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4/1/2017 AMS Device Manager v9.0.

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1 4/1/2017 AMS Device Manager v9.0

2 What’s New? User Account Synchronization
Rename and Replace with DeltaV Add Device Type with DeltaV Multiple PlantWeb Alerts per Category Windows User Accounts Non-Responding and Unknown Devices Only Foundation Specified Files Client SC Station Count Tag Count SQL 2005 HELP | About Microsoft Operating Systems DeltaV Zone Message SureService Registration Utility

3 User Account Synchronization
DeltaV adds new DeltaV users to the AMSDeviceManager security group AMS Device Manager polls DeltaV for the currently logged in user; allowing AMS Device Manager to always be in-synch with DeltaV

4 DeltaV User Manager

5 DeltaV User Manager

6 DeltaV User Manager

7 DeltaV User Manager

8 AMS Device Manager User Permission
DeltaV User Mapping Default DeltaV Lock* DeltaV Function AMS Device Manager User Permission System Admin ADMIN_CONFIG_DB System Administration rights Can Configure CHANGE_CONFIG_DB Device Write permission CHANGE_DEVICE_DB Can Calibrate UPLOAD_CONFIG REPLACE_DEVICE Device Assignment permission Can Download DOWNLOAD_CONFIG SIS Can Configure SIS_CHANGE_CONFIG_DB Device SIS Write permission SIS_UPLOAD_CONFIG SIS Can Calibrate SIS_CHANGE_DEVICE_DB SIS Can Download SIS_DOWNLOAD_CONFIG

9 AMS Device Manager User Manager

10 User Account Synchronization
When Enable Automatic Login… is selected The AMS user always matches the DeltaV user The current DeltaV user is automatically logged into AMS Device Manager when AMS Device Manager is launched from the Windows Start Menu It is not be possible to change the AMS Device Manager user from within AMS Device Manager It will only change if the DeltaV user changes

11 User Account Synchronization
When Enable Automatic Login… is not selected The current DeltaV user is logged in as the AMS Device Manager user if AMS Device Manager is launched from a DeltaV Application (in context or not in context) The user is prompted for user ID and password when AMS Device Manager is launched from the Windows Start Menu The logged in AMS Device Manager user can change without the DeltaV user changing The AMS Device Manager user does not change if the DeltaV user changes The user timeout function is enforced



14 Rename and Replace with DeltaV
Prevent the user from manually renaming the AMS tag within AMS Device Manager for a device on the DeltaV hierarchy Changing this option is tied to the AMS Device Manager Admin privilege and is a system wide setting.

15 Rename and Replace with DeltaV

16 Add Device Type with DeltaV
The AMS Device Manager utility distributes the device files to the other AMS Device Manager stations for HART and FF. If one of the AMS Device Manager stations is on the DeltaV ProPlus, DeltaV then pushes the device files to the other DeltaV stations for HART and FF AMS Device Manager’s Add Device Type does not perform any licensing checks The customer can run it whether or not AMS Device Manager is licensed

17 Multiple PlantWeb Alerts per Category
The same device can have simultaneous alerts of the same category (Failed, Maintenance, and Advisory)

18 Windows User Accounts DeltaV user accounts use Windows passwords
Administrators do not have to assign another password to these users When users login directly to AMS Device Manager, they will use the same password as they do for DeltaV

19 Windows User Accounts In order to do this, it is necessary for users to recreate their AMS Device Manager accounts in Windows The use of Windows logins (passwords and ID’s) is optional

20 Windows User Accounts

21 Windows User Accounts

22 Windows User Accounts

23 Windows User Accounts

24 Non-Responding and Unknown Devices
Distinguish between device non-responding and device unknown (device not added to database because of license limit)

25 Only Foundation Specified Files Required
The device developer is only required to supply the registered DD file If they do not supply an AMS merge file, Window resource file, DDinstall.ini file, map file, or device icon for EDDL devices, Emerson provides a generic version of these files In this case, the user will have a subset of the typical AMS Device Manager functionality for the given EDDL device Features supported are configure, status/diagnostics, process variable, Audit Trail, and Alert Monitoring screens

26 Client SC Station Count
4/1/2017 Client SC Station Count Supports licensing 131 Client SC stations, in addition to the Server Plus station Tested to support up to 20 concurrent Client SC stations

27 Tag Count Support up to 30,000 tags

28 SQL 2005 AMS Device Manager v9.0 only works with DeltaV 9.3
This is due to SQL 2005 Compatibility with DeltaV 8.4 and/or 7.4/7.3 systems is supported for stand-alone deployments only

29 HELP | About Displays the ‘Number Registered Tags’, ‘Number of Licensed Tags’, ‘Number of licensed stations’ and ‘Number of configured stations’.

30 HELP | About Added a Print button to print out all licensed options, number of registered tags, number of configured stations, current AMS Device Manager version.

31 DeltaV Zones Message Message displayed when attempting to launch a device conditions screen from a DeltaV Operator station located in a different DeltaV zone from the device

32 SureService Registration Utility
AMS Device Manager makes available (via Generic Export) the following system profile information for inclusion in the Guardian product support service: Number of registered HART and FF devices Licensed system interfaces (e.g. DeltaV, HART Mux, etc.) Version information

33 Support Different Macro Cycles
The device FHX file contains information so DeltaV can support cascade loops with sub-schedules running at different macro cycles

34 Microsoft Operating Systems
Supported on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server

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