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1 Steve Jordan Director. Industry Solutions 05/05/14 Managing Chaos: Data Movement in 2014

2 Agenda  Cleo Overview  Business Needs  Managing the Chaos

3 Cleo Overview

4 About Cleo 4 35 35 years of A2A & B2B solutions. 100K More than 100,000 software installations worldwide. 800 800 preconfigured connections. Helping you master and reliably integrate a complex web of disparate information content and end-points. Protecting the integrity of your mission critical information.

5 Business Needs

6 10% 90% 2011 2013Big Bang 90% of the World’s Data was created in the last 2 years

7 and the data keeps on growing

8 Key Questions around Managed File Transfer What kind of information must be exchanged? Everything required for your business including Advance Ship Notices, Orders, Invoices, Payments, Financial Data, Pricing, Engineering/Design, Healthcare Records… What are you connecting? Internal applications, Legacy systems, External gateways, Human interfaces, Cloud, Mobile Devices… Where is the information going? Communities of all types: customers, partners, suppliers, resellers, industry exchanges… What do you need to manage this? Governance, compliance, reliability, visibility, security, integration … 8

9 Enabling the Business Compliance with Policy Managed File Transfer Security Architecture Governance Security Compliance Management File Sharing Desktop focused Unregulated Internal/External Security Data Protection Intellectual Property Governance Big Data Bus Restart Capabilities Visibility to the process Cleo Big Data What is it? How do you move it? How do you manage it? Business ConcernsAreas of Alignment

10 Managing the Chaos

11 Solution Scenarios and Benefits 11 Connectivity Visibility Security Governance B2B & MFT Protocols Cloud Human/P2P Big Data Suppliers Manufacturers Customers Vendors Governance, Risk & Compliance: -Help ensure audit compliance to reduce fines -Visibility to improve decision making -Meet customer SLAs Scenario 6 Automated high volume transfer directly between application nodes and between variety of internal applications. Simplify integration with multiple cloud solutions External B2B Internal A2A Business Agility: -Meet customers requirements -Empower business users to improve efficiencies -Proactive responsiveness to customer needs Line of Business Line of Business Security -Whether exchanging data internal to your enterprise or across your external business ecosystem, ensure that your data exchanges are always secure Scalability: -Support growth to ensure long-term viability -Support ongoing technical requirements Scenario 1 External secure, managed and auditable data exchange with outside buyers, suppliers, dealers, and partners. Scenario 2 Segregated secure connections for financial, government, and other transactions which require secure, auditable, and compliant data exchanges. Scenario 7 Segregate traffic for highly sensitive internal transfers which have large file size and volume with significant security and compliance considerations. Scenario 5 Location communicates through gateway, adding visibility and governance. Scenario 3 Cloud data exchange enablement for various lines of business. Scenario 4 P2P data exchange to enable secure exchange of data for human interaction. Cleo

12 Customer Example

13 CASE STUDY Manufacturing Major American defense contractor and industrial corporation. $24.8B Aerospace and Defense Business Requirements  Lacking ultra secure and robust system architecture  Unable to defend against over 1,000,000 threats from hackers, rogue nations, etc. daily  Infrastructure of multiple FTP servers behind and throughout numerous DMZs required many complex layers of security, none of which were fully reliable Cleo Unique Differentiators  Incredibly secure code base allows for full government regulatory compliance  Responsive to all needs, especially in configuring their environment correctly and securely  Consolidated communications platform with an easily managed and incredibly robust architecture  DMZ security and firewall integrity Cleo Solution  SOCKS proxy (new feature development)  Easy, flexible protocol selection to allow connection to all necessary trading partners  Ultra secure and robust system architecture  High Availability (HA) architecture Business Benefits  Quick and easy on-boarding of trading partners ensures faster customer delivery  Secure code base mitigates the possibility of data breaches and fines up to $1M+  DMZ security reduces internet threat footprint

14 Most Secure SolutionHighly Scalable Easy to Use & Flexibly Integrate Lowest TCO Leading Companies Choose Cleo


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