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Number II Practices today VS Long ago © By Richard Moves Camp.

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1 Number II Practices today VS Long ago © By Richard Moves Camp

2 Early days The story of changing Woman

3 Copy right and permission This presentation solely belongs to the Author; Richard Moves camp, and this presented to Lakota Oyate Wakanyeja Owicakiya pi,Inc. for training purposes for staff, families and members of the LOWO agency. A written permission must be obtained for any other use than LOWO services. © rmc 2010

4 History of Changing Woman The Era of the Changing Woman was the time when the cannupa /Pipe was not presented to the oyate yet. As we mentioned earlier the Inipi is the first gift from the creator. Changing woman has brought two ceremonies during the era.

5 Wakan wecohan/Seven Ceremonies Inipi -Sweat Lodge Humblecayepi -Vision Quest Nagi Gluhapi - Keeping of the Spirit Of the seven ceremonies only three were present during the time of changing woman.

6 History of Wakan wawicakupi/ Three sacred gifts to the oyate Early days of the first Ceremony; Inipi /Oinikage was gifted to the lakota wicasa around the BC era. The second Ceremony was the Ceremonial gift called Pte heya pa- Fire Bundle, the story of the changing woman. Third gift is the Pte hincala Canunpa-Sacred Calf Pipe.

7 Wocekiye - Prayer Long ago the first gift the Lakota is the Inipi History of the Oinikage is passed on from generations. This Inipi ritual was gifted to the Oyate as a result of a great flood and all the oyate perished. The Wambli saved a Lakota wiyan (Woman). For 28 days the Wambli took care of this wiyan. After 28 days Wakan tanka instructed the Wambli to be wicasa and restore the Oyate.

8 INIPI / Sweat Lodge The significance of the INIPI is about the creation. The fire The water The oniya/Breath of life The rock The earth /Unci Maka

9 The Changing Woman appeared A young lakota girl was born into a tiospaye and grown to be a beautiful woman. The young woman was somewhat different or special. Some say that this girl came into the camp mysteriously.

10 Changing Woman vision During the era of changing woman, the fire bundle was given to the lakota oyate by the creator. The fire bundle was the fire of life, like the sacred pipe the people were given instructions to pray with this item. The evil gods came and stole this bundle from the people. This evil force was strong and very influential, the people were cursed by this evil force. People were divided and turned against each other.

11 Changing Woman vision cont. During these dark time of the people, the changing woman appeared. This girl grown to be a beautiful young woman. Every warrior had eyes on her and courted her to be their wife. The people who were caring for this young woman were very protective and especially careful for this young woman is a special human.

12 Changing woman courting days There were two cousins who were great hunters and strong warriors. They were very loyal to each other and often call each other brothers. The cousins talked about this young woman and concluded that they will court her like the other warriors. The cousins also stated that they will be very careful and honest with each during courting.

13 Changing Woman courting days The cousins approached this girl and asked her care takers / parents, in an most honorable way they asked this young woman. They asked her what will they have to do to become the wife of one of the warriors. The young woman responded that they must rescue and recover the stolen fire bundle./Pte-heyapa. This sacred fire Bundle must be returned to the people.

14 Changing Woman courting days The cousins returned to their camp, puzzled and full of questions. An elderly woman advised told them about the fire bundle, and how the evil gods stole this sacred bundle. The sacred bundle was kept in a hidden place in the rocky mountains. The people learned about the hidden place but are afraid of the evil gods.

15 The two cousins journey The cousins learned from the elderly woman and she also prepared them to rescue them sacred bundle. Each of the cousins have younger brother that accompanied them on this journey. The four brothers went on this sacred journey. The journey to the mountains took twelve days.

16 Cousins journey to the mountains After few days of fierce battle with the evil forces, the brother finally were able to recover the sacred bundle. Before returning to the home land they rested half way to secured area to rest. They were met by the elderly lady and she performed ceremony for the four brothers. The elderly lady also gave instructions about the changing woman when they return home.

17 The Instruction from changing woman As the elderly lady was performing ceremony, the changing Woman instructed her about two ceremonies for the people. The sacred fire bundle is used for the young woman when they reach of womanhood. When the girl changes into stage of womanhood ceremony must be performed with the fire bundle. The sacred ball represents life from sacred earth and blessings of changing woman.

18 Returning for the changing Woman Upon arrival at the home camp, the brothers discovered the people were in the middle of a traditional ball game. The changing woman was participating in this fun game, as the two cousins stop to admire the beautiful young woman, the two younger brothers reminded the cousins the instructions from the old elderly. The cousins were supposed to call out a name for this young woman and let her know of the returning of the sacred bundle.

19 Returning for the changing woman As the cousins discuss over the name, they concluded that she should be called the deer woman. They two cousins both yelled out to the crowd that there is a deer in the crowd, the Changing woman changed into a deer and ran into the wilderness. No one ever saw her again. Everyone concluded that she was from the deer nation.

20 Changing Woman’s teaching From this legend of the lakota, what are the two ceremonies and teachings we practice today? Why is it important for the Winyan to most sacred during the monthly period? Changing woman’s teaching is that winyan means sacred time of the changing woman. Winyan means goddess being.

21 What are the two ceremonies from Changing Woman? Winyan Isnati –Alo wampi / Woman hood ceremony: Isnati means to live alone during the monthly cycle or period as we know it today. Ceremony is held for four days when the young girl changes to womanhood. A fire bundle is burned for four days during this ceremony.

22 The two ceremonies of Changing Woman Tapa Wak kiye yapi / throwing of the ball ceremony: The changing woman instructions are for the young woman to throw the ball into the crowd of people, this a ceremony for the changing woman to bless the people. Blessing and receiving a winyan in the tiospaye and this woman must be treated as a goddess /wakan.

23 The four teachings of changing woman What are the four ceremonies that are effects of the changing woman instructions we live by today? 1. Honor ceremony for the birth of child. 2. Honor ceremony for the child name. 3. Honor ceremony for the rite of passage. 4. Honor ceremony for the adult that are changing into elderly age.

24 Where is changing woman teaching today? Changing woman: is that Women changes each time they have monthly isnati. During the isnati woman are sacred.

25 Teaching of the sacred word from Changing woman Ina-Mother Ina; means the great honorable one Ate – Father Ate; means the great protector.

26 Healing to the being What are the four healing to the human being? 1. Nagi; The spirit must be healed by ceremony. 2. Tawacin; the mind must be healed by ceremony. 3. Tacan; the physical body must healed before cure. 4. Ohgan; the way of life and feeling must cured.

27 Mitakuye Oyasin Pila mayayelo

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