 / / 5 POSSIBILITIES & PITFALLS IN CONGRESS  Flurry of Activity Priority for Sen. Reid Climate Caucus in Senate; Bicameral Task Force  Laying the Groundwork 2014 and Beyond  Carbon Tax A Revenue Raiser, but Where is the Support? Sanders Bill Would Impose a ‘Fee’  Renewables/Energy Efficiency Some minor bills, but no major initiatives expected

6 / / 6 POSSIBILITIES & PITFALLS REGULATORY FRONT  EPA Greenhouse Gas Standards New Power Plant Regs Due by April What to Do About Existing Plants? Refineries Down the Road?  Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards Double Standards for Cars, Lt. Duty Trucks by 2025 1 st Tier of Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles in Place More Action on Heavy-Duty Vehicles Possible  DOE Energy Efficiency Standards Rules Stalled Under White House Review

7 / / 7 POSSIBILITIES & PITFALLS WHAT LIES AHEAD?  State of the Union More Meat on Policy Bones  Fiscal 2014 Budget Proposal A Tale of Numbers and Policies


9 / / 9 THE BROADER AGENDA THE REGULATORY FRONT  Air Pollution New Proposed Smog Standards Coming Interstate Transport of Pollution a Vexing Problem Defending Mercury Standards for Power Plants New Gasoline Standards  Water Pollution New Effluent Limits for Power Plants What Does the Clean Water Act Protect? >Guidance/Rule Could Expand Reach  Power Plant Coal Ash Hazardous Waste or Not?

10 / / 10 THE BROADER AGENDA THE REGULATORY FRONT  Toxic Chemicals More Data, Disclosure by Manufacturers >Significant New Use Rules >Chemical Data Reporting Rule >Data Collection Rules >Challenges to Claims of Confidentiality >Looking to move regulations through OMB

11 / / 11 THE BROADER AGENDA TOUGH DECISIONS AHEAD  Life After Lisa How Aggressive Will EPA Be? >Agenda Driven by Lawsuits, Statutes >Policy Choices Remain

12 / / 12 Acknowledgments Bloomberg BNA Reporters Andrew Childers, Jessica Coomes, Ari Natter, Pat Rizzuto, Amena Saiyid, Dean Scott

13 / / 13 Contact Information: John Sullivan Director, Environment, Health, & Safety News Bloomberg BNA (703) 341-3752

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