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Southern Scottsdale Character Area Plan Plan Overview & Major General Plan Amendment Initiation Discussion Planning Commission April 14, 2010.

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1 Southern Scottsdale Character Area Plan Plan Overview & Major General Plan Amendment Initiation Discussion Planning Commission April 14, 2010

2 Presentation Summary Plan Purpose/Process – Background – Common Themes – Key Draft Plan Concepts Initiation of the Major General Plan Amendment – Process – Proposed Amendments Next Steps

3 2001 GP Three Levels of Planning As stated in the General Plan, Scottsdale has a three level planning approach: 1.General Plan Broad, citywide guiding principles 2.Character Plan Vision and role of an area 3.Neighborhood Plan Detailed, specific planning

4 Character Area Plans 2001 General Plan originally identified 24 Character Areas Cactus Corridor, Desert Foothills, Dynamite Foothills, Downtown – adopted 20 Character Areas remaining without final plans

5 Character Area Plans Six Character Areas: Downtown (adopted 2009) Southern Scottsdale (2010) Greater Airpark (2010) Shea Corridor (2012) McDowell Vistas (TBD) Tonto Foothills (TBD)

6 Southern Scottsdale Character Area Plan Plan Purpose – Establish a Vision for Southern Scottsdale – Guide Policy Decisions – Establish an Implementation Framework Plan Boundary

7 Background Character Area Planning March-Oct 2008 Initial Public Outreach Phase November 2008-May 2009 Existing Conditions Analysis & Economic Analysis April 2009- Mayors McDowell Road Corridor/South Scottsdale Economic Development Summit May 2009- Planning Commission presentation of Community Visioning and Existing Conditions May 2009-February 2010- McDowell Corridor/South Scottsdale Economic Development Task Force June 2009-March 2010 Plan Drafting April 2010-Planning Commission Initiation of a General Plan Major Amendment

8 Draft Vision Statement Southern Scottsdale is a diverse, sustainable, community built upon vibrant neighborhoods, thriving economic corridors, and innovative businesses.

9 Existing Condition Themes Top Five Character Area Priorities: Economic revitalization and reinvestment; Housing diversity and affordability; Transportation variety and connectivity; Reexamination of land use and zoning regulation; and Increased capacity of existing infrastructure

10 Community Outreach Themes Citizen Participation Identified Top Five Priorities Develop a Strong Economic Core with Community Gathering Places Focus on Local Mobility and Walkability Maintain and Enhance Existing Neighborhoods and Identity Balance Growth Promote Well designed Architecture and Sustainability

11 Draft Plan Structure Executive Summary Land use, Growth/Activity Areas Character and Design Economic Vitality Neighborhood Revitalization Housing Community Mobility Public Services and Facilities Open Space and Recreation Preservation and Environmental Planning Glossary Related Plans, Ordinances & Documents Implementation Matrix

12 Key Components of the Draft Plan Encourage Infill, Redevelopment, and Economic Development Encourage more Mixed Use Development Expand Growth Area and add Activity Areas Focus Development on Corridors and Regional Centers and Activity Areas Protect Neighborhoods While Providing Workforce Housing Improve Mobility and Non-motorized Transportation Enhance pedestrian spaces while preserving historic and natural resources Preserve and Promote Tourism Promote Sustainability and Recreation

13 Major GP Amendment Purpose An amendment to Scottsdales General Plan is defined as a major amendment if it meets any one of the following criteria: – Change in Land Use Category – Area of Change –acreage – Character Area Criteria – Water/ Wastewater Infrastructure Criteria

14 Major GP Amendment Process Requires a City Council public hearing in same year as submitted Requires remote hearing of Planning Commission for public input Requires regular public hearing for recommendation Requires 2/3 super majority vote of City Council to adopt the amendment

15 Major GP Amendment Purpose Land use category changes and gross acreage changes = Major General Plan Amendment Non-Major components of proposal: – Character Area Map changes – Growth Area Map Changes – Adoption of plan

16 Major Amendment-Land Use Designation

17 Non-Major Amendment-Growth Area Map Growth Area-is where future development is focused-mixed uses and multi-modal transportation are most appropriate in these areas. One New Growth Area 1. Scottsdale Road Activity Areas-are areas where Development is concentrated but to a Lesser degree then in a Growth Area Four New Activity Areas 1.Thomas/Crosscut 2.Continental 3.McDonald 4.Indian Bend

18 Non-Major Amendment-Character Area Map DRAFT Character Area Change 2001 General Plan Character Areas

19 Non-Major Amendment Southern Scottsdale Character Area Plan Adoption of the Southern Scottsdale Character Area Plan

20 Next Steps Planning Commission Work Study Session-May 19, 2010 Community Input (Boards, Commissions, Community Road Shows)-May-September 2010 Adoption Process-April-October 2010 Major General Plan Amendment Public Hearing Process – Initiation-April 14, 2010 – Application Submittal -April 23, 2010 – Planning Commission Study Session-GP Cases Overview-May 26, 2010 – Open House 1 and 2 (tentatively) @ SkySong Morning/Evening sessions- June 17, 2010 – Planning Commission Remote Hearing-August 25, 2010 – Planning Commission Hearing/ Possible Recommendation-September 22, 2010 City Council Considers Adoption-October 2010

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