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Paul Simpson – Sales Director

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1 Paul Simpson – Sales Director
WELCOME Paul Simpson – Sales Director SmartDebit – in Commercial Confidence

2 Presentation Overview
Combing SAGE and the SmartDebit Direct Debit solution, to enable your organisation to collect, automate and integrate Direct Debits in to SAGE for both B2C and also for B2B (in to Accounts Receivable Ledger) collections. How using Direct Debits for B2B collections, can put you in control - be paid faster – on time/due date, every time, improve client retention, save time and the hassle of chasing customers for payment.

3 Improve control over payments and cash flow Direct Debit
Direct Debits and B2B Direct Debit collections in to AR are growing More common to sign suppliers up as standard trading terms (or surcharge!) Improved cash-flow Paid faster – on time - No waiting 30, 60 days…… Easy for payer – they do nothing! Can bill weekly instead of monthly – flexible Be in control and reduce bad debts

4 Who Are SmartDebit? Part of Payment Solutions Ltd, a specialist payment provider Specialist Direct Debit Business since 1998 35% growth over last year Bacs Audit - Excellent in all 5 of 5 Categories Bacs Affiliate BS ISO 27001:2005 – October 2011 PCI DSS Full DR and Active/Active – across multi sites 1,000 Active Merchants Across Multiple Verticals Full insured, excellent credit rating, accounts SmartDebit office – owner occupier SEPA Direct Debit “ready” in next release

5 What Do We Do? Primarily a payment gateway, a Bureau, with full DR
Choice of SUN or FM services (FM gives organisations the opportunity to collect Direct Debits if they cannot obtain a SUN from their bank) HSMs - Hardware Security Modules offer the secure communication of sensitive information, instead of Smartcards Regarded as the most innovative and technically advanced payment business in the Direct Debit processing industry – leading edge technology Scalable, cover all our clients’ debiting needs Free consultancy, advice, guidance, form filling assistance – “hand holding” Make and keep it simple


7 Systems Infrastructure – Uptime and Resiliency
24 hour: While BACS is batch, new instructions are 24/7/365 Resilient: 3 Provisions, 2 UK data centres, 50 miles apart = 1 service – assuring availability Full Active/Active services – not DR site in true sense Sensitive/Secure: ISO, PCI, Tokenised….

8 SECURITY – Tier 3 Enterprise Unified Threat Management
Physical Perimeter Intrusion Isolation Tier 3 – 24x7x365 manned Gated compound, Proximity access cards, security guards Private dedicated racks Enterprise Firewalls Unified Threat Management Patched hourly DDoS & DoS mitigation IDS/IPS Services Monthly vulnerability and penetration Fully integrated security architecture Sensitive encrypted data isolation VLAN segregation of data networks

9 RESILIENCE – Two Sites, Three Provisions
Two fully independent sites separated geographically and with different suppliers, linked by 100MB backhaul for data synchronisation. Provision Separate N+N1 power backed by generators with and multi-homed diverse internet provisions again in N+N1 format. Servers Three complete independent server provisions with real-time file and database replication, each provision capable of full Direct Debit processing. Monitoring Active internal and external monitoring from distributed systems with 24 hour assisted engineer response to site and Service Level Agreements.

10 SmartDebit API Option or SmartDebit Online (IFrame)
Scalable solutions for your needs Can be branded as your site - Look and feel of your company STP - Complete end to end Direct Debit Solution True API / Integration, multi file formats to main accounting vendors ensures connectivity with end to end transactions. Easy to implement Secure and supported by us in the UK

11 SmartDebit Online (IFrame)

12 Or SmartDebit Admin Portal Option
Online Portal to Administer Debits Data Capture Edit Payers’ Details & Collection Amounts Import Collection Files View Payer History Gain Reports / Export files





17 Transaction Fees - “line item” in file
Own SUN FM (No SUN) 1-1,000 per month £ 0.30 each £0.35 each 1,001-2,500 per month £ 0.25 each £0.32 each 2,501-5,000 per month £ 0.20 each £0.29 each 5,001-10,000 per month £ 0.15 each £0.29 each 10,001-25,000 per month £ 0.12 each £0.26 each 25,001-50,000 per month £ 0.08 each £0.22 each 50,001+ per month £ Request a quote

18 Over 80 new features in 2012: Adding new features to remain ahead of the competition Features to help you improve your collections, save you time, money, provide efficiency gains and give you better visibility of your transactions – anytime, anywhere We will continue to add new features, all at no extra cost, to keep SmartDebit as the most advanced and secure bureau Integration for Postcode lookup, Business Intelligence / “At a glance” Dashboard……. Enhanced import and export file format support SmartPhone App – under review

19 “Plug and Play Library” common file formats and competitor file format support, no need to reformat, extensive mapping capability Extended reports / reporting – e.g. new DD signups, by postcode, by date, enhanced search / filter, audit trail, increased multiple access levels with, viable permissions Google Analytics Access to – via our API Signup via web browser on Interactive TV, Smartphone, Tablet Credit card default for first or failed DD Over 80 new features in 2012:

20 Summary - Reasons to outsource to SmartDebit
DD’s our key, core business, not yours! Best of Breed Service Scalable options to suit you inc FM, API/IFrame, Portal Reduces the time and cost of payment collections Proven, Established, Secure, Credible Systems Infrastructure – Uptime and Resiliency Resilient, Compliant, Contingency - Trusted Leading Independent Bureau Recommended by Major Brands, Banks and Software partners e.g. The Co-Operative Bank plc, CAF, RBS… Committed to You & Future Development

21 Summary - Reasons to outsource to SmartDebit
Kept up dated with the latest BACS Compliance Cloud based, no hardware or software required Multiple access levels and rights/permissions Provides a full detailed audit trail Offers simple user-defined reporting Provides online training for various members of staff Provides receipts; printed, face to face, letters or s Is consistently available and suffers no downtime Can be branded to “look and feel” like your company PCI, scalability, resiliency, security, disaster recover plans and professional indemnity insurance Helping you from “A to Z”

22 Summary - Reasons to outsource to SmartDebit
Although banks may offer limited Direct Debit services, our customers tend to find they’re only interested in proven companies and with minimal risk. “What’s best for the customer”. Banks also tend to lack the “value add”, API/Integration, portal and reporting systems and services required to process irregular amounts and or recurring payment debits inc Direct Debit Management Solutions. We work closely with all the main accounting systems, CRM and ERP vendors to ensure connectivity between our service and to enable secure streamlined end to end transactions. Connectivity for all the most common and widely used Accounting and ERP software providers “out the box”

23 How else can SmartDebit help me?
Cheques - Does your organisation trade in the UK and receive large amounts of GBP cheque payments to clear? If so, PSL Cheque, offered through SmartDebit, is the ideal answer. Credit Card Processing - Does your organisation have recurring, subscription or instalment transactions? Do you need to process credit and debit card payments online or offline? If so, PSL Card, offered through SmartDebit, provides a range of card payment services at low fees. Payment Solutions –Through our range of selected partners, they can cover a wide range of payment issues from FX, International payments, virtual bank accounts to overcoming complex payment requirements….

24 Thank you It Pays to be Smart!
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