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Upper Providence Township Stormwater Management MS4 Program.

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1 Upper Providence Township Stormwater Management MS4 Program

2 Clean Water

3 Stormwater comes from snow melt, rain and surface runoff. Why is stormwater important? Stormwater is important because clean water provides our community with safe drinking water, usage for recreational activities and for thriving aquatic habitat life. Where does stormwater come from?

4 If stormwater runoff is not properly managed, it can create flooding that impacts the quality of our life and aquatic life. Development can alter the land’s natural pathways and increase the runoff velocity while decreasing the quality of stormwater. A high velocity runoff rate can collect pollutants and deposit them in creeks and rivers. How does stormwater effect us?

5 Storm Water Pollutants Visible Pollutants – Sediment, Oils and Grease, etc. Nonvisible – Nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorus), Bacteria, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Chlorides, Trace Metals, Toxic Chemicals and Thermal Impacts.

6 Federal regulations require stormwater management permits for our municipalities. In 1972, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the “National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System” (NPDES). In order to meet these federal guidelines, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) created (in 2002) a state wide permitting program called the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Federal and State Permits

7 MS4 Program The six minimum control measures below outline methods to implement a storm water management program, track progress, and report the progress made by each municipality. Public Education Public Involvement Public Involvement Illicit Discharge Detection/Elimination Construction Site Runoff Management Construction Site Runoff Management Post-Construction Storm Water Management Post-Construction Storm Water Management Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

8 Public Education: Distribute educational materials developed by PA DEP and EPA throughout the surrounding community. Public Involvement: In addition to providing notice for community events, holding public MS4 meetings, the MS4 program encourages municipalities to provide and support local environmental monitoring and clean up organizations. Public Education and Involvement

9 Create, update and or revise existing storm water ordinances with language prohibiting non-storm water discharge's. Develop and maintain a storm sewer system map. Periodically inspect all outfall structure and keep a record of inspections. Implement a program to detect non-storm water pollutants found in existing storm sewer systems/waterways, in addition to educating the community on potential problems related to discarding various pollutants in storm sewers systems. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

10 Update existing storm water ordinance to address construction site storm water management as well as water quality control and infiltration. Coordinate with local conservation districts to ensure projects meet erosion and sediment control programs and NPDES construction storm water permitting for regulated earth disturbance activities. Educate construction industry on proper operation and maintenance of post construction controls. Construction and Post Construction Site Runoff Management

11 Implement an operation and maintenance program that focuses on pollution reduction and prevention. Train and educate municipal employees on good housekeeping practices as well as attending educational stormwater management / pollution reduction seminars. Be involved in community events such a stream clean-up days and drain stenciling. Pollution Prevention/ Good Housekeeping

12 Decreases the risk of flood damage. Improves water quality, aquatic life and enhances wild life habitats. Enhances recreational opportunities and aesthetic value. Reduces risk of illness. Benefits of the MS4 Storm Water Program

13 Attend public Township meetings and provide feedback to Township Officials. Attend community stream clean up and drain stenciling events. Pass on information about the storm water program to other community residents, schools and libraries. Report any storm water issues to the township and or local conservation district. How To Get Involved?

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