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Travel Sensor Is Factory Adjusted

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1 Travel Sensor Is Factory Adjusted
The placement of the feedback arm on the travel sensor is factory adjusted and sealed with anti-tamper paint. This setting has been tested for functionality successfully several times before the DVC6000 ships from the factory. Do not assume this setting is wrong. Check everything else first before disturbing the anti-tamper paint. Anti-Tamper Paint

2 DVC6000 – Potentiometer Issues
Potentiometer Components

3 Vibration Induced Potentiometer Wear
Some control systems are not grounded Valve Travels in Higher Resistance Area (80 – 90% travel) Amplification of travel noise by velocity gain in the DVC tuning ( Reduce affect by changing to velocity gain of 0)

4 No Potentiometer Wear

5 ValveLink Graph with Potentiometer Wear-Thru

6 Profile Test Requires PD Tier

7 PD Profile No problems

8 PD Profile Test Showing Early Wear

9 Increase Reliability with Linkage-less feedback
Feedback Arrays Best to remove potential wear points all together Unique linkage-less non-contact design Feedback components never touch the instrument DVC2000 Released in 2004 DVC6200 HART DVC6200f FOUNDATION Fieldbus No Linkages

10 DVC Product Details Differences between the DVC6200 & the DVC6000 Hall sensor in place of the feedback potentiometer Terminal box moves to the left side of the housing New mounting kits (same design as DVC2000 kits) HART: Firmware 10 required FOUNDATION fieldbus: new PWB and terminal box required What doesn’t change: Relay A, B, and C (standard and low bleed) Diagnostic tiers Fieldbus control tiers I/P converter Natural gas certified Extreme temperature Performance & Reliability Same performance & reliability of the DVC6000 All approvals currently available for the DVC6000 2009 FIELDVUE Champion Training

11 DVC Mounting Kits Bolt patterns for DVC2000 and DVC6200 are identical Existing DVC2000 mounting kits are being updated 1 standard kit for both DVC6200 and DVC2000 Stronger brackets will replace the existing brackets to accommodate additional weight New curved array For use with the existing long stroke cams For Fisher rotary actuator window 1”, 2” & 4” array Rotary Magnet Curved array 2009 FIELDVUE Champion Training

12 Long Stroke Mounting Anti-rotation

13 Dual Mounting Bracket

14 DVC6205/6215 Remote Mount

15 Terminal Boxes Power 4V to 30V Feedback 0-.5 V normal DVC6215 Ground
Status Line

16 Used for Temperature Calibration -52 to 125 Deg C
Design Engineering Used for Temperature Calibration -52 to 125 Deg C

17 Remote Mount Components

18 ValveLink Mobile 2009 FIELDVUE Champion Training

19 ValveLink Mobile Bluetooth Communications to a HART modem
Developed for Windows Mobile platform Very compact, portable platform for local configuration, calibration, and diagnostics. Integration into Emerson 375 / 475 platform 2009 FIELDVUE Champion Training

20 ValveLink Mobile 2.0 Icon Driven User Interface
Common Tasks Located on Home Screen. High Contrast for Outdoor Viewing. Thumb Driven Interface - No Stylus Required. Preprogrammed diagnostics. Tests can be run, saved, and uploaded later to ValveLink or AMS. 2009 FIELDVUE Champion Training

21 ValveLink Mobile on 375 / 475 Same interface as on PDA and Smartphone platforms. FAST configuration, calibration, and diagnostics.

22 Diagnostics on the 375 / 475 Total Scan Step Response PD Diagnostics
Valve Signature Step Study Button Sweep Dynamic Error Band Stroking Speed PD Traces

23 Valve Diagnostic Changes

24 PD Diagnostics

25 Import Field Data into ValveLink (Upload to the mother ship)

26 ValveLink Support 2009 FIELDVUE Champion Training

27 ValveLink 12 License Changes
Planning on free Version with 12.0 targeted for Oct. Install on Multiple PC’s No additional license key required Connect to 1 device at a time Database is limited to one tag Supports HART & Ff

28 ValveLink Support $405 per year
Includes License Support, New Software CD, and Web Based FTP Access

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