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Bentley PowerCivil.

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1 Bentley PowerCivil

2 PowerCivil High-level site design solution at an entry-level price
Runs standalone – no extra CAD required Industry-standard formats DGN DWG PDF No CAD platform Full native support of DGN and DWG (Key ins, etc). PDF deliverables

3 One Complete Solution Full survey package Digital terrain modeling
Site modeling/design Street layout and design Drainage design Water/sewer layout and profiling Geotechnical Integrated 2D and 3D CAD environment

4 Unlimited Project Types
Subdivision development Residential/ commercial sites Municipal works Roadways Urban intersections Highway intersections Parking lots Airports Golf courses

5 PowerCivil Subdivisions, commercial sites, and campuses
Roadwork and intersections complementing a highway interchange

6 More Project Types Landfills Mining design and site restoration Ponds
Pads Drainage schemes Canals Channels and ditches Channel and river design/restoration Bridge abutments

7 Open Area Amphitheatre Site Restoration
Designed by H J Banks, Newcastle, England

8 Bridge Abutment Works Designed by HNTB

9 Clearwater Golf Resort in New Zealand
Developed by Boffa Miskel

10 Who Uses PowerCivil? Civil/site designers (and civil design companies)
Surveying professionals Provides low-cost standalone survey tools compatible with all major CAD and survey data formats Designers of storm drainage and water/sewer reticulation systems Civil consultants needing compatibility with leading transportation engineering software systems

11 Industrial Site Designers Environmental Engineers
Who Uses PowerCivil? Landscape Architects Golf Course Designers Architects Industrial Site Designers Mine Designers Municipal Engineers Environmental Engineers Anyone who moves dirt!

12 Handles dynamic changes to easily meet client requirements
Why Use PowerCivil? Handles dynamic changes to easily meet client requirements

13 Why Use PowerCivil? Easy to learn and use Intuitive menu system
Logical access to all tools Integrated environment Consistent graphical user interface

14 Why Use PowerCivil? Wizards Online resources and lectures
Virtual Training Classes ETS Resource Center

15 Why Use PowerCivil? Addresses the field-to-finish needs of land development projects Flexibility – Design in 2D or 3D Allows work in multiple views Plan/Profile/XS/3D available separately or interactively Integrated solution Modifications to surface modeling reverberate through drainage and water/sewer designs

16 Why Use PowerCivil? Natively supports the major CAD platforms
DGN DWG Work in multiple formats Site team works in a single environment

17 PowerCivil Tools Survey data management Digital terrain modeling
Site modeling/design Drainage systems Water and sewer systems

18 Survey Topographical survey reduction, mapping & DTM creation
Comprehensive cadastral/lot design and annotation capabilities Full geodetic transformation

19 Digital Terrain Modeling
Creation of DTMs from multiple sources Extensive array of dynamic DTM editing tools Comprehensive set of analysis tool

20 Site Design/Modeling Established and stable object-orientated technology Dynamic relationship modeling functionality Interactive and comprehensive street design capabilities

21 Drainage Comprehensive hydraulic design capabilities
Interactive, dynamic component-based editing Comprehensive reporting, stakeout, and plans production tools

22 Water/Sewer Alignment and layout design functionality
Thorough utility conflict-checking capabilities Dynamic profile creation and manipulation

23 Thank You Questions?

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