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2 History During  the British rule in the late 19th  century, Sir John Lawrence, the military commander of the frontier province established a military garrison at Dawoodpur to protect British India borders from fierce Afghans. Two years after independence from the British in 1947, this garrison became the Lawrencepur Woolen and Textile Mills and became operational in 1954.

3 History (cont…) Lawrencepur has been an innovator in elegant dressing after its inception in 1954 and ever since, has been undisputedly the only mills in the country to have the consistent quality production of wool and wool-blended fabrics. Initially, Lawrencepur produced yarn for hand knotted carpets, blankets for the armed forces, woolen over coatings, tweed and worsted for the local consumer market. In 1960, however, Dawood Group took over the Mills and it was incorporated as public limited company. In 1992, Lawrencepur expanded its operation to include garment manufacturing; so to provide its customer with fabrics as well as value-added garments.

4 About Logo Logo Design Logo Colors
Yellow: energizes, relieves depression, improve memory and stimulates appetite. Orange: energizes and stimulates appeitite. Red: stimulates brain waves, increase heart rate, respirations and blood pressure and excites sexual glands.

5 Sub-Brands Pure Wool/ S100 Pure Wool/ S70 Poly Wool Tweed Lyla

6 Pure Wool/ S100 Cool Wool Italian Suiting

7 Pure Wool/ S100(cont…) Bellini

8 Pure Wool/ S100(cont…) Gaberdine

9 Pure Wool/ S70 Superior Light weight Suiting

10 Pure Wool/ S70(cont…) Savana

11 Pure Wool/ S70(cont…) Superior Serge

12 Poly Wool Tropical (Plain)

13 Poly Wool (cont…) Tropical (Design)

14 Tweed

15 Lyla

16 Prices Type Per Meter Price (RS) Pure Wool/ S100 900 1050 1250
Cool Wool Italian Suiting 900 Bellini 1050 Gaberdine 1250 Pure Wool/ S70 Superior Light weight Suiting 600 Savana 850 Superior Serge 775 Poly Wool Tropical (Plain) 450 Tropical (Design) 475 Tweed 575 Lyla 495

17 Production And Distribution
Plant Location Lawrencepur Textile Mills, Dawoodpur. Stitching Units Outlets Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Abbottabad, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Haripur, Hyderabad, Jehlum, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sukkar and Wah Cantt.

18 Advertising Policies Shows Exhibitions Magazine/Newspaper Ads
Billboards Sponsors and supporter for various fashion events and textile oriented institutions

19 Resources/References
Fayyaz Nazeer, In charge male section at Saleem Fabrics. Khawaja Khaleel, In charge female section at Saleem Fabrics.

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