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Historical Trauma Healing the spirit of wounded soul © By Richard Moves Camp.

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1 Historical Trauma Healing the spirit of wounded soul © By Richard Moves Camp

2 Early days People live by spiritual laws

3 Training Outcomes LOWO staff will understand the impact of Historical Trauma & Unresolved Grief on the people LOWO staff will understand how Lakota culturally-based practices can be used in Decolonization

4 Spiritual laws/Wakan Wo-ope Wocekiye – Prayer Wolakota- Harmony and peace Wacante-ognake-Generosity Woksape-Wisdom Wowacintanka-Fortitude Wawuonihan- Honor Wo-kagi- Respect

5 Ceremonies were kept Ceremonies were kept underground or hidden and protected Medicine people were protected and hidden for safety Natural order of life was honored by all Children were sacred Family was sacred

6 Seven Ceremonies of the Lakota Long ago and today: Inipi – Sweat Lodge Humbleyceya – Vision Quest Nagi Glu ha pi- Keep of Spirit Winyan Isnati – Woman Hood Tapa Wank kayeyapi – Throwing of the Ball / Honoring of the four levels and stages of the woman. Hunkapi – Relative making Wi Wang Wacipi – Sun dance

7 The Three major Era of History of Lakota sacred Gifts Early times of History; BC era the Inipi of the first Sacred teaching from God / Creator. The story of Changing Woman and the fire Bundle / Pte heya pa. The Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe –Pte San Win

8 Today many tribes still live by their spiritual laws Natural laws and spiritual laws are also called values today. Families practice culture together, and ceremonies are conducted for family preservation. Tribal Language is an important issue for many Tribes. Tribal Values are incorporated into modern world.

9 Indian Tribes encountered foreign nations that invade their country. The Indian nations were introduced Alcohol The Indian nations were exposed to decease and illness than other new to them. War to defend land, Longest war in United States History is the war against Indian Nations. Treaties were entered to end the war Removal

10 The Two Worlds of the Indian People What is Two Worlds? The Native American Values and Identity and Living in the Western world. Living in a world of change and maintaining Indian way of life.

11 Living the Two Worlds of the American Indian During the early years many Indian Tribes Struggle to maintain their language and way of the life. During the late 1800s to early part of the 1900s the United States government through the main stream society declared illegal to be Indian person. Indians were imprisoned. Indians were confined into insane institutions for speaking against Government policies etc. Boarding Schools era

12 Living the Two Worlds /The Struggles In 1824; United States Government Department of War against Indian Tribes, was turned into Bureau of Indian Affairs to manage the Indian affairs. Indian Agents were assigned to each area of Tribal Agencies. Indians who were resistant to Government polices were considered Hostiles. Congress passed laws to outlaw Indian Religion and culture

13 Living the Two Worlds/Struggles against Alcohol 1836: Congress passed a law forbidden Indians from using alcohol. This Law was enacted because Some Indian Tribes requested and lobbied. It is learned that Alcohol is around in this world for about 6500 years. After the World War II, one of the Presidents of the United States lobbied to lift the Ban of Alcohol sales to the Indians and succeeded, 1950s the sale of alcohol was opened to all Indian People.

14 Living the Two Worlds 1890s; The United States Government outlaws Indian gatherings and assemblies among Tribes. The only Government recognized and authorized meetings and with Indian agents, Church sanctioned meetings. Today the Government authorized meetings are the Tribal Council meetings (Indian Reorganization Act). Meeting are limited to certain language use, and conducted in Roberts Rules of Order.

15 Living the Two Worlds During the 1890s; Prisons were build in the United States only for Indians; Fort Leavenworth was build in Kansas, Sand Stone Prison in Minnesota, and Florida. Public Executions of Indians were Authorized by the President of United States. Largest mass execution was held at Mankato Minn. 1864; Thirty eight Dakotas were hanged in December 1864. Many other executions were held around Deadwood South Dakota.

16 Living Two World Insane Asylums were authorized by Congress 1898; Hiawatha Insane Asylum was created for Indians were had mental illness, Alcohol addiction, and Hostile Indians were against Government policies ( See Canton, South Dakota American History). Many Indians died while in Hiawatha Insane Asylum, for terrible conditions. Hiawatha was closed in 1934. Indians feared public Institution for Alcohol Treatment for many years after Hiawatha.

17 Living to Two Worlds Freedom of Speech did not apply to Indians until 1968,( Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968). Although the Indian Tribes were made citizens of United States, the Indians were considered ward of Government until 1968. Congress passed Freedom of Indian Religion Act in 1978. This congressional Act protects Indian religion and Sites.

18 Living the Two Worlds Many generations of Struggles, tribes have united together and continued to battle the spirit of Alcohol and Drug Addictions. Families are broken because of addiction and dysfunctional behaviors for many generations.

19 The World of Trauma and colonized way of Life Because of the long history of oppression from Alcohol abuse the Lakota have names for alcohol beverages and affects. Beer: is Mini Piga/ powerful water that boils. Long term damages to kidneys and organs. Wine: Mini Sa / red powerful water. Damages organ and liver. Whiskey: Mini wakan / Powerful and sacred because this beverage can kill faster and takes over mind and spirit.

20 Living the Two Worlds/Prevention Lakota word for prevention is: Wo anap pte; prevent before it happens. Ceremonies are held to prevent and prepare for Understanding and acceptance. Eglu ye yapi; prepare medicine and clarity. All done with honor

21 Ceremony to visit Dangerous Spirit The native people consider Alcohol is a dangerous Spirit and alive longer than all beings. Ceremonies held to talk to this spirit and ask to leave the being that has wounded enough. Call the spirit back ceremony. Revive the true persons spirit.

22 INIPI / Sweat Lodge The Oyate are re-introduced to the Inipi. Red road Wellness Movements are born. Drum Cultural Education Rebirth of Native America Calling the Spirit back

23 INIPI / Sweat Lodge Our ancestors prayed for us Long ago to survive and to walk the red road. Healing from the Historical Trauma will take time, however the Oyate are starting heal by prayer.

24 Mitakuye Oyasin Wo pila yelo!!

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