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18 November, 2008 | Copenhagen PARTNER BRIEFING. Brian Nielsen Senior Program Manager Lead Microsoft Corporation NAV06.

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1 18 November, 2008 | Copenhagen PARTNER BRIEFING

2 Brian Nielsen Senior Program Manager Lead Microsoft Corporation NAV06

3 Presentation & Demo of: Account Schedule Improvements Distributing Intercompany Purchase Invoice Costs Online Maps Prepayments Document Approval

4 ●4 new improvement that allow you to: ● Indicate more precisely how row amounts are displayed ● Display global dimensions across columns ● use a % operator in formulas ● Define a basis for percent calculations for “% of Totals”

5 ●Phyllis, Accounting manager want to create a report showing revenue and operating costs for 3 sales areas. ● Revenue should be split in 4 elements and each shown as % of total ● The cash balances and net changes for each sales area should be displayed at the bottom of the report.

6 New fields: Row Type and Row Amount Net Change Beginning Balance Balance at Date Net Amount Debit Only Credit Only

7 Now dimensions + Business Unit can be set for columns. = Global Dimension 1 totaling = Global Dimension 2 totaling

8 ●The % operator is a new operator available for use in Formula. Use this operator to display a percentage between two rows or two columns. ●Used between two terms in a formula to divide the first term by the second term and multiply the result by 100.

9 ●The % operator used at the end of a formula to use the most recent Set Base For Percent result as the denominator when showing “% of Total”. Setting the base for the subsequent rows

10 ●Using the Set Base for “% of Total” columns. Column No. followed by %


12 ●Allocate purchase costs from parent company to subsidiary companies. ●For external Vendor Invoices ●Intercompany Purchase Invoice cost distribution fields on the purchase lines: ● IC Partner Code ● IC Partner Ref. Type [G/L Account only] ● IC Partner Reference 12 of 7

13 ●Annie, bookkeeper, wants to register a purchase invoice from an ad agency for a current ad campaign. ● The full cost should be distributed to the 2 subsidiaries. 13 of 7


15 ●Additions to existing functionality for financially voiding checks: ● ability to void the check only ● ability to enter a date to use for the void 15 of 7


17 Get the location of your customer, vendors etc


19 ... Or directions To/From

20 Quickest route

21 Shortest route

22 ●Allows the user to create prepayment invoices and ensure correct and full reversal of prepayments in final invoicing. ● Create prepayment invoices with most common terms and accounting practices (% of invoice, fixed amount, no VAT, cash based etc.) ● Ensure full reversal of all prepayments ● Ensure proper reversal of VAT ● Both Sales and Purchase orders ● Integrate with new Document Approval feature 22

23 ●Concepts ● Uses the existing Sales Order (and Invoice) ● New fields added to specify Prepayments terms ● New posting menu items for Prepayments ● G/L account setup determines the VAT calculation ● Credit Memos are reversal of all prepayment amounts invoiced 23

24 Uses the existing Sales Order (and Invoice) ● New fields added to specify Prepayments terms ● New posting menu items for Prepayments 24 3 new fields

25 ●Enter prepayments : ● By default from item, customer, or vendor cards that are set up for prepayments ● Manually on the sales and purchase order headers and lines ● Set Prepayment % on sales lines ● Set Prepayment Amount on sales lines ● Set a fixed amount for the sales order ● Set a fixed Prepayment % for the sales order ● Reverse proportionally or manually ● Credit memo reverses all invoiced prepayments 25

26 ●Prepayments allow companies to charge a prepayment before shipping goods to customers. ●Available for Purchases and Sales ●Define default prepayment requirements for: Specific ItemsAll Items CustomerXX Customer Price Group X All CustomersX VendorsXX 26

27 ●To use prepayments, companies must set up: ● General Ledger accounts and Posting groups for prepayments ● Usually ’close to’ Account Payables for sales prepayments and ’close to’ Account Receivables for purchase prepayments ● Number Series for prepayment documents ● Either new number series or the existing series for posted invoices, e.g. use S-INV+ for Sales Prepayment Invoices and S-CR+ for Sales Prepayment Cr. Memos ● Prepayment number series can NOT overlap the numbers series used for posted sales invoices/posted sales credit memos (because they use the same table, e.g. same keys) 27

