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Strategic Development Concept Enterprise, Alabama Planning Objectives for 2005 : Devise a physical vision—a strategic concept for development and conservation.

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2 Strategic Development Concept

3 Enterprise, Alabama Planning Objectives for 2005 : Devise a physical vision—a strategic concept for development and conservation of Enterprise Prepare a plan to guide development— land use, accessibility, infrastructure Update the city’s zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations Prepare Enterprise citizens to carry out their plans

4 Enterprise in 2000 Enterprise residents—per the 2000 Census: 21,178 Total population, including: 3,415 Civilian veterans 8,533 Total households, including: 3,052 Households with members under 18 2,047 Households with members over 65 64% Owner-occupied housing units 36% Renter-occupied housing units

5 Enterprise in 2000 Enterprise workers—per the 2000 Census: 9,901 Total labor force 8,924 Civilian labor force 977 Armed forces 542 Unemployed (3.3%) 6,472 Private sector workers 1,903 Government workers

6 Enterprise in 2000 Enterprise commuters—per the 2000 Census: 7,760 Drove alone 1,017 Carpooled

7 Enterprise: Overview





12 Parks Main Street School system Small city atmosphere Recreation Dept / facilities Cultural Alliance Boll Weevil Circle Accessibility Maneuverability New residential construction Local merchants / stores Hometown feeling Medical Center Fort Rucker Senior Center Churches Assets: Town Meeting 2005

13 Vacant lots Abandoned homes & cars Inadequate Civic Center Lack of sewer on north side No public transportation Main Street area standards No cultural activity venue No art museum Incomplete medical facilities Incomplete streets & sidewalks Underutilized industrial sites Air quality around the mills Insufficient road capacity Downtown parking inadequate Signals and pedestrian x-ings Blind intersections Liabilities: Town Meeting 2005

14 Fort Rucker New industry Retirees moving in Land use succession Proximity to Interstate 10 Impact of growth on our sense of community Impact of growth on utilities, civic facilities, fire department Draining effect of Dothan on local businesses Impact of 4-laning US 84 Outside Forces: Town Meeting 2005

15 Small town People / personal Values / ideals Attitudes Relaxed Pace of life Hometown Pride Affordable Safety Jobs Kids Schools Church Military Multi-national Why live / work / invest in Enterprise: Town Meeting 2005 Heritage Friendly Support Service Location Climate Quality of life Environment

16 Comprehensive Plan Global strategy Community image upgrade Legible city limits City expanded south & west Community utilizing its resources More trees / saved trees Land use compatibility Commercial needs met locally Historic downtown upgraded Systematic code enforcement Development management system Missing from personal visions for the city: Town Meeting 2005

17 Traffic congestion resolved Public transportation SR 167 and US 84 (4-Lane) Walkable city Sidewalks in neighborhoods Utilities upgraded Expanded city hall, police & fire department facilities New Civic / Conference Center Outdoor recreation Aquatic facility Therapeutic recreation facilities Family fun center Welcome Center Higher education expanded Entry-level jobs / training …also missing from personal visions for the city: Town Meeting 2005

18 Strategic Development Concept Building a vision: Local desires Existing resources Inadequacies resolved Vacant space or land Adjacent conditions Drainage/wetlands/flooding Access, water, sewer

19 Parks Tree cover Main Street Education facilities Small city atmosphere Natural drainage system Recreation facilities Accessibility Industrial sites Vacant land and buildings Water and sewer systems Local merchants / stores Civic institutions Medical Center Fort Rucker Airport Build on existing resources: Strategic Development Concept

20 Vacant lots Abandoned homes & cars Commercial corridor image Lack of sewer on north side Civic & Conference Center Cultural / arts venues Resolve inadequacies… Strategic Development Concept

21 Downtown parking Insufficient road capacity Land use incompatibilities Underutilized industrial sites Signals & pedestrian crossings Incomplete streets & sidewalks Blind intersections …and conflicts: Strategic Development Concept

22 Global strategy Citywide legibility Gateways to Enterprise Image corridors Access management Downtown / Main Street Neighborhood interaction, focus & communication Annexation Essential elements: Strategic Development Concept

23 Development management Commercial centers Commercial corridors Industrial infill Residential infill Expansion south & west Medical Center expansion Higher education expansion Fort Rucker connections …more essential elements: Strategic Development Concept

24 Sewer & water system Expanded city hall Expanded police facilities More fire stations Conference and civic center 4-Lane US 84 and SR 167 Sidewalk network expansion Street system enhancement …more essential elements: Strategic Development Concept

25 Green Infrastructure Greenway & trail system Tree cover City park system Outdoor recreation Therapeutic recreation Aquatic center …more essential elements: Strategic Development Concept

26 Testing the Concept WOW question responses: Enterprise development will be guided by priorities that put people first. Those aspects of the community we value most will remain and be improved. Water and sanitary sewer service will be available in all parts of the city.

27 Testing the Concept …more WOW responses: Downtown will be revitalized and connected to its traditional edges. The now-vacant mills will be redeveloped as vital parts of the community. There will be significant infill and redevelopment of vacant and underutilized property, both inside and along Boll Weevil Circle.

28 Testing the Concept …and more WOW responses: Enterprise will be truly walkable, and its declining neighborhoods will be revitalized. There will be park and recreation facilities for all ages and interests. Enterprise will have many points of interest – a variety of places for our diverse population to go and do things.


30 Enterprise Planning Process Coming attractions: Land Use and Transportation Plans—tonight!! Public Investment Plans Plan Implementation System Public hearings and adoption Update zoning and subdivision regulations Public hearings and adoption


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