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IDEM Emergency Response 888-233-7745

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1 IDEM Emergency Response 888-233-7745

2 Agenda Indiana Spill Rule Remedial Response Referrals Spill Assessment Available for Assistance

3 Indiana Spill Rule

4 Highpoints Applicability Definitions Reportable Facility Spills Reportable Transportation Spills Responsibilities of Spiller

5 Applicability Reporting Containment Response Hazardous Substances Extremely Hazardous Substances Petroleum Objectionable Substances For Spills of Rule applies to

6 Definition of ‘Objectionable Substance’ Means substances that are of a quantity, and a type, and are present for a duration and in a location so as to damage waters of the state.

7 Definition of ‘Damage’ Means the actual or imminent alteration of the waters of the state so as to render the waters harmful, detrimental, or injurious.

8 Definition of ‘Waters’ Means the accumulations of water, surface and underground, natural and artificial, public and private. The term does not include any private pond or any off-stream pond, reservoir, or facility built for reduction or control of pollution or cooling of water unless the discharge threatens to cause water pollution.

9 Definition of ‘Spill’ Means any unexpected, unintended, abnormal, or unapproved dumping, leakage, drainage, seepage, discharge or other loss of petroleum, HS, EHS, or objectionable substance.

10 Definition of ‘Contain’ Means to take such immediate action as necessary to dam, block, restrain, or otherwise act to most effectively prevent a spill from entering waters of the state or minimize damage to waters of the state from a spill.

11 Definition of ‘Spill Response’ Means the spill is –1. contained, and –2. free material is removed or neutralized.

12 Reportable Spills - Facility Damage water + death, injury, illness to humans, animals Soil spills + Wellhead Protection Areas Damage water + private wells, special waters Most other applications* No spill response was performed

13 Reportable Spills - Facility *Most other applications Surface Water RQs Offsite Soil RQs Onsite Soil RQs

14 Reportable Spills - Transportation Damage waters + death, injury, illness to humans, animals Spills that damage surface waters Soil RQs No spill response was performed

15 Responsibilities of Spiller Any person who operates, controls, or maintains any mode of transportation or facility from which a spill occurs shall, upon discovery of a reportable spill to the soil or surface waters of the state, do the following:

16 Responsibilities, cont’d CONTAIN from waters of state Spill Response - remove spilled materials REPORT to IDEM Spill Line Submit written report (when asked) NOTIFY offsite land owners, water users

17 Remedial Response Referrals Spill Hand-offs to IDEM Remediation Branch

18 Emergency is over, Refer when response actions: Threatens existing structures Destroys sensitive environment, not save it Threatens public and responder safety Has no technological solution Has no short term solution As IDEM sees appropriate

19 Spill case flow

20 Spill Impact Assessment

21 Spills to Water Water dynamics –Flowing waters vs. standing –Observations: discoloration, chemical odors, etc Spill dynamics - Discharging vs. contained Condition of Flora, Fauna –Live –Stressed, damaged –Dead

22 Spills to Soil Native sandy/gravelly soils Back-filled areas, loose sandy/gravelly Underground structures –water wells –utilities, pipelines –septic systems, dry-wells, etc. Call before you dig: 800-382-5544

23 Spills into Sewers Storm sewers, field tiles –Storm water grates, manhole lids, tile risers –Catchment basins - recovery point –Surface discharge points - recovery point Sanitary sewers –Notify Waste Water Treatment Plant ASAP Combined sewers –All the above

24 Safety First Do not endanger yourself during spill investigation activities! No tasting spills to identify unknowns. No inhaling gases to identify unknowns. No touching materials to identify unknowns. No going into hazardous atmospheres. No reservations calling for assistance. No forgetting safety comes first.

25 IDEM ER Available for Assistance

26 Call us for: Reportable spills Abandoned drums Wastewater emergencies Fire water runoff emergencies Technical assistance For all environmental emergencies

27 Fifty-eight pales of paint waste, partially hidden under duck weed.

28 Greencastle - Full chlorine tankers led to evacuation of 3,500 residents

29 Ohio River - 25K gallons of fuel spilled when barge ran aground.

30 Logansport - After BLEVE of Toluene Di-Isocyanate rail car.

31 Crawfordsville - Cafeteria condiments in Big Walnut Creek


33 Laurel, IN On banks of Whitewater River

34 Over application of animal waste and spills to surface water

35 Elkhart - Rail yard diesel fuel spill

36 Surface water petroleum containment

37 Surface water petroleum recovery

38 Evansville - Severe surface water petroleum impact

39 Madison County - partial tomato waste water treatment failure

40 Mayonnaise in surface water

41 Turf grass herbicide in surface water

42 Hog manure Waste water lagoon effluent

43 Crude oil in surface pond

44 IDEM Emergency Response 888-233-7745

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