28 ●To use prepayments, companies must set up: ● Payment Terms for prepayment invoices ● Usually a shorter period than for normal invoicing ● System selections for receipt and issue of prepayment amounts ● ”Check Prepmt. When Posting” in Sales & Receivables (and/or Purchase & Payables) Setup ● Optional: Prepayment percentages for items, customers, and vendors 28

29 ●When the final invoice is posted, the system: ● Verifies receipt or issue of the Prepayment amount based on setup. ● Deducts the prepayment amount from the amount due (total sales order amount). ● Reverses prepayment amounts previously posted to the balance sheet as assets or liabilities. 29

30 ●Susan, Sales Order Processor, creates a Sales Order for a customer. ● The customer is new and Susan is instructed to require 20% in prepayments. ● Susan creates the Prepayment invoice and sends it to the customer ● When prepayment is received and goods are shipped, Susan can create and send the final invoice. 30


32 ●To refund all invoiced prepayments for an order ● issue a prepayment credit memo. ●To reduce the quantity on the sales or purchase line ● increase the prepayment percent on the line and reduce the line amount. ● ! Can only be reduced to the current invoiced amounts. ●To add new lines to an order after issuing a prepayment ● add the additional lines to the order and create a prepayment invoice for the new line if needed ●To increase the prepayment amount ● increase the prepayment percent on one or more lines or the order itself and issue an additional prepayment invoice. 32

33 ●Session Objectives: ● Understand how DA works ● Understand DA flow ● Have overview of setup and customization ● Get an idea of where we are going with “workflow” ●You could set this up yourself ●You could send approvals ●You understand how DA fits in the NAV vision

34 ●Document approvals ● Sales and purchase documents ● Enforces approvals, request and credit limits ● Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email notifications

35 ●Enforce purchase/sales limits ●Approvals from the right people ● Delegate/Substitute approvals (approver/requester) ● Checks for errors – reduce cost ●Gives an overview ● Users and approvers can see the “history” of the document through approval entries ● It’s easy to enter comments or record links for review by others ●Speeding up the process ● Customizable notification email ensures the approver knows that there is something waiting for his/her approval or if the status of an approval has changed

36 Employee  Sales Alicia Purchasing Agent Alicia Purchasing Agent Inga Purchasing Manager Inga Purchasing Manager Approval Susan Order Processor Susan Order Processor Employee  Manager Nancy Super Sales Rep Nancy Super Sales Rep Approval


38 ●User can send a document for approvals or cancel an approvals request from the document ●Documents cannot be processed (released, posted, etc.) if the total of the document is over the user’s limit

39 ●Overviews of approval processes ● “Approval request history for documents I have sent for approval” Susan Order Processor Susan Order Processor

40 ●Overviews of approval processes ● “ Documents currently requiring my approval” Nancy Super Sales Rep Nancy Super Sales Rep


42 New SMTP functions allow e-mail to be sent without requiring an e-mail client to be installed on the server Approvals Mail Templates Editable by partner or even a super user with HTML knowledge – Customization!

43 ●Notify approval actions via SMTP mail ● Approval Required ● Rejection ● Cancellation ● Delegation ● Overdue approval notifications

44 ●Attach source documents using Record Links feature (e.g. quotes or vendor invoices)… Alicia Purchasing Agent

45 … and have it available for approver’s view. Inga Purchasing Manager

46 ●Users on both ends can add/view a comment Inga Purchasing Manager Alicia Purchasing Agent

47 Alicia Purchasing Agent Inga Purchasing Manager Vince Operations Manager Approval Delegate Scenario Users

48 ●Approval setup ● User setup based on database or windows logins VinceIngaAlicia

49 ●Approval setup ● Approval limits for sales, purchases and requests ● Substitutes for approval delegation Vince Inga Alicia Approvals Delegation/ Substitution Approvals


51 ●Approval setup ● Approval templates – can set up different approval processes for each document

52 ●Approval Setup ● Simple setup for SMTP email notifications

53 Fill in your feedback form to win a Samsung i200 with Windows Mobile 6.1 There will be one phone given away for every session time slot across the entire conference!

54 © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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