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Welcome to Standard Industries.

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1 Welcome to Standard Industries

2 Introduction Standard Industries is a name in the field of manufacturing & import of all type of embroidery machines. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has been a major factor in the company's growth. Founded in 1964, we started as a weaving unit by the name of Standard Weaving. In 1994, we started embroidery manufacturing and then in 2007, we began the venture of importing the embroidery machines, tiles, computer accessories and some other products. Over the years, the group has earned a reputation of a solid and reliable firm. The company within the group is a member of various professional bodies including Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The Standard Industries is constantly striving to improve its performance and adapt to ever changing requirements of the market through an on-going process of self evaluation and development. Standard Embroidery is a textile hub based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. We have an excellent team of textile professionals, textile designers and process managers, working on latest fabric manufacturing techniques, futuristic designs and high yield production management.

3 Mission & Vision At Standard Embroidery, we strive to understand and harmonize the opportunities and needs of our customers, in the areas of yarn industry, embroidery clothes and Embroidery Machines. We optimally utilize our resources in order to provide the highest level of customer support and satisfaction, while maximizing growth and generating a competitive economic return. THE MANAGEMENT OF STANDARD INDUSTRIES BELIEVES IN PROSPERITY THROUGH QUALITY. OUR QUALITY DEFINITAION IS: "EXCELLENCE IN ACHIEVING PRODUCT QUALITY, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, TIMELY DELIVERY, AND HUMAN SKILL“

4 Production Facilities Standard Weaving Making cloth of bukrum. Standard Embroidery - 1 Embroidery on all types of cloth for Export & Local market. Standard Embroidery - 2 Make Embroidery for Export Products. Farooq Fabrics Deals in all kind of Indian, Chinese, Korean, Pakistani Cloths with great embroidery designs. Farooq Arts Deals in all kind of Plain Cotton, Cotton Dobby, Simple Lawn, Printed Lawn, Table Print, Jacquard Lawn Print with different Sizes & Qualities. Farooq Silk On Farooq Silk, we have all kind of Stitched Ladies Garments.

5 Our Products New Arrivals After the great success of super model we are presenting high speed 1000 RPM and 1200 RPM. New Arrivals After the great success of super model we are presenting high speed 1000 RPM and 1200 RPM.

6 Our Products “High Speed 1000/1200 RPM”

7 Specification “High Speed 1200 RPM” T he specification Of our 1200 Rpm Embroidery machine Are: I ts consist of double cam & Double resopator. I t has Japanese Technology. T he bottom foot of machine Area 1.5 meter. T he embroidery machine is for 1200 rpm but it perform well/ best on 1100 rpm. W e can use it is any needle for use embroidery of tilla. T he size of its beam is 400/400.

8 Specification “High Speed 1200 RPM” Gage beam size is 12mm. It sequence worked without patri. We control the 1100 RPM with double shaft system. It worked properly on 1000 RPM because it has two shafts. The weight of the machine is 7.4 ton. It has three supports on its back. C18 computer is installed on it.

9 Pictures “Double cam/Double Resopater”

10 Pictures “Back shaft”

11 Pictures “Back shaft joint to front shaft”

12 Pictures “1.5 Meter bottom feets”

13 Pictures “Anti Vibration feets”

14 Pictures “400/400 12mm Beam”

15 Pictures “300/200 14mm Bottom Beam”

16 Pictures “Under Table Rotary Hook”

17 Thanks for your participation. For products information visit our website Or call us: 0092-41-8016100 0092-41-2047805 Thanks

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