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Autodesk – 2008 product family 1 Complete solutions for Infrastructure Design and Management Imre Kovacs Channel Manager.

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1 Autodesk – 2008 product family 1 Complete solutions for Infrastructure Design and Management Imre Kovacs Channel Manager

2 Autodesk – 2008 product family 2 Agenda Autodesk Company Overview Industry trends Civil Engineering Solution Geospatial Solutions Customer References

3 © 2006 Autodesk3 Company Overview

4 Autodesk – 2008 product family 4 Infrastructure Building Manufacturing Media & Entertainment Autodesk 1.84 Billion US Dollar revenue in 2006 Some facts:  6.8 Million Customers  1’700 Resellers  1’100 Training Centers  More than 4’000 employees  500+ Topobase Customers  100.000+ sold Civil 3D  300.000+ sold Map 3D  3.000.000+ Sold AutoCAD

5 © 2006 Autodesk5 Industry Trends

6 Autodesk – 2008 product family 6 Welcome to Autodesk AEC Architecture, Engineering and Construction  Deliver more complete industry message  Better support interoperability initiatives

7 Autodesk – 2008 product family 7 The Best Technology CAD Complex Project Management BIM Dynamic Civil Modeling

8 Autodesk – 2008 product family 8 The Future  Analysis & Simulation  Visualization  Design Information  Complex Project Mgmt Construction Operation Building DesignCivil Design

9 Autodesk – 2008 product family 9 Business Problems  Islands of information in disconnected departments  Redundancy, inaccuracy, data conversions  Lack of access to information GIS Engineering Finance Customer Service Construction Operations

10 © 2006 Autodesk10 Autodesk Civil Solution

11 Autodesk – 2008 product family 11 Dynamic Modeling for Civil Engineers Better decision making Make changes quickly, easily Support AutoCAD-based workflow Civil Drafting Automate drafting for civil projects Drafting a by-product of design and analysis Update drawings to reflect design changes Analysis For Civil Design Analyze for design compliance Support for Sustainable Design Autodesk Civil Engineering Solution Support All Civil Workflows Integrated Design Modeling, Analysis, and Drafting operations

12 Autodesk – 2008 product family 12 Quality & Performance  cul-de-sacs (2x to 5x faster)  highway interchange (4x faster)  contour regeneration (2x faster)  contour labeling (24x faster)  adding survey networks (12x faster)  adding a boundary (2x faster)  interference checks for pipes (10x faster)  create and move points (slow to immediate)  grading much more stable AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008: Longer Test Period Broader Beta Participation Improved functionality

13 © 2006 Autodesk13 Autodesk Geospatial Solutions

14 Autodesk – 2008 product family 14 Autodesk Infrastructure Solutions Solution Modules for Infrastructure Management Integrate Enterprise Apps w/ Spatial Data Engineering CAD (Internal or External) Planning GIS Maintenance and Operations Web Clients (Internal or External) Wireless or offline

15 Autodesk – 2008 product family 15 Autodesk Topobase Vertical Modules Concept  Based on AutoCAD Map 3D, MapGuide and Oracle Spatial  Open system Each module has  Specific data model  Business rules and workflows  Multiple display models Water Electric Gas Sewer Land Management (Cadastre) Survey

16 © 2006 Autodesk16 Our customers said...

17 Autodesk – 2008 product family 17 Challenge Why Autodesk? Results  Maintain cadastre data easier and 500% faster. Finalize a mutation between 1 and 5 Minutes  Data services via the Internet  Map Copy on demand „push the button“ “The inefficiencies in our old system hindered our ability to control costs and improve processes as our organization became self-sufficient. We recognized that it was time to consider moving to a new technology.” András Osskó Deputy Director of the Budapest District Land Office Open system easy to maintain Standard Cadastre Functionality in the Framework Value for Money  Migrate Existing cadastre to new technology and based on Hungarian standard DAT  Cheaper and Faster  Integration with Register Maintaining Cadastre data for a city of 2 Mio People Editing Seats 16 Intranet Viewers >100 Hungary

18 Autodesk – 2008 product family 18 Challenge Why Autodesk? Results Increased data access by 500% GIS connected to: SAP  ISU  PM (Plant management)  MM (Material Management) SCADA Network capacity analysis tools “Due to Autodesk’s level of cooperation, we were successful and finalized the project on time.” Stephane Laurion GIS Manager Open system Fast data sharing Broad utility functionality Slow access to network information Disconnected data Increased competition Improve customer support for 300,000 individuals Customers: 300’000 Editing Seats 50 Intranet Viewers 150 Switzerland

19 Autodesk – 2008 product family 19 Challenge: Design roads, drainage systems, parking lots Create interactive 3D models “From version to version, Autodesk Civil 3D is a leading complete civil engineering solution!” Denis Šimenić, B.S.C.E. Rencon d.o.o. Success with AutoCAD Civil 3D Rencon d.o.o. (Croatia) Why Autodesk: 3D model-based design Familiar interface Impressive visualization Style-based labeling Results: Immediate 3D visualization Projects completed faster Fewer data errors

20 Autodesk – 2008 product family 20 Challenge: Level and shape terrain for Hyundai manufacturing plant Calculate cut and fill volumes “By using Civil 3D we achieve our goals and requirements quicker, so we save time, which greatly improves the quality of our projects.” Ing. David Havránek, SUNCAD Designer Success with AutoCAD Civil 3D SUNCAD, s.r.o.(Czech Republic) Why Autodesk: Easily insert source data Fast, easy design changes Interactive capabilities enable balanced terrain shaping Results: Detailed terrain shape layout Precise volume calculations Improved project quality Projects completed more quickly

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